"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Infamous...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

The last get together with Rahul and Sourav was one of the most significant one, the philosophy and views of Rahul stroked in the brain of Arpan like a hammer’s stroke. 

“We all are made different”…so much true it is but yet there was something which he was unable to sort out…The right and the wrong?, May be !!!!...

He figured out everything in the train journey while returning from Pune after performing in the concert those have made hugely for the recent success of the company, lots of thoughts were knocking into his mind…
How the society runs? How the success calculated? How do you realize who is actually happy or not? How do we define ethics and moral values? Who is there to correctly give the answer which one is right and which one is wrong?

Thank to God that there are lots of “practical” people there otherwise this world would have collapsed much ago.

 Am I right or I am wrong? The thought generated in his mind, oh God, I have never thought this way, I will get married after few months, how will be the girl? It’s an arranged marriage, why did I prefer that girl, why did she agree to marry me? How much does she know about me?

“it’s really tough to understand a person” what an irony , oh no it’s the truth…it’s really a tough job…but yet arranged marriages are taking place, the irony is …though “it’s tough to understand a person” but yet some parents are reluctant even to give it a single thought when their daughter inform that she is in love with someone, ones a girl shared in a social media…”my parents are not interested to talk to the person whom I know for long time but they will allow me to share bed with a stranger(after the arranged marriage)”

Are the parents wrong? No, not at all, if they think about a secured life of their daughters then what’s wrong in it? “Love can’t remove your hunger”. I have been in love so many times with different girls…was it an ethical one, I don’t know but no one blamed me for it… such little bit “flirting” are common in life…some people said, what’s going to happen in my life, I will get married, will have a secured life, will have someone very close to my heart with whom I can and I will share my emotions, my desires and everything others and look at Rahul…am I wrong? is Rahul Right? Who will explain, who will decide? The flow of life will decide?

“Move on”…one of the common Mantra of life followed by all the practical people, what does actually it mean, is it really possible to move on whatever the situation is? life moves on, this is the rule of life but no one tells whether we are gonna find out the happiness at the end or not, moving on does not mean you are happy, are Mr and Mrs. Chatterjee happy, their life is moving on with the flow, it was an arranged marriage, their son is 28 now and from last ten years Mr and Mrs. Chatterjee has not talked with each other…apparently their life is  not like the stagnant water where the mesquites breed.

We all have moved on a lot with life, Sourav has achieved his goal so also me and about Rahul…he is far better than two of us but the truth is…he is not happy, how can he be? Something he tried from the deep core of the heart, he wished for it, waited for it, fought for it and at the end he failed to achieve it. The most vital question arises here…is there anybody who is totally happy in life? Totally satisfied in life? We all some dreams, desires and wishes unfulfilled, we can’t ignore it, yet we are living, so also Rahul, we struggling, so also Rahul, we are fighting in life to fulfill our dreams but Rahul can’t, with whom he will fight, it’s not something that you will grab…either you are blessed enough or not, yes, blessed enough…we all wish to have a person who will love us whole-heartily, that is something Rahul did, so how can he be wrong? What will happen if the “love” emotion vanishes from human mind and heart, if everyone starts to make relation out of necessity in a calculative way, everyone will be tricky to each other, “purity” in relations will no longer exist, that is something I have done, falling in love with different girls now and then can’t be an example of “purity” of feelings, yes, i played with the emotions of girls but no one is gonna count that, it is not counted, yet we exist in all eras and simultaneously the people like Rahul also exist…

All these thoughts were hovering in the mind of Arpan during the entire train journey, the incident that took place …he met Tina there, she attended the party with her family, a short term conversation took place between them , it was an obvious one, above all they were classmates, but in the entire conversation Tina did not ask even a single question about Rahul, though she knows it full well that even after so many years of their break up Rahul still loves her a lot…this incident  worked as a positive catalyst after the philosophical words from Rahul.

The train arrived at its destination...

May be this is the reason Rahul is cited as an example by others…”don’t be impractical like him”. Rahul is infamous in his town for having too much believe in love...Arpan's mind concluded.


  1. Love has so many shades that every person who has experienced it can give it their own interpretion. I like the way you have added different aspects of loves to your narrative.

  2. Lovee has so many definitons,based on the personal experiences one has throghout his life. We all are made differently,nice post!

  3. good experiment....what do you mean exactly by half-fiction? also whose is the couplet in the beginning?

  4. Nice read.. Love is the most complex emotion!

  5. Human relationships are too complex to be defined in a few words. Experiences are part of growing up!

  6. Moving on, growing up - phrases used to define maturity vs staying in love fir life - signs of immaturity. Love can have multiple shades and interpretation. You are weaving a beautiful tale.

  7. You are expressing so well with each coming day. Love is complex and every one defines it in their own way.