"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??



बाद मुद्दत आज आंखो से अंसु निकले
सोयी उम्मेदोने थोड़ी करवट ली है शायद !!!

उदासी कि येह कैसी आजीब दौर है...

ना दिल को मै समझता  हु

ना दिल मुझे समझता है II



Tadap ----241

मोहब्बत ज़रा सोच समझके किया कीजिए


मौत से इसकी काफी गहरी रिश्तेदारी है

दोनो हि

दिल कि धड़कनो से जो जुड़ा है

अब किस किस कि ज़िक्र से समझाये तुम्हे !!!!

देवदास को कहानी मानते हो तो ठिक है...

वजह पूछलेना मेरे अपनो से

मेरे गुज़र जानेके बाद



#AtoZ Challenge : Theme Revealed

From past more than one month I was surprised to notice the lesser frequency of blog posts of my fellow bloggers, it forced me to think about the issue, what happened? Where they all are? So many bloggers almost disappeared at a time!!!! I was curious to find out the reason. Generally I read average 50-60  posts per day but due to decreasing frequency I was getting hardly 30 posts per day.

Oh ho, the year ending may be the reason…the thought knocked into my mind, everyone is busy because of the work load but this thought did not have much potentiality (though it can be), now from last more than ten days when everyone is “Revealing” the themes then I get it more logical, the bloggers where taking preparation for upcoming AtoZ challenge, they were not only sorting out the theme and preparing the posts rather accumulating potential energy to convert into kinetic energy.

Oh, God, i forgot it totally,I should take part in this journey…the thought started to knock into my mind from 20th March…surprised??? “such an “impractical blogger” you are”…you can make this comment for me and I will admit that yes after more than three years of blogging I have not found a second “impractical blogger” like me. Logically and according to sincerity and seriousness every blogger should be aware of AtoZ challenge and should try to take part(at least once), but look at me , from 20th March I felt to take part where I am aware about it from past three years but yet forgot about it…

So, what should be my theme?? I started to think about it, there are so many categories in my blog, I can write on those topics, I decided one of them and cancelled it, then another topic and again goes on and finally me, the “impractical blogger” choose the most “impractical” theme.

Let me confess, it’s nothing worthy to go through my posts on the theme I am gonna write for the entire April, some recent experiences of my life has taught me how much impractical I am, earlier in some of my blog posts some well known bloggers have made comments emphasizing on “practicality of life” and I really liked their thoughts but my dreamy mind and foolish thoughts did not allow me to accept the comments whole heartily, not only the bloggers ,people around me(those who are very much closed ) and specially my sister has always suggested and scolded me saying “be practical”… her common reaction when she reads or listens my shayris.

A sleeping person remains in unconsciousness…the more deep the sleep is the more intensity of unconsciousness…totally detached more this practical world ,now if you through a mug of water on his face how  he will wake up? With a jerk, being surprised and will be unable to relate immediately with the real world and will try to sleep again…that is something has happened with me, I have just woke up  from my ‘dreamy world”, have realized what actually “practicality” is and I am stunned realizing …with how much foolish thoughts I was existing in this Universe…the blow was necessary, should have got it much earlier, so many years I have lived with “worthless philosophy”.

My upcoming posts for AtoZ challenge will contain mixed feelings and emotions…yes, I don’t want to sleep again but it will take some time to be “practical” totally, so it’s better to continue with the “impractical” thoughts which I have believed for past two decades (almost).

Go through my “WORTHLESS” posts , it will not gonna help you at any cost in life but it will be  mind refreshing one after the entire day work, above all we all “love” to be in the dreamy and fantasy world less or more.

All my posts WILL NOT BE FRESH ONES (will share some previous ones those I have shared in this blog)…coz to some extent I can connect with the “practical” world, so I can’t create more “Love stories” now.