"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Ultraviolet Rays...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

We can’t control the memories those haunt without any alarm, the problem lies in the psychological level…where we can control our conscious mind but unconscious and subconscious minds are totally out of our reach.

This is something happened that day with Tina…

After taking bath around 11:30 am, her childhood habit which she is continuing till now, she visited the balcony to hang the wet clothes, this was nothing new in her life style but that day she noticed a kid from her colony practicing cycle there and the biggest fault she made by knocking him

…what are you doing Shantu?

Following the sound he looked upside and after a search he found Tina there

…practicing cycle Aunty, where is Indu?

…she is in school.

After taking a safe side in the road noticing the bike coming from the front side he asked

…what are you doing in the balcony Aunty?

…Enjoying the sun rays.

…don’t stay for long; you know my parents say that sunrays contain ultraviolet rays which are very harmful for our skin and hair.

Replying him with a smile Tina entered in the dining being lost in her thoughts….

Going outside home during morning even after completing the study was not in the habit of Rahul during the holidays, ultraviolet rays were not the reason rather he used to maintain a very disciplined life, exercise after the study was mandatory in his lifestyle and he never used to compromise with it, even his friends were well acquainted with it.

That day, Rahul was alone in his house, his parents visited one of their relatives house to attend an invitation, he informed Tina earlier night during their conversation and requested repeatedly “If you can manage then surely call me in between 10am-2pm”. After taking the bath Tina noticed her mom was going to take bath, so getting the opportunity she dialed Rahul’s number


…it’s me, what are you doing?

…just competed bathing, you?

Same her, by the way, from when you are taking bath around 11:30am...Tina intentionally asked the question though she knew the reason full well.

Rahul was silent, Tina realized he was smiling.

…look, I can’t talk for long time; Mom can come out from bathroom anytime.

…will you talk to me toady night?

This same question Rahul used to ask frequently whenever they used to meet.

…yah, sure…

…ok, that’s enough.

…look, I have to stop the conversation now.

…One last question, what will you do now?

…I will visit the terrace to dry my hairs under the sunrays, its winter na.
After a minute she visited the terrace and stood in the north side so that she can see the passersby in the front lane and what she expected did take place approx. after five minutes, Rahul was there in his cycle, was looking at her. Tina replied with a smile.

After the lunch when Tina found her Mom is busy in daily shop she looked at the lock, 1:10Pm that means she still have fifty minutes to make proper use and dialed Rahul’s number, when he picked up, Tina asked in an angry voice

…what were you doing in front of my house around in the mid noon?

…there will be a beautiful view at that time, I came to know about it, I wanted to cherish that, it’s simple.

…yah, really? So what did you see?
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…some black hairs flying in the air being attached with a elegant face and being taken care with one beautiful hand, actually you know, I got the news that an angel will land in earth at that time in that terrace.
This is what Tina never understood, Rahul hardly used to call her with her name, after two months of their patch up sometime Tina felt that her nick name is “Angel”

…so, you saw that angel?

…yes, I saw her.

…and why she is angel? People say that angels are beautiful and you never realized why people call me “A beautiful girl”, do you know what “beauty” is?

… Your words are “beauty”, your smile, your voice, the way you look back, your walk, your steps, your anger, your attitude all these are beauty.

Crazy boy, sometime Tina tried to search the reason why this boy has fallen in love with me when he has never marked her as a “beautiful one”, she intentionally asked

…What about my, eyes, my lips, my chicks, ears, hairstyle?

…everyone has those, so also you.

Tina laughed a lot getting the answer, interrupting her Rahul said

…ok, you laughed enough, now I have something to ask you?

…yah sure,

…you are such a stupid girl you know?

…why what happened?

…don’t you know that sun rays contain ultraviolet rays and you are drying your hairs under sun rays!!!!

...Then why did not you inform it when i was about to visit? now answer me. 

After a short gap Rahul replied
...actually i forgot it, just remembered few minutes ago.

Then they both laughed out.

Why the memories haunt? Tina was thinking lying in the bed, “if it would be possible to wash away the memories according to your wish then will you delete the memories with Rahul?” she asked herself.

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  1. Refreshing read. First of the day. God bless.

  2. This is a fact. We live the moments and make memories, Either good or bad. The nice one.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views and the appreciation.

  3. Memories do have the power to unsettle and haunt for a long time afterwards. The best solution is to move on and make new memories. However, in Tina and Rahul's case, it's heartwarming.
    Noor Anand Chawla

    1. Thanks for sharing your view, glad to know you liked it.

  4. And loved it! YEs, with memories we can cross miles! Loved the article

  5. I wonder how this would finish. I see Tina reminiscing about old days, Rahul yearning for her. It is a classic case of so near yet so far.

    1. You got it right, "So near yet so far" much true it is, sometime some stories dont get desired ending, lets see what happens.
      Glad to know you are enjoying this series, thanks for being supportive from the beginning of this tale sharing your views.

  6. Wish to read the last chapter of the story 😃 good one!

    1. Glad to know about your interest, thanks a lot.

  7. Ah ! Teenage love and the memories of first love !!