"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Era of "Blogging" a Foolishness????


This era belongs to the “jokers”.

The bloggers are really intelligent or they are fools…this question knocked into my mind almost one year ago and it’s still unsolved. 


So, it used to happen in earlier days (12-15 years ago)…जब शहर मे “Circus” आया करता था, आजकल आती है पर Frequency कम चुकी है । तो हम लोग जाते थे Circus  देखने । वंहा तरह तरह के खेल के साथ “Jokers” भी होते थे जो अपने चहरे पे रंग “लेप” के अजीब-ओ-गरीब कपड़े पहनके अजीब अजीब हरकते करके लोगो को हँसाया करते थे । 



एक ब्लॉगर क्या करता है...पहले तो अपनी field of expertise को identify करना पढ़ता है...फिर Topic को Decide करना पढ़ता है हर बार ...फिर presentation style सोचना पढ़ता है...फिर उसे लिखना पढ़ता है...फिर editing करनी पढ़ती है...उसके बाद तैयार होती है एक blogpost…फिर उसके promotion के बारे मे भी जानकारी चाहिए जिसके लिए काफी पढ़ाई और मेहनत लगती है...इतने सारे महनत ,और सोच लगती है सिर्फ एक post के लिए ।


अब आते है उन “Jokers” के मुद्दे पर...वैसे उन्हे “Joker” कहना “Jokers” का अपमान है...क्यूँ की जो जोकेर्स होते है उनके हरकतों मे थोड़ी बहुत Meaning होती है पर हम जिनके बारे मे बात कर रहे है उनके हरकतों मे कोई मीनिंग ही नही होती....तो,यह लोग करते क्या है...चेहरे पे “जोकेर्स” की तरह रंग लेप के ... तरह तरह के dress पहन लेते है ...बस इन्हे इतने ही तैयारी करनी पढ़ती है ,क्यूँ की बाकी सब Ready-made” मिल जाती है...इसके बाद बस बदन हिलाना डुलाना होता है...ऊपर से अगर “पेट”, “कमर” और “”cleavage” दिखाने का मौका है ( Depends on Gender) पोपुलरिटी कदम चूमेगी ....


अब कुछ प्रूफ़्स देखिये....


ये एक जनाब है जो Photography काफी अछे करते है...I m a fan of his photography…



seeing the number of likes hope you have realized that he is a blogger ...from last more than six years.

see the next one...a popular blogger from India from last more than nine years.

and this one...a lady , popular one, in this field from last eight years almost.

there are many more...



now look at these pictures...(account is hardly two years old)

what does she do is..just gives expressions in 30 seconds video with high make up and various dresses and some time showing navel, waist and cleavages...

This picture was captured when she was walking...i am still trying to find out why i should like this....

for just shaking your body(with some revealing dresses) you can get 50k-60k likes means you can reach to more people than a blogger ...then why wasting so much labor and time behind a blogpost !!!!!!!

ok ok i admit that the people who like such body shaking and your figure(daily basis and with disciplined manner ) are definitely the "perverts"...but yet some people are happy to be liked by perverts and joyous to get appreciations from perverts.

personally i and obviously the "bloggers" don't want appreciations from perverts, for me and for them ...what an educated person says matters most.


if we analyze the entire matter with respect to "business" or "brands" opinion is...i would prefer such body shakers more than a blogger  to promote any product...because the followers of these body shakers are perverts, so naturally have poor knowledge and thought process ,any product can be sold easily to them


on the other hands


those who follow the bloggers, have the habit of reading blogposts are definitely the educated they will not buy any product blindly.





ख्वाहिशें दुआओं मे सिमट के रह गई

इजाज़त-ए-खुदा मुमकिन ना  हुई

मोहब्बत की कहानी बननी थी


किस्सो मे सिमट के रह गई