"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


We are the destructors of the Universe

We are the destructors of Universe…


But it’s true, you can’t ignore it, you can’t stop it.


Let me inform you one more thing---the hard workers are the biggest contributors in the destruction of the Universe. I am not blaming you, Okay? I am just informing you, what can I do? At least the theory says so, the lazy peoples, like me, are contributing very less in the destruction of this Universe.


There were times when I did not know this harsh truth and when I came to know about it then I started to work much less than before so that I don’t feel guilty for contributing a lot in this destruction.


OK let me start with some examples from day to day life….

Example ---1


Think about the situation when you boil something or cook something in the woven, let us consider, you are boiling water in a pan, so you have put the pan upon the woven and lit the woven, the heat energy (Fire) is being transferred in the pan and in the water and after sometime the water starts to boil, but the fact is---the amount of heat exerted by the woven is not totally transferred to the pan, some of the heat has spread out in the surroundings. Now if anyone is asked to collect the heat from the pan, from the water and specially from the surroundings and after collecting all the heats she/he has to create that amount of gas that has wasted in boiling---then she/he will not be able to do it----in short, if someone asks you to reverse the process collecting all the heats used, you have to recreate the gas wasted then you will never be able to do so----not only you, no one can do this, no one in this world.


Example ---2


We all switch on our fans (Table or ceiling), just notice what happens then---electric energy is being transferred into mechanical energy (moving the blades) and some amount of heat is being created (the fan become hot). Now the heat energy created in the fan---where is goes? It just simply spread out in the surroundings (Universe). Now try to reverse the process---collect the heat that has spread out, collect the mechanical energy and try to recreate the amount of electricity that has wasted to move the fan….it’s impossible.




This example I taught one of my students to present in a science seminar in his college.

Select a blackboard (In school, or college), take a chalk, a new duster and take a glass plate whose length is same as the blackboard and width around 2 feet, now place the glass plate under the blackboard so that you can collect the chalk dusts. Now start to write something (you can write---“Jyotirmoy has said to do this”, just kidding) in the blackboard until the chalk becomes half of its size, now erase whatever you have written, collect the chalk dust from the glass plate and the duster and try to give the chalk its earlier size…let me inform you, you will not be able to do that, no one can.

So, why I am giving you all these examples!!!! Because if in the beginning I have written “Entropy” then am sure you would be afraid of the term (Generally it happens), you would have think…oh, here is something very complex theory of physics has been written.


So what Entropy is….in an easy phrase it can be said---Unavailable energy.


Now think about the Example---1, where you were boiling water, there the heat spread in the surroundings can never be collected again, it’s totally lost---this is entropy.

In Example---2, the same thing has happened.

Example ---3, I have written this to make it easy (loss of chalk dust) to make you understand that how it’s being lost. But one more thing---when you were writing in the blackboard there also some amount of heat generated due to friction of chalk and blackboard and like other two incidents the heat also has spread out in the Universe.


Any process in this Universe is irreversible and in any irreversible process the Entropy of the Universe increases and one day Entropy will get its maximum value.


Now you may think why I am focusing on heat, don’t think that I am suffering from hyper acidity or something like that, OK, jokes apart, let me help you to focus in the matter which you all know that the main source any energy is heat---because its due to sun that we all are surviving--- the main source of our energy is food and now you think about the food cycle, we take food and transfers it into other forms of energies and we all know the very fact that if sun collapses for some reason then we will not be alive anymore.

So sun is continuously supplying us heat energy and we all are surviving, but it will be a very foolish thought that sun will never stop to supply us energy, may be after trillions of years but sun will collapse for sure.

But why I said we all are the destructors of the universe?

Ok, before that I must remind you---why heat transfer happens---it happens due to difference in temperatures in between two bodies---take a hot ball and a cold ball, touch them and keep for few minutes, after sometime their temperature will be same….

This is what happening with us, with this Universe, the surrounding is in much cooler state and there are lots of stars with lots of amounts of heat (Huge fire), the stars are continuously spreading their heat in the Universe and the universe is being hot. And we here in this milky way galaxy, the sun is spreading its heat and we are also spreading the heat of Sun in the Universe---this is happening because there is a temperature difference between the surroundings and the sun, but one day will come when we will spread lots of heat in the universe and so the sun and the Universe will come into same temperature, then think what will happen…Sun will no more be able to give us heat…because everything will be in thermal equilibrium…everything in same temperature…no cooler, no hotter body will exist---so no more energy transfer….

And the hard workers are accelerating this process---they are doing hard works, so they are spreading a lots of amount of heat in the Universe, making this Universe hotter, on the other way the lazy ones rarely performing any work so very less amount of heat they are spreading in the Universe so naturally contributing less to make the Universe hotter…so be lazy and contribute less in the destruction of the Universe.

                                        Lazy me---eating Samosa lying on rock of a Hill

Mainly we transfer heat energy (that exists in plants and vegetables which we take as food) into mechanical energy (walking, talking, and movements). We need foods to maintain our body temperature and to do works. If everything remains is thermal equilibrium then why we need food ? And what will we transfer?


So, what I have discussed above? ----Actually it’s a theory (an assumption) in Physics how the Universe will end, it’s called “Heat death of the Universe”---I have tried to make it interesting through some easy examples and my thoughts on it.



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