"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Reservation...Lets Face The Truth

Reservation….I don’t need to explain what it is and how it is working and affecting the future of our country.

Here, in this post I wanna share an idea which if implemented no explanation will be needed rather the result will explain everything with the shocking statistics.

I would like to request the officials concerned with the education system to implement the idea coz “logically” it should be made and needed.

So, what’s the idea????? 

Here it is….

Reservation is a common facility in job and education fields and both of these plays vital roles in the progress of any country.

Facilities have been given to certain students and job seekers in the respective fields and my idea is….why not broaden up the facility?

Let there are schools and colleges for two different categories…one for reserved ones, where teachers and professors will be those who belong to reserved category.
The second one, for the unreserved (General) category, where the teachers and professors will be those who belongs to unreserved category.

Anyone can raise the question that such differences should not exist (the backward classes should not feel they are abandoned) that’s why giving facilities to the backward classes has been implemented 


You should make the experiment to know the truth and the fact.

Let’s, face the truth…what do you think what will happen if such schools/colleges are made where ONLY the reserved category people will get chance to apply and will be selected and then they will teach there…I can assure not only the parents from general cast even the parents from backward classes will not send their children in such schools and colleges.

If such two categories of educational institutes are made then after two or three years the entire nation will see the truth… seeing the performance of students of two different institutes in educational fields.

I have written above …. “I would like to request the officials concerned with the education system to implement the idea coz logically it should be made and needed.” Because giving some facilities to backward classes feels like it’s giving the silent message like….”Look you are not capable enough, neither you have the quality to take part with the general public so you have given some grace so that you can feel better”…it’s something like…look, the capable ones can run 1000 meter but you don’t have that capability so we are showing some kindness and allowing you to run 700 meter and we will count it at as 1000 meter.

So writing “Logically it should be made and needed” I wanted to mean that…reservation has covered up a broader phase of our system now if such schools and colleges are made then it will be more helpful to the reserved categories, “’Logically” …if reservation is really giving fruitful result then giving more facilities (establishing separate schools and colleges) to the reserved candidates will give MORE fruitful results.

I think Govt. should think about this idea and we all, the entire nation want to see the result that will come eventually after the establishment of such two categories of schools and colleges.

Now, let me inform you that I don’t claim to be inventor of this idea, some experiences of my life has created this idea in my brain when I have thought about the issue and the experience is…

I know some people …whenever they need to visit or to take their family members to the doctor, they ask the surname of the doctor and if they find it from reserved category they immediately cancel it.

Their philosophy is… I need a doctor who has studied, has worked hard and has taken part in the competition and then has proved herself/himself, it’s about life and I can’t take any risk…logically they are right, why should they risk their lives? 

 Even when the parents search for tuition teacher they try to know how good that teacher was as a student…this is the fact.
Have you ever seen that any parent is sending their child to a teacher who has enjoyed two three years in a single class…


Will you appoint a 12th passed boy as a private tutor for your child who is a graduate student now?

I can make a space ship that will move faster than light…I can say this, sounds good in theoretical basis (especially if you are unaware of facts and truths related to mass and energy) but PRACTICALLY it’s impossible to make…if anyone try she/he will make some vain attempts and failure will kiss her/his feet repeatedly, in the same way…”reservation” sound theoretically good and to see the PRACTICAL result we should make separate school and colleges for them…where only they will rule and we will see the result after few years.


Caption And Content does not match

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पिछले कुछ दिनो से इस घट्ना के बारे मे जब भी सोच राहा हु तोह इतनी हंसी आ रही है...इतनी हंसी आ रही है के किया बताये, चलिये पहले ये दिखाते है के किस किस तरह मैने हंसा...





तो बात है कुछ दिन पहले कि, अचानक युटिउब मे एक विडिओ का सजेसन दिखा(पहली बार था), तोह मैने सोचा चलो खोल के देखते है, वैसे पता तोह था के ये जो कोनटेण्त होगा अन्दर वोह मेरे काम का नही फिर भी यूँ ही क्लिक कर दिया और फिर जो देखा पहले तोह मे तंग रह गया और सोचा येह हो किय रहा है, तो उसके उपर छोटा मोटा रिसर्च कर लिया...बाकी वैसे ही जो सजेसनस दे रहा था वोह आट दस  देखा फीर इतनी हंसी आइ के क्या बताये...
तोह साजेसन था... सारी फोटोशुट का विडिओ और हंसी इस लिए आइ के दस मे से आट विडिओस मे सारी से ज़्यादा अंग प्रदर्शन ज़्यादा दिखा, मै सोच रहा था देखते देखते ..भाइ, इन लोगोने तोह लिखा है सारी फोटोशुट पर दस मिनिट के विडिओ मे सिर्फ डेर से दो मिनिट तक सारी दिखि बाकी वक़्त तो पेट और उस्का उपर का हिस्सा(ब्लाउज से ढका हुआ) ही दिखा , सारी तोह था ही नही , किया इसे कहते है सारी फोटोशुट !!!!!!
सवाल बस इतना है के जब बदन ही दिखाना है तोह...बडी फोटोशुट या फीर एक्सपोजिंग पफोटोशुट जैसा कुच नाम रख देते कम से कम Title के साथ content तो  match कर जाता .

देखिये बात ये है के... मुझे किसि कि बद्न दिखाने पर कोइ आपत्ति नही ...अपना अपना बदन है ...किसे(किस किस को) दिखायेंगे, किस तरह दिखायेंगे या फिर कितना दिखायेंगे  येह उन लोगो कि निजि मामला है, मुझे इन सब से कोइ मतलब नही, बस इक छोटा-मोटा ब्लोगर होने के तहत इतना जानता हु के Title के साथ् Content Match करना बहुत ज़रुरी है.

और एक मज़ेदार बात बताता हुन...उन विडिओस मे दो चार विडिओस तो ऐसे भी दिखे के जिस्का Title..”Sex appeal” य फिर “Learn Sex Appeal” जैसा कुछ रख देता तो पेरफेक्ट होता...
एक बात तो ज़ाहीर है के ऐसि विडिओस लड़कीओ के लिए नही बनती क्योंकि उन विडिओस को देख के सारी पहनने का तरीका तो आज़माया नही जायेगा( बेडरूम के अन्दर पति के सामने ही मुमकिन है), तोह ऐसे विडिओस बनते क्यु है ...

और सबसे मज़ेदार बात तोह येह है के...कोइ  शिक्षा मुलक विडिओ जैसे...Physics, Psychology,Travel, Spirituality, Interesting Places ऐसे टोपिक कि विडिओस पे Views मुशकिल से चार या पांच हाज़ार पहुंचता है एक महिने मे और इधर ऐसे सारी फोटोशुट् विडिओस के views एक दिन मे एक लाख बीस हाज़ार से ज़्यादा,जब कि Channel एक महिने से ज़्यादा पुरानी भी नही....

आखिरकार मैने युटिउब का सजेसनस् ओफ कर दिया...


"Aakhri Khwahish"...Recited By Vyom Soni

I am thankful to Vyom Soni for reciting my poem, here you can listen to hear excellent recitation...

Vyom Soni is a banker by profession, a fitness freak and passionate about poetry, her vlog ehsaas_vyomsoni reflects her passion and talent both where she recites poems of different poets and sometime her own poetry.



हमे तोह हमारी अन्दाज़-ए-वफा ने तड़पा दिया

वरना बन्दे हम भी
बड़े खुशमिजाज़ हुआ करते थे 



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बेघर कर दिया उसने
निकाल के अपने दिल से मुझे 

पता इस कदर बदला वो
अपने वज़ूद से परेशान हो गया मै II