"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Problem For Being in Love

When you are in love you have to face lots of problems, problems from different people, in different phases, problems from the society and from the surrounding…we all know it.

Those we have experienced love or are in love have surely faced such problems.

But my problem is little different…

From past few years I am getting free slaps and kicks from different girls, it is happening with me and will continue to happen, wherever I have lived for few months or years the people of that place have come to know about my nature gradually and now-a-days it’s not any surprising event for them, neither they scold me nor they try to save me, they are habituated with it. I have also started to take it as a part of my life.

This is the reason you will always find pain killers and balms in my bag.  This is an extra expense but I can’t help it. 

So, you may be thinking that I have the habit to propose girls randomly and frequently or maybe you are thinking that I have the habit to tease the girls in the streets or in the shopping malls?

OK, let me tell you the truth…i will try to make you understand but I doubt how many of you will take it seriously, earlier I had tried to make those two girls understand when for the first time I was being beaten by two unknown girls but they did not believe my words coz my relation with red color is so old that the girls think I am trying to diverting them by telling a story…yes this is true, only the girls with red colored dress(particular type) has beaten me.

I don’t know how much you can feel my situation but there is only one person who can realize my condition, this is the reason he wrote much earlier….

“Aisa bhi ek rang hai jo karta hai baatein bhi
Jo bhi isko pahenle woh apna sa laagta hai”

My problem is…whenever I see girls in red dress my eyes stuck there and It’s took me to past and they think i am starring them continuously.


Two Times a Day...Short Fiction

Indian Bloggers

Vikram and Sanchari are enjoying their honeymoon in Gangtok, it’s been just four days they are here, they have still eleven more days two explore this place, yes, they have not gone out of their hotel, two times a day is not an easy task to do, lots of calories being wasted and naturally they are feeling tired, though they have almost become habituated with it and now planning for exploring the place. 

Just ten days ago their three years long relationship have got a new track…they have got married ten days ago and before marriage they already planned to do two times each day during their honeymoon. They have to replace their old diet with new one, taking high protein and caloric foods. They both take care of each other a lot, above all if health does not permit then how they will be able to continue for long time?

Even they have not seen their hotel properly except some necessary places like swimming pool, dining hall, gym and gaming zone. They knew they need time to be accustomed with daily routine while they will be in honeymoon this is the reason they planned for long fifteen days after all two times a day is not so easy. 

They are enjoying the most happiest moment of their lives above all they were in love for so many years and they are blessed enough to be with each other for the rest of the life. Though two times a day making them tired for some time being but they are not bored at all, they are enjoying each and every moment.

Vikram, the bodybuilder and Sanchari, the boxer are doing heavy weight exercise two times a day for the upcoming Asian Games.

What about their intimate moments after marriage?...sorry, I never have any interest about anyone’s personal matters/moments.


The Game of Time

Indian Bloggers

In last 6 years of our friendship I have never seen Arnab in a joyous and happy mood, there is always a shade of sadness and upset eyes can be easily watched in his face. Not only me, every one of his closed ones is helpless in this matter coz we all know Arnab will never be able to love any other girl except Priya. He is in love with Priya from past fifteen years and it’s been long 8 years they are not together, eight years ago they met a break up and   Priya got married and leaved this city. 

Our friendship started after two years of their break up, in the beginning I did not know about his love story but after watching him for long time one day being curious I asked him about him the reason of his upset mind, he started to share and stopped in the middle, out of pain his voice was unable to exit any more words, his eyes became drenched with water, from that day I never raised that topic again. Later I came to know the details from his sister.
Arnab has a good job, has high salary, his life would be totally settled if marriage would have happen but unfortunately it’s not possible coz he can’t love any other girl than Priya, his parents, sister ,brother-in-law and I, we all are worried about his future. Life would go like this if that day we did not visit the shopping mall…

Almost one month ago I visited a shopping mall in our city with Arnab, we both have to do some shopping, that day we returned home nearly at 10pm, and from that day I was unable to get connected with Arnab, neither he was meeting me during evening nor he was talking much over phone, then suddenly after seven days he visited my home and shocked me with the news saying

---I am in love again.

It was so much surprising that I shouted out loudly

---what!!!! What are you saying?

---yes, that day in the shopping mall I saw a girl, watched her for ten minutes but did not saw her full face rather I saw the side face and from that day I am unable to erase that moment from my memory, from last seven days I am roaming in this city here and there after office hours to find that girl but still am unable to find her. 

Taking a short pause he said
---I did not want to disturb you, but now I think if you go with me then the job will be successful.

For two days of roaming like street dogs in the city finally we found her….
We were trying to cross a road in the market, we looked at right then at left and just at that time that girl crossed us from left side in her scooty, out of excitement Arnab caught my hand directing towards the scooty he almost shouted and said

---That’s the girl, oh no, today also I did not get chance to see her for long time.

Leaving his hand and leaving Arnab there, I  immediately started cycling and followed that girl, this was the first time I was following a girl, after few minutes of following I noticed she entered in a house and also taken her scooty inside the house, it was 9:30 pm, I know any normal minded person will not visit any friends or relative’s house at this time still I waited there, there was a tea stall nearby, I took a cup of tea and waited for ten minutes then passed by that house and read the nameplate.

I decided to inform Arnab about that girl after talking all type of infos., specially I had to know whether that girl is engaged or not, doing hurry I did not want to break his heart again. Fortunately one of my coleuses’ houses is in the same lane, so in between two days I got much info. About that girl especially I came to know that the girl is not engaged.
So it was my turn to give the good news to Arnab’s family and fortunately Arnab’s sister is also present here, she has come to spend holidays with her husband and child.

Finally in next Sunday I visited his house, called everyone in the dining place requested for a cup of tea and talking a sip I said

---you all will be surprised and happy after hearing the good news that Arnab is in love with a girl and it’s not Priya, it’s an another girl, he saw this girl while we went for shopping and after that I took the responsibility to take as much as infos possible about this girl.

Everyone was listening to me very curiously, it was hard to believe and naturally they asked Arnab to know how much true it is, getting positive reply brightness sparkled in everyone’s eyes. Everyone was happy to know that finally Arnab became able to forget Priya.

They asked for the details of that girl and I shared all the infos I had.

Next day a meeting with that girl was arranged in Arnab’s room, I was present there, that girl asked

---why did not you recognize me?

Arnab replied with a smile

---you have got much fatty than earlier, it’s been 8 years and with time becoming healthy is a natural process. But you tell me why not you made any contact with me.

Priya replied

---eight years ago I have been informed that you are getting married with another girl…

Arnab interrupted and expressed with a surprised voice

---I got the same info, I have been informed that you have got married with a boy and have leaved this city to live in your in-laws house.

This was most surprising moment for me, then i realised why that sunday when i informed everyone about 'that girl' everyone became stunned and Arnab requested me to go back to my home.

somehow I managed to get of this super surprise of their re-connection and wishing them best of luck I stepped towards my house, coming out from Arnab’s house I looked at the sky and thanked god, at least this time he has taken care of love, I have also promised God that I will never complain him again….

From past few days I go for evening walk alone, Arnab is busy with Priya, they have so many things to share with each other.

It was very good to know that Arnab did not recognize Priya, this time again Arnab has fallen in love observing her attitude, her appearance and her movements.

Yesterday while taking tea in the same teal stall where Arnab and I used to take tea, I decided to share this story with you.


Mathematics Applied to Action Scene

Indian Bloggers

Today what I am going to share is an easy mathematical calculation which reveals a surprising fact; this thought came into my mind just yesterday while I as drinking tea standing in a tea stall and some customers arrived there in their bikes.

We all know that there are lots of fictitious things are shown in many movies, like…the villain flies in the sky and travels 10ft-20ft after getting a kick from the hero, sometime heroes holds the legs of villains and throws him as we can throw cricket bats, this is the reason in the beginning of the movies you can see the preface…”all these characters are fictitious…..”

Now let me tell you what I am going to share today…

I am going to calculate the weights (approx.) of the heroes from action movies…

The scene is...a villain in a bike comes towards the hero with the intention to hit the hero with his fast moving bike, hero doe not move from his position and standing still the hero lifts his one leg kicks the front portion of the moving bike and receiving kick from the hero the rider fell along with the bike in the same direction that he was coming.

This is a very common scene we have watched in many movies, so now my calculation is….

The average weight of a bike is 100kg.

The average weight of a villain is 60 kg

Total weight is  =  160kg.

The speed of the bike is 40km/hr = 11.11m/s

Then the momentum (mass × velocity) of the system (Bike+Hero) is

 160 × 11.11 kg-m/s= 1777.6 Kg-m/s

To stop this momentum the equal or greater amount of momentum is needed, let me consider the force exerted by the kick of the hero is equal to this force, now the speed of the moving leg is hardly 2km/s means 5.55m/s, so what should be the weight of the leg…

Now equaling both sides

Weight of the leg ×  speed of leg  =  weight of the system× speed of the system

Putting the values we get…

Weight of the leg × 5.55m/s  =  160kg × 11.11 m/s

                                                     =1777.6 kg-m/s

Therefore, the weight of the leg  = 1777.6kg-m/s  ÷  5.55m/s

                                                        = 320kg 

 (m/s in up and down will cancel each other)

So this should be the weight of a leg of a hero (Lead character) who can stop a moving bike which weights 100kg and speed 40km/hr with a villain whose weight is 60kg.

If 320kg is the weight of one leg then try to guess what should be the weight of the whole body…I think approximately 1600kg.

This type of calculations are  actually done by “impulsive Force” theory of Physics, but don’t worry though I have made this one easier but it will not affect the calculation much.



अर्ज़ किया है...

कोइ खलिश ना होती गर ख्वाहिश ना होता


ख्वाब ना होते तोह खू-ए-इंतेज़ार ना होता.





 खु-ए-इंतेज़ार--habit of waiting