"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Be An Empty Cup : Educational Psychology(Cognitive)

If a cup which is already filled with liquid (or something else) then how can you fill that cup?

To enrich our knowledge…we have to be an empty cup,
“I have to know more”…this sense should always be in our minds otherwise we have to spend live with a false pride that “I know much more than anyone”

This sense…better to say consciousness should be created among the students and the learners of different fields.

We should realize that our teachers and elder ones have larger knowledge than us and we always should have the intention…how to enrich my knowledge from them.

This sense/consciousness can be created among the students from their very childhood days and on the other hand some students/learners already have the “thirst for knowledge” and they do not need any such teaching, they can spend hours of hours of time with books, they will find out the people from whom they can get certain answers…but this types of students are very rare in case.

Let me cite some examples here…

1.  We all are well known with the name Swami Vivekananda and Ramkrishna Paramhansha Dev…Vivekananda was a brilliant student from his childhood days and never secured second in class, had deep and vast knowledge in Philosophy but the very truth is…he used to visit Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev, who was not as much as qualified like Swamiji, before that he used to ask every monk “have you seen God” and when Ramkrishna  Dev said “yes” then Swamiji started to visit and spent lots of time with the expectations to get answer…he was not busy to show Ramkrishna how much knowledge he has.

If Narendranath Dutta used to be busy to show his knowledge to Ramkrishna Dev then it would never be possible for us to get Swami Vivekananda.

2.  Now coming to the other example…

This is the reason why he is actually a genius…no show off, no self-conceit after indescribable contribution to physics.

We all are well acquainted with the quote…”rolling stone gathers no moss”…for the advancement of our knowledge we have to stick to certain occupation/work, being restless and fickle minded we will never be able to acquire knowledge (the lives of great personalities are the best examples of it) this is the reason when interviews are taken for the post of a teacher they will ask about teaching experience, not the experience in the field of sells/marketing.

3.  Chanakya also known as Kuatilya in his slokas mentioned what should be the qualities in a good student…

"parihasang Guroh sthane chapalanchya bibarjayet "

 Means...its not the right thing to express your restless nature in front of respected persons, if you act so then its not only express your arrogance but also your  shallow knowledge.

I felt to write this post for the recent experience when I visited one of my fav tuition teacher’s house…he was teaching the students of physics hons of 2nd year, I had to wait thirty minute after my entry and sitting in the room I was listening his explanations, when everyone was about to leave, my teacher asked a certain student to stay and when everyone left addressing the student my teacher said

…I have a question for you, try to answer it and if not then next day I will listen to your answer.
The student said…yes please.

Why Sir Newton mentioned ‘same velocity’ and “straight line” in his first law of motion…my teacher asked.
That student took more than five minute to give the answer but was unable, uttered some meaningless words.

I already became very much surprised for such an easy question to an honors student of second year and asked the reason when the boy left, what my teacher explained is

…I am trying to make him realize that he is “an empty vessel”, he has achieved the habit to show off and has forgot totally that it’s his learning time, asking such an easy question I am trying to make him realize about his show off nature.

I already understood it that the student actually has no deep knowledge in physics otherwise reading Newton’s laws from the seventh standard he could surely explain the answer.

I asked …why did not you discuss about his nature directly?

 The people who are actually ‘empty vessels” are the empty headed and the most talkative and noisy, their talks are most of the time are meaningless and never should be taken seriously, they always live with the thought that they have acquired huge knowledge and if you try to break his notion it can make him arrogant…my teacher explained.

For a learner/student it’s very much necessary to be clam, steady and should have thirst for knowledge or should have the realization that “still I have to learn a lot” because there is no limit of knowledge.

After a certain phase she/he has to show how much knowledge they posses but surely with the intention that “I will learn something from others”.

Above all its all about “thirst”… if you have thirst for knowledge…you will read for hours after hours and if you have thirst for show off then you will talk nonsense in every issue.

Recently watched a movie named “The forbidden Kingdom” there Jackie Chan gave the same teaching to the boy, watch it here…

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