"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Answers(Fictional Humour)

The family members of one of my friends are searching for a suitable bride for their son but he is not willing to get married now and so he asked for my help to make his family members understand about his desire but when I talked with aunt she informed me

…look this is not going to happens so quick, it’s about marriage and it needs time to search a suitable bride, moreover we are not forcing him to get married now, we will fix their marriage and later they will decide their date of marriage.

So I failed to help my friend and his family members started their search, all these happened almost a year ago. My friend presently lives in Mumbai and doing Ph.D., he is a very brilliant student from his childhood so naturally he has lots of dreams and goals…a very promising future. It’s been more than six years (After the graduation) he has left our home town and living in Mumbai.

Almost a month back he visited his house and his family members arranged a meeting with a girl…the probable bride, her name is Tina. We visited Tina’s house in a fine Sunday evening and after spending some time with her family members I informed them that my friend wants to talk with Tina separately, they allowed it happily and we three headed towards their garden, it is a very big one, the series of coconut tress in the left side and the series of mango trees in the right side has added an extra beauty in the garden, there I saw various types of flowers also, among them I recognized the rose only.

There is beautifully decorated bench near the coconut trees, Tina requested us to sit there, I was looking at them and was trying to guess who is gonna start the conversation and exactly at that time Tina said

...Look I am in love with someone; I have agreed to meet you out of the pressure of my family, so you can easily realize that I have no interest in this matter so after returning home call my parents and inform them that you did not like me.

Her straight forward nature and honesty I liked a lot. We were speechless, nodding our heads we informed we are agreed and returned back home.

We did not tell aunt the real incident, only informed her that my friend did not like the girl.

So aunt continued her searching and last Sunday another meeting has been arranged with another girl.

There are lots of questions remains unanswered for the life time…at least it seems so in every phase of life, sometime we get the answers and sometime the questions remains as question for the life time, you have to live with the uneasy feelings, confused thoughts and lots of assumptions when you don’t get the answers. 

Coming to the main stream…we visited that girl’s house last Sunday, her name is Mithi, as usual after some conversations with family members of the girl we requested to talk with her separately, so the girl took us in the balcony of the first floor and again this time the girl started the conversation

…few days ago you visited Tina’s house?

My friend replied with surprised eyes

…yah, do you know her?

The girl replied with a smile

…yes I know her, much better than anyone in this world, even much better than her parents. She informed you that she is in love with someone, right?
I said


The answer we got was really surprising

…do you know with whom she is in love, ok let me inform you, she is in love with me, rather it’s better to say that we are in love with each other.

We immediately lifted our bumps from the sofa and meeting her family members bid them a good bye, Mithi walked with us to main gate, my friend started the bike, I sat behind him and looked behind to see Mithi, she leered her one eye with a sarcastic smile in her face.

That day I regretted a lot, regretted for wasting my two years, those two years when I used to run behind Mithi like a dog, to get one glance of her I used to roam around her house, her college and the coaching classes like a dog and she never looked at me…not for a single time. I thought she does not like me or hate me for some reason but I was wrong,  now I know the reason, later I have spent long one year with the expectation that one day she will come to meet me and will accept my love, but it was total wastage…long three years. 

We returned back with upset mind, it was one hour of bike journey and we did not talk with each other even we did not stop anywhere to take tea. I and my friend both were in deep thoughts, we were shocked.

After that day my friend neither called me over phone nor meet me, three days has went away, suddenly yesterday evening he arrived my house, entered my room and sat down in the chair, he was tensed, was thinking something deeply, I was about ask him the reason but he interrupted and said

…pls don’t say anything, today I am gonna tell you something and let me tell it first otherwise it may happen that I will never be able to gather enough courage to tell this.
Then he took a pause and started again

…hope what I am gonna tell you will not affect our friendship, ok, ok, I should not take much time, listen ….I am in love with someone and that someone is not a girl rather a boy, one of my research mate.

He finished his sentence and left my room.

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