"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Herbal treatment of Depression(sometime)

As usual I visited club during evening, Ankit and Rahul were already present there, they were playing carom, Chetan was waiting for me to play chess. In between twenty minutes all other members (Gaurav, Shyamal,Ashok…) came, they started to watch an old cricket match highlights.

 After few minutes Ankit asked Rahul
---what happened? You are silent today!

Actually Rahul has great sense of humour, his witty jokes are one of the biggest attraction of our day to day stressful life.

Rahul answered---Nothing big, mood is off.

And then the conversation happened this way…

Gaurav --- I am observing him from office, he is looking depressed and sad, and even he has not interacted much with the colleagues.

Ashok--- I think he is missing his ex gf.
Gaurav--- I have told him many times that he should meet her at least once.

Hearing this Shyamal busted out in anger and asked
---Why should he meet her, she does not know how much Rahul loves her? She should have tried to meet her; she knows very clearly that at the beginning of their love Rahul has moved around her like a dog, how can she disbelieve him?

Ankit---hey Shyamal, don’t be angry, it happens.

Shayamal again asked angrily
---what do you mean by “it happens”, only Rahul has the responsibility to keep respect of their love?

Ankit---look, the lives of girls are not as easy as boys?

Syamal--- thanks for showing me the path, now I will make love and showing excuse I will break the relation with lots of girls. i can have problems also.

Gourab---both of you please shut up, before making assumptios you should ask Rahul the reason of his silence.

Chetan--- yah, you are right, hey Rahul tell us what’s wrong with you.

Rahul---it’s true that I am missing her a lot but I am missing Sudip also.

Here I must inform that, Sudip was the most intelligent boy among us, he has a bright future ahead but last year his demise in a road accident hurt all of us a lot, even now whenever I meet we talk about his intelligence and his achievements.

Rahul also informed that he was missing few more people who once used to be closed to him.

As I don’t have the habit to talk much, so I was silent and was listening  their conversations. All others were trying to make Rahul understand with their suggestions but Rahul’s mood did not change much. Then I stood up asked Rahul to go outside with me and after ten minutes we came back.

Then I started to play chess again with Chetan and others including Rahul were watching movie, nearly after thirty minutes Rahul went to the toilet and when he was coming out he was singing a song, watching him for five minutes everyone realized that his mood is on again, he started to make witty jokes and also arranged Pakora for all of us.

Everyone became surprised for his sudden change, they asked him the reason and naturally he pointed toward me, so I had to answer all of them…

Some time we feel depressed, we lose concentration in works, we become irritated, we feel sad and depressed and also become very emotional, we start to miss our loved ones and our ex girl friends and boyfriends, then we think that behind all these the reason is our love and break-ups or the unfulfilled dreams and desires related to love, but this is not true always.

Then what is the reason behind all these? ---asked everyone.

Some time Hyper acidity is the reason, some time due to Hyper acidity we go through all these mental conditions, some time Hyper acidity makes us irritated, sad and emotional and I must say that the emotion due to Hyper acidity is not the right emotion. So I took Rahul to a medicine shop, bought two Pudin Haras and gave him to swallow it with water and you can see clearly that I was not wrong.

This is not a work of fiction, once I experienced(emotion due to Hyper Acidity) it in my life. Its tested and cent percent true, so my dear bloggers if any time you go through such mental conditions then taking an antacid  be sure that  hyper acidity is the reason or not.


Unknown Indian(Part 3)---A Truck Driver

Few days ago, I went for a very short tour (a half day), I will make a post about visiting that wonder place. while returning we had to avail bus but the nearest bus stoppage was fifteen minutes walking distance, we were feeling very tired and there were no vehicles like rickshaw or Toto were available so that we could hire, we decided to stop the bus and avail it, there we met some civic polices who were doing their duties, they said that they will stop the bus for us. 

When we were waiting then the civic polices got the instruction to stop the trucks in one side of the road because the road ahead has met a huge jam, in between five minutes a long line was created by the trucks, some truck drivers came out from the trucks and sat beside us under the shade of the tree. Among them, a truck driver was asking about the condition of the road ahead, hearing his pronunciation in hindi I realized he is from the area of great actor Rajinikanth, so I got interest on him because this was the first time I got any south Indian in front of me and got chance to talk, so I started to ask about him and his life, what I came to know is---

His name is Venkatesh, he is driving truck for last twelve years. He is married and has two children, one a girl of 14 years old and a boy of 12 years old. He is coming from Madras and will go Guwahati, it takes long 9 days by road if the route is clear but if he meets jam then it needs extra two days in average. 

So after asking about him and his family I asked the ungentle question, actually it was the sudden outcome of my high curiosity, I asked about his salary and came to know the amount is 20k per month. The truth is, hearing the amount I felt very relaxed, it made me happy. I came to know that he has travelled lots of places like Rajasthan, Gujrat, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Pune etc to deliver the goods in his truck. There was another driver from whom I came to now that they work six months in a year. 

Venkatesh informed me that after returning Madras he will get holidays for two days and then he has to start his journey for another delivery. 

Now the most interesting thing is, he was carrying milk for the Indian army of Guwahati base.

But one thing that made me sad and this was the last part of our conversation is, he was showing his hands and was showing how it has bent a little from under the elbow for continuous driving---just at that moment the civic policies informed the drivers to move ahead and making a small jump from the half wall he entered into the truck and went away.


Silence continued...

She has just made her exit from the church after having an intense prayer for her sick daughter and at that moment she comes across him in the church gate, they both cannot believe their eyes, they both are speechless and starring at each other. The time seems to stop as it used to be--- when they used to meet each other in their love life; finally she breaks the silence with exasperation and says

 “do you think God will grant your prayers? You ditched me; you played with my emotions--- where you were? Where were your promises to be my shadow when I was facing problems and difficulties? All your promises were false and were instance of teenage emotions, I have faced so many obstacles and difficulties in my life but you were not there to help me. It is another thing that every time God has saved me with his miracles and thanks to God that my husband is not at least like you…he has performed all his duties almost perfectly. It’s my bad luck that I have to see your face today, from last eleven years I have always prayed to God not to bring you in front of me."

She was disgorging her anger but he was silent and trying hard not to cough in front of her so that she can’t see the blood coming from his throat, she glanced at him wrathfully and left the place.

He now enters the church, takes the candle and sits before Jesus to make prayer--- this is what he is doing from last eleven years after their break-up, he has not missed even a single day to make prayer for her.

She will never know---those the miracles happened in her life were the outcomes of his prayer.

Probably they will never meet again because after seven days his chemotherapy will start and the result is uncertain as said by the doctors.


Semi-Conductors,Love, Break-up and Yaadein.

How are you my dear semi-conductors?


Yes my dear bloggers, I am asking this question to you.


Oh no, don’t be angry please, just go through this post and you will surely enjoy it.


Q. Prove that, all human beings have huge similarity with semi-conductors.




Q. Prove that, we are semi-conductors and we get doped.     10 marks.



OK, now let me answer the question---


Let me first tell you in short what a semi conductor is, a semi conductor is a material which is neither fully a conductor (Like Iron) nor fully an insulator (Like Plastic).

There are two types’ of semi-conductors, 


P-type (Positive Type) ---Positive Ions are major here, it’s called Holes.



 N-type Negative type) ---Negative ions are major here, that is electrons.


We make diodes and transistors by doping these semi-conductors to make electronic devices.

So, now comes the similarity of our lives with the semi-conductors---



When two types of semi-conductors are doped then what is prepared is called Diode, see the picture below


i have marked Negative charges with red color and positive charges(Holes) in blue color.

When we are doped by love then just like semi-conductors we are attached with each other.

Doping = patch up


A diode=a couple.

After some time of doping, the  line (AB) in the above picture takes the form like this


As there are opposite charges in two sides, so naturally they attract each other and some negative charges enter in the positive side and some positive charges enters in the negative side.

in the picture below i have shown it through red color shed, its called depletion region.


Now comes the sweet days---


Forward Biased condition:-

If you connect positive side of a battery with P-type and negative side with N-type then naturally the positive charges of battery will repel the positive ions in P-type and the negative charges of battery will repel the negative ions of N-type, because same type of charges repel each other, so the depletion region will be shorter.



This is what happens when our friends/well wishers helps us when we are in love, forward bias condition means the tide is flowing in the direction of your journey and getting help from well wishers we go closer (depletion region is shorter) to our loved ones and we spent beautiful moments, like dating, short outing, over night talk through mobile, writing sweet sweet love letters etc.

Reverse Bias condition:-

 But as we know, jahan mohabbat hote hai wahan mohabbat ke dushman bhi hote hai….so now comes the Mohabbat ke Dushman(The enemies of Love)----


Connect the positive side of battery with N-type; and negative side of battery with opposites are attached so naturally the positive ions of battery will attract the negative ions toward the battery and negative ions of battery will attract holes towards battery




so the depletion region will increase, after some time it will get its highest area---this the way the distance between two couples is created. If reverse bias condition remains forever, means Mohabbat ke Dushman jeet geye--- then the depletion region will never be shorter, the love couple became away from each other forever, 


but, you can see in picture 2(a) that some negative charges have already entered in positive region and some positive charges have entered in negative region after the doping ---this is the reason even after forceful break up---

Some parts of you are still in her 


Some parts of she is still left in you.


You can get this concept in Hindi song also, in the title song of the film named “Socha na tha”, starring Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takiya , there is a line----

Kabhie tanha baithe, baithe yun hi

Pal me hi mei gum ho jati hoon

Mei phir kahan mei raheti hoon

Aksaar mei tum ho jati hoon.

 See the last line.


One more interesting thing is---

When the P-N junction is kept in forward bias (Pic 3) then we get flow of current in the circuit---that means love life is in progress.


When the P-N junction is in reverse bias (Pic 4) then there is no flow of current in the circuit---that is love life has stopped.

So, there is a huge similarity in between P-N junction diode and our love lives, therefore it is proved that we are semi-conductors and we get doped with love.

This theory is applicable when you loved truly---not  flirting.


So how many marks you will give me out of ten?

We all get doped by love, some of us has already been doped and some (like me) are waiting to be doped, but there are exceptions also, there are some people (Like my Sister) who can never be doped by love because they don’t believe in such type of loves, they believe that God has decided someone to be their life partners and they will get them through marriage. These people are so rough and tough and romance-less---is not it?


It’s said---learn from your elders, I wonder when I think about my sister---dekh rehi hai mujhe, kitni romantic type ka hoon, phir bhi mujhe dekh kar kuchh sikhti nehi”



One more thing---there is another type of love, which is called Triangle love, this one  can also be explained through doping of semiconductors---

When a transistor is to be made then there happens to types of doping---

One N-type is doped with Two P-types and what is made is P-N-P transistor---two P is in love with one N.


When one P-type is doped with two N-types then what is made is N-P-N transistor that is---two N is in love with one P.



So, did i make any mistake by calling you "Semi-Conductors" ?