"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Pest,PH and Poems: Dear Society, You Suck!

One has to study, because neighbor’s kid does,
One cannot dance, because no one near does!
The wealth, the class, the mass, that was,
The discussion of groups, of - such an ass!

While many dreams die, burst inside,
Fire within and chaos the internal,
No one hears the unheard howling cries,
But everyone hears the amplified factual lies!

When one has the competence, other gets to do,
When one cries with skills, other laughs in disability,
Once there is a gender, once there is an age,
Ask me not what stops, there is so much rage!

As the deceased diverges, Intellect shatters,
World looks hideous and the water cries,
Like a half carved statue, undefined shape,
One stands ugly, while the meaning cries.

One got slapped, other harassed,
Another was followed, someone was raped,
One got mocked, other made feel ugly,
Another was back-stabbed, someone was fired.

The cries of pain, heart with dark stains,
For all the things dared, the darkness itself scares.
The regrets are strong, never felt so wrong,
Did not know why, where life seemed a lie.

Things never understood, never explained,
Hidden in the smiles are darkness and fear files,
Numerous masks, never no one to ask,
For it is ugly, taking darkness into the team.

Tears decide to stay in, finding inner more beautiful,
Silently dries, while the heart cries,
The dead thoughts, the dead rules,
Everything scattered, messy fools!

Never saw the sunshine, or what it actually meant,
For only could rent, a deathbed just fine!
In the end, came all, looking at the fall,
Only words they sell, “Sleep Well!” 

Academician,  always a researcher, blogger. Life until I started PhD (Computer Science) was more about studies, education and work. With 6 years of academic and industry experience, I knew PhD would open a lot of possibilities. By no means had I thought starting a blog out of research frustration would open up assortment of writing opportunities. I certainly believe there is lot more to explore. 


आखरी ख्वाहिश

आजा लौट के चंद पलो के लिये

आखरी जो सांसे बची है मेरी...

साथ गुज़ारे.

वोही रास्तो से चल पड़े फिर हम

उसि मौड़ उसि गलियों से

साथ गुज़रे.

मिले वक़्त बे-वक़्त पहेले कि तरह

वजह बे-वजह हंस पड़े

रुठने मनाने का सिलसिला

फिर एक बार दोहराये.

बे-फिक्र इस ज़माने से

कुछ पल फिर ख्वाबो मे जीये.

कुछ वादे इस बार भि किये जा तु...

निभाने कि जरुरत नहि

कुछ सुकुन इस दिल को मिल जाये

इंतेज़ार के लिये अब वक़्त  नहीं.

आखरी जो सांसे बची है

तेरे दीदार तेरि आवाज़ से महक जाये

आजा लौट के चंद पलो के लिये

ज़िंदगी ना सही...

सुकुन कि मौत तो मिले.



ये मेरी शायरी...

लिखने कि हुनर नहि

मेरे टुटे हुये दिल के अल्फाज़ है.

पढ़ सको तो पढ़्लो

मेरे आंसु भि बयां करती...

 किसि कि ना‌मौजूदगी कि कहानी है.