"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Opportunity...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

Rahul was enjoying the Sunday being totally lazy and taking total leave from his usual study, covering almost half of the sofa he was watching a TV show, a romantic drama, in the mean time the telephone started ringing, he was waiting if someone comes and picks up but there were no sign of his family members, switching off the TV he with a lethargic move went near the phone and picked up


It was Subham on the other side

…Hey Rahul what are you doing?

… Talking to you, obviously.

…ha, ha ha, listen, toady you have to come to my house around 6:30Pm,

…Anything special? 

…Actually it’s not my request; Tina has asked me to inform you to be present.

Listening the name Rahul went into an attention mode from the lazy mood and asked being highly curious

…Tina has said so, but why?

…I don’t know why, how can I?

…why Tina will visit your house?

…you forgot na, don’t you know Tina visits my house every year in this special day to tie Rakhi.

Rahul looked at his wrist, the Rakhi his sister has tied today morning, but why Tina has asked him to be present there, 
 Rahul was shocked with the news

…Ok, I will

Saying this he kept the handset in its place.

Lots of thoughts were hovering in his mind, why Tina wants him to be present there? No, ”I need to think about it.” But he did not get proper situation to concentrate, bathing and taking lunch all were knocking according to the time.

After the lunch he went to bed for a short nap, as he does in holidays, but today was a totally different one, he was lost in his thoughts…will Tina tie me Rakhi, no, no, its’ not possible, from last six months she knows it full well that I am in love with her for past two years and what about those sentences she said, yes it’s true that I have not proposed her yet but sometime some of her answers during certain conversations with Arpan and Shubham, those were made me feel that she also likes me a lot, and what about those expressions, her attitudes, everything were my wrong interpretations !!! I will not meet her today, final decision.

Thinking this he tried to sleep but he was unable to stop his anxiety which was forcing him to stay in the same thought…
if I don’t meet her that does not mean her view towards me will change, I mean if she considers me as an elder brother, oh God,no no, pls don’t do that, I will meet her, this is final, will face the truth, let me see what happens.

Around 6Pm Rahul entered in Subham’s house, placing the cycle he headed towards Subham’s room upstairs and entering there lied down in the bed,

Look, I am taking Horlicks, would like to have some…Subham asked

Rahul remained silent.

Btw, have not you bought any gift for Tina?...Subham asked again.

Don’t spread salts in my wounds…Rahul replied with anger without opening his eyes.

Subham was enjoying the situation a lot, he was finding out some other ways to irritate Rahul, after a while he knocked again

…you should have to wear something new dress; above all it’s a special day.

Rahul remained silent, his mind was totally confused, may be a chapter will be closed today or a new chapter will begin…the thoughts knocked into his mind.

Around 7:20Pm Tina and Priyanka made their exit from Subham’s house, Subham knew that Rahul will talk to Tina, so bidding the girls  "good bye" he went inside, Rahul asked with a joyous tone

…why did not you tie me Rakhi?

With a quirky smile Tina asked

…did you really want this?

Rahul replied with a smile

…Then why did you call me here?

…for the opportunities

Rahul was surprised with the answer and was unable to sort out what did she mean and asked

…opportunities!!!! What type of??

…First one, to make you scared, how could I miss this opportunity? Saying this she started laughing.

…and what’s the second one?

…to give you the opportunity?

…what’s that?

Tina rode in the cycle, looking behind she answered

…today is the Sunday, neither the college is open nor there is any tuition to attend, so I will remain in house for the entire day, now tell me how could you see me in this situation, to have a glimpse of mine you move like a mad one, that’s why I have created this opportunity for you.

Saying this she started cycling immediately and joined Priyanka ahead.

Rahul felt to dance there.

While wishing “Happy Rakhi” to one of her relatives Tina remembered this incident. 

After their patch up Rahul described her what happened that day rather he described everything how he fallen in love with her, how he waited for long two years…everything.

He used to say…you know I don’t hide anything from you, ask me anything about my life, I will always tell you the truth.

The door bell rang, Tina returned back to the present life from the memory many years have passed yet the memories haunt.

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I am taking part in #A2ZChallenge with @Blogchatter and this my 15th post, a story that has been presented through a series with the alphabets according to the days.


  1. See my prediction was right. Today was Tina's day and I am so glad that she's also thinking about Rahul. I hope this gets a happy ending

    1. Your prediction was right and its possible for two reasons....the reader is a voracious one,have read lots of books earlier so naturally an intuition have grew up and second is,when you read something minutely and enjoy it.
      I dont think the ending will be happy, you will get to know when i will share my post for the alphabet "S".
      Thanks for sharing your views and am glad you are enjoying it.

  2. hehe loved reading it!! you narrated t well

  3. What a sweet memory of love.. I love the playfulness of it :)
    Noor Anand Chawla

  4. Wow, finally! It was very nicely presented, the whole sitaution, the wait, the tention and the suspense Rahul had for 6pm meeting. Your posts ar every simply written base don real life stories which readers could connect easily, may be thats why it is half fiction :)

    1. Thanks for the appreciations, am delighted, there is a certain reason for the "Half Fictions", hipefullywill share soon.