"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Interview : Blogger And Author Surabhi B. Das

In my previous post I have shared my views about the book “Idle Parenting Foundation” and today I am gonna share a short interview of the author of that book. 

She is the creator of Surabhi’s Musing

1.  How did you come in the field of blogging?

Surabhi : From earlier cooking and writing was my passion and I write since from my school time but after married some responsibility and in my busy schedule I am not able to continue my writing. Those days each and every moment I feel like I killed my mind. But it's true always listen to your heart because “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. after some years Slowly I tried to save some times for my writing and I created my free blog and started blogging because blogging is the best platform in a digital world where I revealed my thoughts to the people around me and it’s a huge learning platform for me. A successful career and life are used based upon being “on purpose” so we all bring our own magic and uniqueness into the world.

2.  How is your experience till now?

Surabhi :  It has been a fabulous sweet and sour journey. I have faced lots of problems and barrier in this journey but my all well-wishers support, appreciation, good wishes and their bunch of love helping me to break down the entire barrier and growing my blogging journey.

3.  You worked in IT sector for few years then shifted in Educational field, why did you take this decision?

Surabhi : I am also surprised by this turning point IT sector to the Education sector. I had worked in IT sector  Before my marriage but after marriage I shifted my place and 10 to 7 p.m working time is not possible for me and my in-laws family very conservative and they don’t want that their daughter-in-law go out and continue  work 10 to 7 p.m. so I am silent a few years and I pouring my wishes with my family responsibility but I could not silent long myself and finally, I thought I have to do something which is comfortable for all  so I decide to shift myself  to the education sector because of its a comfortable job and key factor for women empowerment prosperity.

4.  What are the problems you faced for the shifting in job field?

Surabhi : I never face any problem for the shifting on the job sector because I have passions, ability and special I loved the child and loved to spending time with children. So, I tackled everything very smoothly.

5.  How do you manage your time for blogging?

Surabhi : As a mom blogger, it is very difficult to manage time for blogging because I never ignore my family responsibility and especially I never compromised that times when my daughter needs me and wants to spend time with me. Another side I need a very peaceful mind and silent environment to write effectively. So I manage it like other moms when my daughter is in school but my comfortable time is right after dinner and so I maximum time spending with my blogging at night.

6.  How was the journey of A2Z challenge with Blogchatter?

Surabhi : In this journey I face many problems, I learn more and understand my abilities to write and I am really very grateful to the blogchatter group for this opportunity. All over it’s a very amazing and memorable journey of my life.

7.  Anything new you have learned taking part in this challenge?

Surabhi : Yes, of course, I Learn many things through this challenge, how you express yourself in front of the world. Most important thing is that sharing and helping is a very big thing which is a help to grow your blogging community and you should keep the charge yourself and active in this blogging world.

8.  What are your views towards the contemporary parent –child relationship?

Surabhi : Through my views, now days parenting lives are very busy and hectic and it is totally different than 30 years ago. In modern days parenting are increasingly pigeon-holding themselves into a narrowly prescribed parenting style and I seem some parents feel confused, as new parenting trends pop up every year, some parents feel they are failing if they don’t rigidly stick to the parenting and some parents completely with self-doubt. So I think first we all parents should try to understand our parenting behavior, controlling style and warmth. It seems some time some parents make demands of their children and manage their behavior and it's just like a sliding scale, with “ very restrictive “ on one the end, and “ very permissive “ on the other.  So we all parents should be cautious about our behavior, our presentation, controlling and communication style because every child is different and every Child good or bad reflection on their family’s value, belief, culture and lifestyle.

9.  According to you what is the toughest job of parenting, I mean anything particular you have noticed?

Surabhi : On parenting, there have not any particularly tough because the whole parenting job is a tough job but now modern days it becomes very.... tough.

10.         What’s your view towards present education system?

Surabhi : Present day in education system giving more importance to textbooks than the teacher and students have no freedom to think creatively and students learning system just like a robot. Most of the syllabus is in theoretical form and very low salaries of teachers and another side no control of the government on the fee structure of private education or private institute. Now have very little improvement in the education system but not more. Last year (2018) in the nominal ranking, India which is at 7 the place in GDP and another hand China has gone an increasing number of the higher education world university ranking 2019. The United States and China world occupy the first two places, 2 nds ranked the US is growing slow and still 3 rd ranked India is way behind.


Book Review: Idle Parenting Foundation

Title: Idle Parenting Foundation

Author: Surabhi B. Das
Publisher: Blogchatter
Price: Free
Format: Pdf
Page: 93
Genre: Parenting
Language: English

Book Blurb:
Parenting is not an easy task; I realized it deeply after guiding some students and juniors, so many dimensions and issues have to take care and “taking care” is not enough here, the way matters most, if it’s not “proper” then lots of problems have to face later on, not only the parents rather the child will also face the problems. Not only the education of a child rather the proper growth of thought process and the philosophy of life should be in the right direction for a successful life, the crucial point of parenting starts when a child steps into the “teen” age and there after a long time period plays a vital role for her/his entire life, upbringing of a child does is not limited to providing basic needs, the proper “upbringing” takes place when the parents are concerned about the mental and physical growth of a child and both of these contains lots of dimensions with time and interaction with the outer world.

My Views:

The book starts with the discussions about adolescences and its effects in teenagers, here the author has covered all the necessary dimensions those should be taken care when a child is in “teen age” phase, taking care of contemporary issues the author has discussed the psychological and social issues also and its does not need any special mention that all these are how much important, to understand the problem one should must not has to be a parent rather if we recollect our memories we will find out that some of these problems we also faced during our teen age period.
Being in the education field the author has faced children of different mindsets and her observations power clearly reflects in her writing, the way she has discussed the different types of “behaviors” those can exist in different child is really wonderful and she has discussed the solutions in perfect way.
At the end of every chapter the author has shared some suggestions and her views and I have found those are highly potential.
Not only the negative sides and the impacts rather she has discussed the positive issues and the activities of the parents those can leave potential positive impacts on a child.
Mental strength, discipline, language development, obedience, reading habit, all these vital issues have been discussed in a profound way. In this era where some of the parents are forcing their children to bring extraordinary percentage forgetting or may be ignorant to find out the real talent of their child the author has discussed these issue giving very fruitful suggestions.
Every chapter of this book contains details explanations, suggestions and tips for the parents, twenty six chapters of this book contains much more than twenty six necessary points those every parent should take in a serious way, this book is enough to bring up a child with no “negative” impact and with the solution to deal with the “negative” impacts.

About the author:

Surabhi B. Das is an educationist with ten years of experience in the field, earlier she worked in IT Sector for few years and she has keen interest in cooking and writing. She is not only focused in her daily job in the job field rather she has immense interest to share some tips and solution from her experience in the education field so that the parents get benefited following those.

Concluding Note:

If you really want a book that can help you to bring up your child in a perfect way or if you really want to know whether you are doing right jobs in parenting or not then surely go through this book.

To grab a free copy click the link provided below, it’s a limited time offer…

This post has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book review Program.