"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


That Zaaping Moment...BlogchatterA2Z

When I opened the door after a short while of listening the sound of knocking I found Vikram on the other side, I was expecting him as per the previously fixed schedule.

You always say that no one can ignore the truth of their lives, truth never dies, it exists with his own fame and glory…he started saying just after I opened the door.

Don’t try to convince me, just go upstairs and open your book, I am coming…I almost scolded.

With an upset face he went upstairs. It took almost one and half hour to make him clear the questions of Nuclear physics and there were some mathematical problems also those to be solved.

After keeping his book in the bag he looked with a big polite smile to impress me but I gave too much serious expression.

Sir one question only…he almost pleaded.

No more question answer today, just go home…saying this I lifted myself from there.

After riding on the cycle he gave such an upsetting looks that forced me to allow asking a question.

I want to meet Arpan Da and Subham Da and I guess you can never arrange meeting with them, am I right Sir?….he asked.

I avoided answering with words and replied with a smile and I found a satisfaction in his face.

So, what about Rahul da Sir? Is he same as Arpan Da and Subham Da?...he asked again.

I scolded

…you said only one question and you have done it, now go home.
He disappeared from my view just after five seconds after taking the turn nearby and while closing the gate I murmured

…”There are more things in heaven and earth” O Vikram “That are dreamt of your philosophy”.

I needed a tea badly at that time, so entered in the kitchen, though I avoided answering his questions but zapped my conscious mind resulted in creating lots of questions.

After taking the tea I stood in front of the mirror in the dining of the ground floor, no one was there; other members of the house were in the first floor, facing the mirror I asked myself
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…are you suffering from split personality?

And with the question I replied to myself with utmost surprise

…Split personality !!!! Sir Arthur Conan Doyale created the characters named “Sherlock Holmes” and “Shane Watson”, was he suffering from split personality? Your most fav Satyajit ray created the characters like “Felu Da”, “Topse”, “Jotayu” and lots more, was he suffering from split personality? It’s called creation that is the output of imagination power.

Then again I asked myself now comes the million dollar question

I replied very hopelessly 

…no, no pls don’t ask that.

But it came out

…What about the existence of Rahul?

After this question I could not face the mirror anymore, immediately shifted myself from that place but the question were reflecting repeatedly in different layers of my conscious mind, I could not avoid its, effect and the only way to suppress that in my mind was to divert my thoughts, so I started singing loudly my all time fav song...

Tum bin jiya jaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaye tum bin
Shadio si lambi hai raatein
Shadio se lambe huye din.

 (How do i live without You?
Nights seem as long as centuries
So the days also)

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"Yang" ...Blogchatter#A2Z

Statutory warning: If you have not read at least sixty percent of this story(in my previous post) then this part and the next one can go over your mind, so kindly go through the previous post to realize what’s actually going on.

 Yesterday evening Vikram arrived in my house around 7Pm, last time he visited in the end of May, after that he was busy to make his practical exercise book ready for the upcoming exam, in the mean time he was carrying on his study himself and naturally he was stuck in some mathematical problems related to Theory of Relativity.
After I helped him to solve the problems he expressed his eagerness to spend some time with me, generally whenever we both can manage time then we go for discussion on different topics including physics, psychology and social issues but that day he had some different thoughts in mind. Our conversation started when I came back with a cup of tea.

I have something to share with you and also have some queries, Sir, pls make me correct if I am wrong and hopefully you will make my queries clear…He informed me.

Nodding my hand I agreed.

He started

…I have read all your posts marked as “Half Fiction” in your blog, especially the ones you have shared in last one month, now let me share my views…

First of all, so far I can remember, in last three years you have visited only one fair three times that takes place every year in the month of January and you visited it with me only, hope you can understand what I mean?

I replied nodding my head.

With a smile he continued

…there comes a certain phase in life when we all dream for a dream girl or a dream boy. am i right Sir?

...Yes, you are, in that phase we can clearly visualize the girl in our dreams, how she walks, how she turns back, way of talking, her looks etc.

He started again

 …yes, that’s true, now I would like to know whats your view about  “Ditiching” in short.

…Don’t you think persons with different mentality and psychology lives in this earth and they do perform according to their views? And at end if you become able to dive deep in the ocean of realization you will realize it was game of Time and nature for certain purpose.

…that’s very much true, so this is what “ditching” contains?


…But its true Sir that I, rather we did not know that you can look at the cosmic world not only through “Relativistic view” rather you can find out “love” there!!!!!!!

…you are embarrassing me, just now you have mentioned about our phase in life when we search for a a dream girl so in that context is it much surprising to find out love in the cosmic world?

He was satisfied with my answer and started again

…now, let me guess, if anyone really feels the love from the deep core of his heart and is really dedicated then it will be tough for him/her to leave hi/her beloved.

…That’s very much true.

…And as you said, people with different mentality exist so the devil’s minded ones can play vital role as the enemy of love with different identities like a pawn or horse.

I nodded my head and agreed.

…those who can express their feelings through writings feels much better just like it is suggested to jot down your problem, it helps to solve them.

I replied

…carry on, good going.

…I am totally agree with you Sir, the emotion named “love” should exist in this world otherwise it will be a devastating situation for the survival of the human race.

…now, let me share, you know I have always believed that being an elder one you have some duties and responsibilities for the youngsters, how you behave, how you react, how you handle a situation, your way of talking affects a lot to the young ones closed to you and those also leaves a message to them, I really hate those elder ones who make misuse of their age. One day you will also grow up with time and always try to leave a good message for the next gen.

…I remember your teachings Sir, you have discussed this with us earlier.

Just a minute, someone is knocking at the door…saying this I visited down stairs.

After a while I returned back and our conversation continued

…What about Tittu, Mitali and Piyasi?

…those are very much real incidents I came to know earlier in different times, the problem of the society is…tricky people exist with their own fame and glory and the gentle ones are always afraid to face them, no one is there to teach them lesson.

Taking a short pause, I started again

…I know, what’s your next question, you have listened the phrase “Soul mate” and that’s the concept I have used there. Look, I know what your questions are; let me tell you in short…Do you know “Yang”?

…no, what’s that?

…it’s a Chinese word and it means positive and bright principle, just like you, once I had an extreme eagerness to do something for the society but later I realized it’s not possible as much as intensely I want, so many negative and brutal incidents are happening every day in this world and with time the frequency increasing, those are fatal for the society and to stop them there are concerned authorities, I can do nothing single handedly, on the other hand the most dangerous activities are those which appears to be small but leaves terrific effect, I wanna mean in day to day life when some people are making full use of their complex and critical minds to defame others, to create problem, to spread hatred, to play with emotions etc, the truth is I am a totally failure to make any change, now I can realize it will not be possible for me to make any change in a bigger field in the society so my writing are nothing but the output of my frustrated mind. There is a “yang” in every human being, depends how much you have been capable enough to make it prominent in your thoughts and philosophy but its also true that different incidents and experiences plays vital role on the prominence of “yang” in your view, on the hand when you are sharing your views in vast field you have some responsibilities also.

…This time I cant be totally agree with you Sir, you have always given us good teachings about life and yes, I will always try my level best to make the “Yang” in me more sharper,except that what about Raju, you really beaten up him badly…

I interrupted being extremely surprised

…who said this to you?

…I will not mention the names.

…names!!! Means there are more than one person…

…just let it go Sir, so the issue is…you talk about society, you talk about ethics, moral values, you are frustrated seeing the negative incidents in the society…these are in different directions, what about “Love”? i dont know whether i should aks such question or not but i cant restrict myself, so many thoughts are knocking at the mind and am really being confused.

…it’s already 10 Pm and I think you should go home.

He looked at his watch and was surprised

…good time passes by so fast but Sir I will visit tomorrow for sure, kindly tell me the time.

..To ask more questions related to this topic!!!

…no, actually some unsolved maths are there but yet will ask some more questions also.

…I don’t know whether I will discuss more in this topic or not but will help to solve the math problem; I think 7:30Pm will be suitable.


He left my house after few minutes.

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Be Like "Xerophytes"...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

Two years back, it was just like other evenings, we were spending some lazy time in the terrace of our house. We Were discussing on random issues, like listening the experiences of Subham and Arpan etc. 

The chapter of Rahul’s love story was almost forgotten, none of us raised the topic in last three four years, there were nothing new to discuss and we also did not want to take Rahul back to those days which he actually should forget.

Gradually the discussion on social media started, actually I was sharing my recent research work (was doing it myself) in that field, Arpan asked being highly curious

…you are doing research on it but you don’t have any account in FB, is not it ridiculous? Even Rahul never opened any account there, what actually the matter is?

I started with a blow (through words) from my field research

…you know, five six years earlier, when some of my friends used to ask whether I have an account in FB or not then getting a negative reply they used to be surprised and at present the term “Facebookian” is used to defame(Gaali) others.

I did not get you…Arpan informed being surprised.

…how can you? Being a “Facebookian” how can you realize what I mean.

…what do you mean by “facebookian”?

…that’s a logical question, “facebookian” means to those people who shares their pictures now and then in facebook without any purpose or reason.

…so, do you mean FB is not a good place?

…FB is not bad, depends how you use it, just like, a pistol itself is not good or bad… depends upon the user.

…if FB is good then you and Rahul is not there?

Finding a proper reason…Rahul answered.

You know what’s the most neglected subject in our day to day life and education system…I asked Arpan.

…No, I don’t know

Its psychology…Subham answered.

That’s right, any human being does not perform any work without any reason, means behind every activity of human beings there is a reason but sometime we are unable to point out what the reason is? And its natural, coz we are unaware of the functions of our thoughts, we are unaware of the subject “Psychology”…I explained.

Then added

…like you, are not a “facebookian”, I just said it out of fun, you are sharing your pics of different concerts and stage performances, coz you need publicity, promotion and marketing but the people, who are posting their own pics now and then, investing time for dress up and make up, investing time to find out a perfect background and lots more, why? Why they are investing so much of time behind all these just to post a pic in fb? Because of two reasons…first, they have enough time to waste and secondly just to get “Like”.
Rahul added more
…have you even seen any IAS officer or a Researcher, a good doctor and such people posting their pics in FB now and then just to show “look I am doing this research” “look I am writing this thesis”, “Look I am operating a patient”, they never do so, coz they don’t have time and they are much involved in their real life activities. There is one more reason for it and that is…they are satisfied with their lives, when you are satisfied with your life then you don’t need any stamp mark (Like) from the people.

Continuing Rahul’s point I started

…if you really happy in life, if you are really satisfied with it, then why do you need people’s opinion?
But fb is a good place to be connected with the people far away from you…Arpan shared what he had listened several times.

Rahul replied with a smile…when did we say that FB is not a good place to be connected with the people, this is a common sentence that can be heard but the question is …why do you need so much of time everyday to be connected with other people, don’t you have your own work? How can you manage so much of time for a pic and why are you so much eager to share your beautiful and handsome pics to show those people? 

I interrupted

 …you know the most ironical incident is some girls are there who after wearing a dress, suppose it contains less clothes, will say “we don’t care what’s the public opinion about us” but those same girls will share the pics in fb and will count how many likes and comments they have received.

Mental dissatisfaction…Arpan said looking at me.

Yes, that’s what it reflects when you are posting pic crazily, now and then, counting likes, investing time for no reason, as I said psychology is the most ignored subject in our life and education system…I replied.
Once you said me about “Reality” and I have also listened the word “Virtual Reality”, I think there is 

some connection between these two and fb…Arpan shared his view.
Out of excitement I almost jumped out

…yes, you got the right point baby, the world of social media is a “virtual reality” and it’s really easy to exist there coz in “real” life you have to face many obstacles, many ups and down are there, those who have lost in the “virtual reality” are far away from “reality” means this real world and its happening for two reasons, dissatisfaction from life and escapist mentality.

Taking a pause, I started again

…let me explain you with a real life example.

Arpan nodded his head and agreed

…there was a boy who was in love with a girl madly, for some reasons they became separate but the girl remained in his heart, he was unable to forget it…

Arpan interrupted with a big smile in his face

…yeh kahani kuchh suni sunayi si lag rahi hai.

…ok, So Rahul was in love with Tina, happy?

…yup, pls continue.

…in the “real Life” you have to face problems and obstacles and there are always two ways, first one, you can escape from the situation and second one is, face it. In the case of Rahul he did not escape from the situation and later on he has gone through a long phase of pain, agony and mental sufferings, generally when we are in pain we always try to avoid but if you ask me personally I will suggest “live that pain” it’s very much necessary for life, live the pain at its fullest, face the sufferings, not only because it’s the ‘truth” of your life rather I must remind you that nothing happens without a reason and it makes you a true human being. Rahul did not escape from his pain and sufferings, he faced those, he suffered a lot so he is not a escapist. On the other hand he is not dissatisfied from life, whatever he has done, whether in relationship or in his career, he has given his cent percent, what he has got that’s a different question but he is satisfied with the thought that "I had given my cent percent" and that’s;’ enough to make his mind satisfied. So, when he is satisfied from life, when he is not an escapist and when he does not need public opinion about himself for no reason then why should he be in Fb?

He has maintained his real life relations giving his best, being a friend I am proud to have a friend like him…Arpan replied.

Do you know :”Xerophyte”…Subham asked us.
I was unaware of it, Rahul did not have much clear idea Arpan’s condition was same as mine.

We looked at him for the answer, He replied

…Rahul is a xerophyte, actually I recently visited Thar and there I have seen some Xerophytes and after listening all these explanation i am feeling to mark him as xerophyte, on the other hand I know how his life was after the break up with Tina, he has suffered from PSTD and Schizophrenia  and facing all those he has recovered and existing. Obviously you (looking at me) have big contribution on Rahul’s recovery.

Oh, just forget that, tell me why you are calling him Xerophyte?...i asked with mixed reactions.

Xerophytes are those which can survive in little liquid water, can survive in extreme dry weather , just like Rahul, after facing so many negatives in life, when he was unable to trust people,lost faith in himanity and on the elder ones for the experiences from life but yet survived and it was possible just like it happens in Xerophytes coz they have deep spreading roots, the realization of life is like an ocean, the more deep you go the more deep to be explored, Rahul went deeper In the case of “love” which explains his drowning mentality in the ocean of life’s philosophy, if you have it you will perform work for certain purpose and reason otherwise will follow the crowd blindly.

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