"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Experience...Half Fiction

This year winter God is quite in good mood to bless all of us, specially the inhabitants of my town, from the beginning of the season he has started to bless us with high intensity.

It’s always very pleasant to have such blessings from this God but when it happens suddenly and intensely then it really needs time to cop up with.

Sometime the friendship of two Gods can be intolerable for the human beings, this happens when winter God’s friendship becomes deep with rain God, they are enjoying their deep friendship with some fantastic time together and here in the earth we are finding it tough how to celebrate with the two bosom fiends.

Those days were really very different when I was young…now a days I feel I have become an old fellow, yah, really I feel so, why? Because those days I rarely have used any warm clothes in the entire winter season while I am in home town, those days I used to take support of warm clothes only when I was in traveling, except that only a shirt or t-shirt was enough to take the blessings of winter God….this is a different story, little bit unbelievable also.

So, two days ago during evening I was in Enakshi’s house, was busy to discuss some official works, two bosom friends…Rain and Winter God has started to shower their blessings from last three days, sometime they have taken some rest but that day from the dawn they did not stop till evening.

Sitting in the balcony with hot coffee and Peyanji( sliced onions fried after mixing with Besan, the very common food of Bengali’s during rain, try it. it’s really very delicious) we were busy in discussion, being a lazy person I have always found out some easiest way to lighten any work load and being a hard working girl Enakshi has always helped me to my laziness. We both live in the same colony, her house is in the front side of the colony while mine is almost at the middle.
Some people say …”a girl and a boy can never be friends” what they wanna mean is…at the end the boy and the girl will fall in love with each other, I never believed it and with Enakshi it was impossible to take place, why? Ok, read till end and you will know “why?”
After sorting out our works we took another cup of coffee, peyanjis were already in our stomachs, sitting ideally we were discussing about the weather, in the mean time we saw a boy coming through the front lane of Enakshi’s house, he was not in hurry, probably was returning back from market, he was cycling very slowly, he was totally wet, his hairs and his t-shirt were explaining that he was under rain for more than thirty minutes. It was really surprising for Enakshi…how can a boy move so slowly in this winter season being totally drenched in rain. 

She expressed her feelings about the boy

….he really has good immunity, otherwise, in this pinching winter when everyone is busy to return back home as soon as possible after being drenched in rain, this boy is enjoying the rain.

I smiled and looked at her,she asked very curiously
…why are you laughing?

She just finished the sentence and the boy crossed us, I informed Enakshi

…go closer to the balcony grills and try to see as much as far you can see in your left, touch your head in the grills, it will help your eyes to cover more distance.

She followed my instructions and when returned back to the chair she was laughing a lot. I really found it tough to stop her, almost after ten minutes when she controlled herself she said

….so this is the actual matter, he was returning from market doing quick cycling and when he came near to my house he slowed down the cycle and just after crossing my house he started to cycle as fast as possible with his shivering body out of cold.

I smiled and replied

…yes, he is trying to impress you from last two months, from the time he has seen you during Durga Puja.

Hmmmm, so you have so much experience about all these…she expressed her thought with meaningful smile and looks.

Yah these are very common and old tricks…I answered.

Where she is now?...Enakshi asked

You know the answer…I replied while lifting myself from the chair.

You are ridiculous…she expressed her inner feelings.

I replied with a smile.

What about this boy?...she asked when we reached the door.

…You are matured and aged enough to take your own decision

…ok then, suggestion pls.

…pretension can never be accepted in any relation.

While I was wearing my sandals she said

…it is said “everything is fair in love and war”

…pretension can never be a part of “fair play”, now he pretends to be as strong as Hercules and later he will pretend as he loves you as Romeo, then when will you know what actually is in his heart and mind?

…wow!! Sometime you sound so intelligent.

I answered lifting my eye brows

...Sometime !!!!!! OK OK, actually you know....quote unquote…in the light of my looks my intelligence gets overshadowed, people are busy to see my biceps, triceps and six pack and so they are unable to see my creativity and intelligence.

After finishing the sentence we both laughed out.

P.S. :- When i started writing "Half Fiction" i did not know i will be able to continue my writing with good frequency, this is the sixth one in this category and i have made it a category in my blog, so for more Half Fictions you can visit this link.


The Strings of Hope By Mansi Mittal

After a short gap Mansi Ji is back again as a guest writer for my blog.
Here is a her first poem in this season.

Love is exactly like that,
It has a cannabis effect,
It gives you hope,
Even in those bleakest of moment,
Even when nothing seems to work & everything turns to worst,
It still give you hope,
When the master of your universe turns blind by your sight ,
Even after zillions calls goes unanswered from his side,
Love, you see still hangs on that rope with strings attached of hope,
Hope from the moments gone by ,
Hope in the way his eyes blaze at me,
Hope on that never ending "last time"

Well, love my dear, has that unnerving effect on me!!


Mansi Sharma Mittal is a blogger and a content writer who has worked with prominent brands. Her work has been published in Anthology 'The Seasons '. She also blogs at various parenting sites. She is currently working on her manuscript.To regularly blogs through 
A mother by heart and a writer by soul is what defines her most.


The Ironical Sides Of The Patriarchal Society Through Newton's Laws

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Our society in a large percentage still patriarchal, though lots of changes has taken place with the progress of era but lots of vital changes are needed still now.

Today I am gonna focus on the “other side” of patriarchal society…as “there are two sides of a coin” and in this concern we are much focused on the issues where the men are ruling the society depriving the girls because this is very prominent but there are other sides also which explains how we have made(are making) ourselves fool, how so many people has lived in a false notion and how the lives of the boys being affected for the so called “patriarchal society”…what I am gonna share is the IRONICAL side of Patriarchal society.

So let me discuss everything through Newton’s Laws which I have found more logical to describe and suits with the thoughts I am gonna share here.

Let me inform you…this post contains very sensitive issues, so please read it as it is and try to follow the logics and don’t ignore the truths.

Newton’s first Law of motion

“Until any external force is applied the object at rest will stay at rest and the object at motion will continue to move with same velocity and in the same direction.”

The society was moving in the same direction for long and long years, the direction where…girls did not have any freedom to choose their carrier, to decide with whom they will get married. A long period of time was there when the girls have been deprived from those which they deserved, they have spent almost a “caged” life in different cages…first as a daughter, then as a wife and later being a mother, they had to fulfill the desires and had to obey the orders of their so called “closed ones”.

Newton’s second law

But as it is said…’only one thing is constant, that is ‘change’”, so with the advancement of time the condition of girls has changed a lot…the girls have fought for it, they have fought to prove themselves, they have shown the world that they are also capable to perform excellent jobs, they have proved themselves in different fields and has created history, became ideals for others, they have gained respect through their works and leading a life being self-dependent.

I have found the similarity of Newton’s second law with all these but there is an ironical side of all these changes, as I have already said…there are two sides of a coin.

So what Newton’s second law says is

“The change of momentum is proportional with the applied force and takes place in the direction the force has been applied.”

Momentum = Mass X velocity.

Here I found the similarity of momentum as

Momentum = Girls Lives X Girls Desires.

Force = the fighting spirit of girls being irritated after tolerating the caged life for long years.

I really appreciate how the girls are proving themselves in different jobs and gained a strong position in the society. Let me discuss about the other side of the coin which is the most ironical part of patriarchal society.

The ironical part of so called patriarchal society is…

From the time boys started to find a “well educated girl” to get married from then some girls continued to study more to be selected by a good groom, lots of examples are there…look around you.

The boys with graduation degree wants the girls of same degree or 12th passed not the master degree holder girls.

 On the other hand boys with master degree want girls with graduation degree or master degree not the higher degree holders for the marriage purpose.

"How will i introduce her in the society ?? wife is just tenth passed"...sometime these can be heard from so called master degree holder "would be husbands."

There was time the elders used to tell their girls

…”tu itni khubsurat hai,tujhe koi achha ladka mil hi jayega”.

(You are so beautiful so you will surely get a good husband)

“ghar ke kaam kaaj sikhle toh achha ladka milega”

(If you are expert in household works then a good boy will agree to marry you)

Now it is said

“achhi se padHayi karegi toh achha ladka milega”

(The higher degrees you have the more the probability that a boy with higher degree than you who has good salary will select you)

The irony takes place when the marriage is “arranged one”.
The boys are unable to realize that the girls has gained the higher degree just to get a good groom with more higher degree(with good salary) than her.

What it is said to the boys?

…”tere liye koi achhi ladki dhunda padHega to itna handsome hai toh ladKi bhi achhi honi chahiye”.

(We have to find a beautiful girl for you because you are so handsome)

Now it is said

…”tu itna padHa likha hai toh ladki bhi padHi likhi honi chahiye”

(We have to find a well educated girl for you because you have so many degrees and qualifications)

So look at the differences…when about girls it is said “milega”(will get) and when about boys it is said “dhunda padHega”(have to find, you deserve it).

So, the choice is always in the hand of boys.

The ironical part is

…the boys who want “an educated girl”(suitable with his degree) to get married and finally find her out from lots of choices and get married then…he is unaware of the fact that…it’s the effect of so called thought “we want educated girls to get married” imposed by the patriarchal society.

So at the end the boy gets married with such a girl who…has gained higher degrees to get a good groom…because it’s the demand of the boys…can we call it a marriage? Is not it… the game of cleverness?

 Now a day…grooms are finding girls who are doing jobs and a new turn has come in arranged marriage…what actually they want!!!! A good girl or a good amount of monthly income of the girl!!!!

Personally I feel…if I don’t have the ability to run a family then I will never get married.

How all these thoughts has generated in my mind?

Just three days ago when I was listening the conversation of two girls, one of them is a student of class nine and she said

….you know, Aparna Di took admission in college in honors category just to get a good groom.

The listener exclaimed

…what are you saying? How can you say this?

Then the student replied very casually

…it’s not me who says this rather everyone in our colony knows it full well and they discuss about it, I have listened to them, why are you being so surprised? If she really had interest then she would surely go for higher studies and most importantly…why did she get married without completing her course? she could complete the graduation and then could try for jobs, her financial condition is good, she is physically fit rather her parents are physically fine, does not all these prove that she was waiting to be selected by a good groom?

The listener asked

…So what you will do?

…I don’t study to get a good groom, I will do job, will be self-dependent.

“Time has really changed a lot”…this is what knocked into mind after hearing the conversation.

Let me make you clear it again…here I don’t wanna mean that every girl is being educated for a good groom…some girls are really fighters, have self respect, want to be self dependent and want to exist in the society with their own light of glory of success and fighting spirit.

Newton’s Third Law

“Every action has equal and opposite reaction”

Action (Earlier Days)…Girls did not have the freedom to choose her groom.

Reaction is…the boys never knew whether the girls really loved them or not.

Action (present Days)…Boys want well educated girls.

Reaction is same…still they are unable to be sure whether their wives studied to be really an educated one or just wanted a good and secured life being selected by a well educated boy.

It is said…marriage is the bonding of heart, soul and mind of two human beings.

By imposing so many rules for girls…is it possible to make such a pure bonding? Forced marriages in earlier days (without knowing the girls desires) and now applying so many conditions (degree, jobs) is it really possible to make pure and true bonding!!!!

Earlier days…girls spend their lives being a “baby maker machines”

Now some are spending lives…the desire fulfilling machines for others.

One of my female friends expressed her feelings about all these, here are her thoughts…

“I feel we should make women think about why is one born? Are we just born to play roles? Predefined full of expectations from others?

When will women start to respect themselves?

Why a woman is not free to take decision?

I will never ever say my husband/parents/ in-laws let me do anything... I am an adult and I can take my decisions on what to wear, what to say, what to do, how to earn, etc.”

i wanna dedicate this post to Rukhmabai who was a real fighter woman,who proved herself in that era when girls did not have any  freedom to take any decision.

Today is her 153rd Birth Day.

To know more about her...visit the link