"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Memory Lane...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

After being freshened up Mimi was busy to try her dresses she has bought from the market, she was eagerly waiting for her Di, Priyanka entered with a cup of tea and took a seat in the bed, 

”how am I looking in this Kurti”…holding the Kurti in two hands in the front side Mimi asked

Nice…Priyanka replied while checking her phone.

Di,Look properly…Mimi said impatiently

…yah, you are really looking nice.

Mimi turned again towards the mirror and said

…you know di, I have something to say to you.

While taking out her bag for the packing she answered

…yah, tell me.

…you were calling that guy “dada” !!! he has such a nasty mind.

Priyanka asked very casually

…why what happened?

How can you be so cool after hearing this !!!!! you know I did not like him at all, he was looking at me so frequently, even he was not listening to you properly, he knows I am your younger sister yet he does not have manner neither he cares for his own image, a girl is giving him respect as an elder brother and he was looking at the sister of that same girl!!!!!! Such a bitch he is, I really hate these types of boys, they don’t know how to give respect to the girls…Mimi expressed her irritation and anger.

Give me the jeans from the bracket pls… Priyanka replied while keeping the t-shirts in the bag.

This made Mimi more irritated

…are you listening to me?

…yes, I am, please give me the jeans.

Mimi handed over the jeans, holding her hand Priyanka requested her to sit, after sitting in front of her Mimi asked curiously


…First of all tell me did you find anything in his eyes for which you can call him pervert or was there any vulgarism in his eyes? Look, after a certain age the girls get the capability to understand who is looking at them with which intention and this how we differentiate the good ones with the bad guys.
Priyanka stopped for while, she was busy to place the files properly while taking a sip of tea, Mimi was waiting to listen to her

…it’s true that you are really very beautiful and sometime it happens that some girls with beauty suffers from such an ego that they think everyone in the street or in a crowd place are busy to look at them, sometime it also happens that when any boy does not give them much attention or ignore them then they start to defame those boys raising falls issues, before taking any decision about that boy tell me whether you found anything wrong in his eyes??

Saying this Priyanka became busy to take her tea, Mimi raised and went in front of the mirror, the words from Priyanka had shaken her thoughts totally, being drown in thoughts she lifted the new t-shirt, “yes, Di is right there was not anything wrong in his eyes” she realized why recalling her memory.

After the dinner Mimi was busy in facebook in half lying condition in the bed, Priyanka was busy to check her office mails, finding nothing urgent she switched off the laptop, Mimi was eagerly waiting for it, they both took the bed, keeping the head in pillow facing Priyanka, Mimi said

…so, start now, you told me that today you will tell me further incidents.

…I have to catch the train tomorrow 7:30am, do you remember it?

…I will not listen to any excuse.pls pls pls
…no, not today, am feeling tired.

Mimi turned right; keeping her hand upon her eyes expressed her false anger

…I will not talk to you; you are breaking your promise.

Tickling her Priyanka informed

…I have something more interesting for you.

…I don’t wanna listen; I want to listen that love story only.

…the boy whom we met today evening in the mall, upon 
whom you are so angry, he, is no other than Rahul.

This was so much surprising for Mimi that she jumped over the bed, sitting upon the bed she almost shouted out

…it was Rahul Da!!!!! Really!!!!!! Why did not you inform me in the spot, I would like to talk to him, I lost the chance to talk to him, you are responsible for it.

Priyanka replied with a quirky smile

…now, try to guess why he was looking at you so frequently.
There was something in the smile, Mimi was trying to figure out and after a while she jumped from the bed, went near the bracket and bringing out the salwar she replied

…for this one, right??

Pic Courtesy:Google
…Now I remember, one year back when I liked this salwar in the shop you informed me that Tina Didi had this same colored salwar with this same design, Rahul da used to love to see her in that dress, even every alternate day he used to ask Tina Didi why she has not wore that red colored salwar.
Keeping the salwar Mimi returned back to the bed, she was feeling very excited knowing she has seen Rahul, Priyanka already closed her eyes, Mimi knocked her and asked

…That means seeing me in that salwar he was totally drown in the memory lane, am I right na? Btw, Di, after bidding him good bye, you again returned to Him and said something.

Without opening her eyes Priyanka answered

…I informed him that approximately one month ago during our conversation over phone Tina was asking about his condition.

Mimi exclaimed

…even after so many year of her…

Priyanka interrupted

…You know, Tina has moved on a lot in her life in past one and half decade but remember my dear sis moving on does not mean to totally forget those people to whom you should be grateful and “Remaining grateful” does not mean to remember those people who helped you giving money or any materialistic things, you should be grateful to those who were beside you, gave you mental support, realized your emotions, used to feel your pain, have given you moral support. 

…that means you have never mentioned the phrase "Move on" in front of Tina Didi?

…will not it be a foolish act? I know she can never forget Rahul Da but the truth is it has not created any problem in the progress of her life, You know life shows you so many dimensions, gives you obstacles and challenges and sometime you have to hide your desires, your pains and your feelings, sometime giving suggesting to the people to “move on” we pressurize them to hide their pains, we force them to not to express their feelings, their desires, if the person is closed one then try to understand his or her problem and if you are not interested then just to show how much matured you are don’t say “Move on”, it’s better to avoid the discussion than to show off your maturity only, on the other hand she does not ask about Rahul Da frequently, in last one and half decade she had asked only three times.

…does Rahul Da know anything about Tina Didi?

…he knows nothing about her present status.

Saying this Priyanka turned in the left side and announced

…Enough for today, now go to sleep, rest will come up while I will come again during Puja holidays.


  1. Just saying "Move on" and living that "Move on" period is totally a different thing but this is the real challenge. Life never stops for anyone, times heels some pains but forgets about all the memories is not easy.

    1. Yes, agree with your points, nicely expressed, thanks for sharing your views, keep visiting.

  2. Jyotirmoy you are bringing up the entire story so well. Memories never die ,they get engraved deep down

    1. Totally agree with you...liked it a lot, thanks for the appreciation, always means a lot when comes from a blogger like you.

  3. There’s something about memories that touches the right chords.

    1. So much true it is, thanks for sharing your view.

  4. People say that time heals everything but that 'time'makes it so difficult for the one to move one..

    1. Both are very much true, thanks for sharing your views, always means a lot.

  5. The conversation between Priyanka and Mimi has turned out to be great. Indeed moving on has such dimension in life. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, am delighted.

  6. Lovedd reading it. Beautifully written!! loving your posts

    1. Glad to know, thanks for the appreciation, keep visiting.

  7. Nice one.. I especially liked the bit about the egoistic beautiful girls. You’re a keen observer of human nature!

    1. Good to know you liked that, actually there is a certain reason for it, thanks for the appreciation, always means much.

  8. Interesting write-up! Loved reading it.

    1. Glad to know you liked it,Thanks for the appreciation.