"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Love---A Scientific View

 “Yeh unn dino ki baat hai jab” mera favourite gaana hua karta tha….…..
 “Karta hoon uske ghar ke mei phere” (Movie:-Papa Kahte hai)…..

Phase –1 (case 1)
Lover moves in and around the house of his beloved just for a glance of her and also with the expectation that probably she will try to feel his emotion.
If you have deep love for your beloved then you can move in and around her house for years after years…and am sure God and she will surely realize your love and she will come into your life….it’s generally we think and say.

Probably this same thing happened with a genius personality, as he was a genius so he also noticed another incident…When a fast moving train /bus crosses a place then you can notice that the objects around it rushes towards the train or bus.
And then the genius made a law that is well known as “Bernoulli’s Theorem”.

When a fast moving train/bus crosses a place then the velocity of the air next to the train increases so its pressure decreases and then the air from the surrounding flows towards the train---this happens due to the pressure difference of the surroundings(High pressure) and the path of the moving train(Low pressure).

So, pass by in front of her house years after years and one day am sure that the air pressure of the lane will increase and then the air around her which is in high pressure will rush towards you to fill the empty space and will bring her close to you.

Phase—1(Case 2)

Remember, every object in this world wants to remain in its condition(Still or moving) until you give extra pressure to move it---it’s the inherent property of every particle, I am not saying this, it is said by another genius….

Suppose there is marble in the floor, until a force is applied it will not move.

So, you want her? And you want that she comes in your life? Then try to make her move with love…by the way, please don’t misinterpret my concept and bring her in your life by threatening her or in any other mean forceful way….

You just love her with all the force of purity and dedication and this force will make her move with your love…

So, she will remain in her life and away from you unless you try to bring her with the force of pure love and dedication. 

And when she comes then the force of your love will make your love life in moving condition.

Newton’s First law: - an object either remains in rest or continues to move with constant velocity unless acted upon by a net force.

So, what will happen when patch up between she and you happens?

Rate of change of love:-
If both of you have dedication and purity then your love will increase day by day…it’s the fact we know.

If one of you has the dedication and purity then also the same thing will happen (If your partner is a cheater and has the habit to play with human emotions then nothing will be applicable)

Rate of change of love can happen in two directions…
1)           Today your love is much deeper than yesterday.
2)           Today your love has gone downwards direction than yesterday.

It totally depends upon the nature of the force.

If you start to disbelieve her or lose your trust towards her then surely rate of change of love will move in downward direction and vice versa, it totally depends on the ‘direction’ of your view point towards her.

The rate of change of love is proportional to the force applied and this change will happen in the direction the force has been applied.

Newton’s second Law:-  the rate of change of momentum is proportional to the force and it happens in the ‘direction’ of the force applied.

Suppose after few months/years you deeply realize her love and it has made you surprised, naturally you will feel that you have some responsibilities and also due to basic human instinct and emotion you will feel more love for her….


After few months of patch up you become irritated on her and make quarrel frequently and shows disinterest then naturally she will do the same with you.

Newton’s Third Law:-Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

As we all know there are always some violations and limitations of every law, so at the end I must inform you that these laws are applicable for those who possesses good hearts and minds, not applicable for cheaters(inhuman).

Before crossing again and again through the front lane of her house be sure that there is no other girl in the opposite building of her house…because, when a train passes though the line then air from both sides of the line rushes towards the line…so if there is an another girl in the opposite of her house then she can also come in your life.

The violation of third will happen with the people like me---the more you quarrel with me or show disinterest the more I will be silent.

Waise bhi Mirza Ghalib saab ne kaha hai…
 So, my dear readers, lets make a lovely world by making bridges with love among the hearts and make this earth a heaven.

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Our quarrel

The train reached her hometown nearly at 11pm, I already decided to go her home town after the exam so that we could spent more time with each other, it was a rainy day and lots of trains got cancelled for heavy rain, if we got train at our desired time then we could reach much earlier.

We came out from the station and was looking for auto but there were not a single auto available, almost all the shops were closed due to inclement weather, so we started to walk, then after few minutes heavy rain with the gust of wind started, we took a shelter, we were enjoying the moment a lot, looking for tea stall nearby but did not find any. Suddenly from the pitch black darkness behind us four men appeared and surrounded us, one of them had a big dagger in his hand; they ordered to hand over all the valuables things including money. We looked at each other, took out our bags from our shoulders and then in between three minutes the total scenario changed----those four people were lying in the floor and were screaming in pain, gradually they stood up slowly and left that place.

Actually the goons did not know that she is a double black belt in Karate and those days I was doing physical exercise with heavy weights, so she handled the two goons with her karate techniques and punches and I with some heavy weight blows made them flat. We took our bags, I expected a smile in her face but could not find it, after sometime the rain stopped and we started to walk, it was a 20 minutes’ walk to reach my relative’s house and five minute more to her home.

 After walking a minute she broke the silence and expressed her feelings
---why did you make yourself busy to handle the goons? I was enough for them.
I also asked the same question
---when I am there you don’t need to take the pressure.
And the conversation happened is…

She: no, when I am there and can handle the pressure then you don’t need to take the load, if I feel that I can’t tackle then I will ask for your help.
Me: look it’s my responsibility to take care of you.
She; it’s also my responsibility to take care of you.
Me: so what should I do? I should have to leave you alone to face those?
She: yes.
Me: then why you did not leave me alone to face them?
She: I wanted that you just feel relax and enjoy it.
He: this is the same thing I want.

Now the emotional words came from her
---you don’t trust my capabilities.

Me: this is the same thing I can say to you.
She was silent for a moment, probably finding a good logic and replied
---I only know one thing, when I am there to take the load then you just relax, that’s all.

I did not say anything more. I realized that both us tried to bear the load and make another one free.

She also realized it…

And after a pause we both laughed out loudly.

My dear readers, you can take it as a fantasy or real----whatever it is, I think it’s also an example of sharing each others load,though little uncommon….

From past few days I am reading other bloggers posts on the prompt #ShareTheLoad, this is the reason I have shared it.


Pavlov--Hare Krishna--S.K.Sarkar

It’s been 4 years my parents have bought a new house, am saying my “parents have bought” because neither I nor my sister contributed any money, actually my parents did not allow us to do so.


When we bought the house the electric connection yet to come, it took 15 days to get the connection, those days me and my family members used to visit the house frequently, but more than us my father visited the house---almost twice a day.


So when we got the electric connection then in between three days we completed shifting and decoration, it became possible because all of my students spontaneously helped us a lot.


After the fourth day of our final entry, in the evening when we were sitting in the balcony suddenly my father started to chant loudly “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna”, it did not make us surprise at all as we know he has the habit to chant the Mantras from Vedas, Upanishads and from other Hindu religious books and also he sings the songs of different god and goddesses, but the incident that happened after one minute made us surprised--- four dogs from different directions arrived and stood in front of our balcony started to stir their tails and was looking towards us with great expectations---my family members gave them lots of foods.

This is what my father made the dogs habituated when he used to visit our new house before our shifting. Giving the dogs foods he used to say “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna” and gradually the dogs realized the very fact that when they will get that sound then they will get food…

This is a very practical and simple application of Pavlov’s experiment named “Conditioned Reflex” or “Conditional Reflex” (In Pavlov’s words). Pavlov made his experiment in 1901 and I am sure he never thought that after 115 years of his discovery someone will apply his experiment to feed the animals and to make the animals listen the Mahamantra.

This same thing my father has done with a cow---one month ago in a Sunday I was taking lunch with my mom and sister, my father was taking rest, suddenly I heard that a cow standing near the gate of our garage shouting loudly---my father woke up, took the bucket full of various types of vegetables and gave that cow to eat. I asked mom what’s going there. What I came to know is----

From last few months a owner of a cow leaves his cow during 10 am in the grassy field behind our house so that the cow can move and eat the grasses, my father noticed it, being a dedicated worshiper to Lord Krishna he respects the cows as “GouMata”(Mother Cow) he decided to feed the cow, for first few days he used to take the food to the cow and gradually made the cow habituated with the “Hare Krishna” mantra and after that standing in the gate of the garage he loudly says “hare Krishna’ and the cow appears very soon. But some time it happens that the cow does not come during morning but comes later in the grassy field and whenever this happens the cow herself comes in front of our garage and starts to shout to inform “I have come, where my food is?”---this is what happened that Sunday.


When I asked my father (Through my sister, as I still afraid to talk to him) about his activity, what I came to know is--- It is said in Hindu Shastra that the plants, trees, fruits creepers and insects love to listen the Hare Krishna Mahamantra but they can’t express their feelings. Whenever they hear this mantra they began to dance and offer their gratitude by bending their heads, the similar can be found in ChaitanyaCharitamrita, Chapter--3(Antyaleela) verse 60-65.

This is the reason he loudly chant the Mahamantra moving in our garden and near the animals.

By the way, my father’s name is S.K. Sarkar.