"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Truth, Lies & Love with held...By Mansi Mittal

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Tonight I have a story to tell,
Of truth lies & love withheld,
Of those bygone lanes & forlorn lovers, 
who when met casted a magical spell,
Their love was bound by the fortitude to grow,
No matter how dark n light life would go,
Unspoken promises were made under the starry nights and were sealed within their soul tight.
Tonight I have a story to tell,
Of a storm in a barren land,
Of a storm where their bodies collided,
And a fierce seems like it would never end.
Tonight I hv a story to tell,
where words are incapable to narrate,
for their is a fire that would never end.


Mansi Sharma Mittal is a blogger and a content writer who has worked with prominent brands. Her work has been published in Anthology 'The Seasons '. She also blogs at various parenting sites. She is currently working on her manuscript.To regularly blogs through 

A mother by heart and a writer by soul is what defines her most.



The Lost Feelings

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When I wrote the post The Lost art I planned to write down its sequences but as usual I forgot, today while checking my files I found the writing “The Lost Art” and immediately the sequences started to knock into my mind, the post is totally ready in my mind so I don’t need to spend time to give it a thought, so started to write down immediately.

The truth of life is…you will respect the things which you have earned after hard works, lots of fights and facing obstacles. We don’t realize the importance of the things which we get easily, this is the reason “struggle” is very much necessary. Tricky people are there who believe in the so called “achievements”(Job, Love,Marriage etc) but personally I believe that trick is merely an output of a devil’s mind especially if you apply it repeatedly.

There must be truth, honesty, good ethics and moral values when you are performing any job otherwise your further activity will surely prove how much truth you have.

So what happens when your love letter is ready…

At first you have to find a way to send it to your beloved, may be through your common friend or when you will meet with your beloved. This action sometime need long time to complete but that’s not a bigger issue, the problem takes place when you or your beloved receive the letter, you feel an extreme curiosity to read it, but how? And where?  These two questions start to haunt you…

Heart: Standing beside the road?

Mind: no, no, this is not right, people will easily realize what actually you are doing, they will look at you, it will be a very uneasy situation.

Heart: So, should I visit my friend’s house…

Mind: no, it’s not logical coz how many times I will visit his house? Whenever I will get letter I will visit my friend’s house!!!! This is ridiculous.

The letter is already in your bag or in your pocket, your heart is continuously asking you to read it and your brain is continuously making calculations about where to read and how much time it will need to complete reading, though heart and mind are always remained as enemies to each other…what heart believes the mind always proofs it wrong but in this issue the mind takes care of the heart a lot…because the mind knows it full well that its not only about “reading” rather its about the feelings, the smiles, the joy while reading, so time will play a big role there, so the mind continues to sort out a better place…

Heart: Bathroom…

Mind: no, no, it’s not possible, if you spend long time in the bathroom you will surely attract the attention of your family members and most importantly…you will perform such a beautiful activity standing in the bathroom!!! You are ridiculous, you have lost your mind, oh sorry, I am the mind and you are the heart, you never have any mind.

The heart cries out…

I can’t hold it anymore, do something as soon as possible,

The mind replies

…my dear stupid Heart, you already know the answer.

The heart screams

…Oh, no not again, that old way.

But it’s the best…the mind suggest.

So, at the end, like as usual…after entering into your room after the dinner you open the letter and start to read and you (those who have been in love) all know what happens next….

“What are you talking about, you old fellow”…sometime I have received these types of reactions and comments whenever I have tried to explain the feelings, the agony, the curiosity, the anxiety, the uneasiness, the restlessness related to reading a love letter coz all these are the parts and the parcels of love.

Now a days…you don’t need to go through these conflictions of heart and mind, mobile has made “love” so easy, you don’t need to panic about how you will talk to your beloved, you can have conversation anytime, you can send her/him msg whenever you need, you can have romantic talks 24X7 hours, everything has became so easy and this is the reason you don’t feel the importance…you don’t need to fight for it, no obstacle, lesser amount of problems, waiting vanished.

What actually make me(The back dated fellow) surprised is…now a days it’s really tough to find the execution of   “special” , I mean…your beloved is the most “special” person for you but she/he is in the common list of whatsapp with your other lots of contacts(friends, relatives etc)…no special place for her !!!!!!

Now comes the conversation…those distorted English which you use for conversation with your friends, At least write complete English words…something should be special for her/him…am I right?

You have to feel deeply the importance of the relationship going through lots of different feelings of heart and mind otherwise it’s never possible to realize its importance.

As now a days young gens does not need to spend time for love so their mind is diverting to other things…the death…if they would had to spend time for love then…not only they would deeply realize its importance experiencing so many lovely feelings rather they would not get time to plan for death playing Blue whale or something else.

Mohabbat ko mazak aur maut ko saukh bana liya.



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माना के मशहुर बहोत है


बंदे हम बदनाम भी कम नहीं

कोई बुलाता है बेवकूफ आशिक़ मुझे


किसि को मेरी आदत-ए-शराब पसंद नही 


Beauty (Facial) & See (C)

Some are Conscious about their Beauty.

Some have Conceit for their Beauty.

Some are Concerned to their Beauty.

Some don’t Care for their Beauty.