"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Taking Examinations

Standing in the space in between the two gates of the compartment of the train I was busy to cherish the beauty of the nature, their conversation was gradually making me more interested about them and after a while it became irresistible for me to not to talk with them, i asked
…is it really possible?

The boy closer to me replied with a smile
…Yes, why not? It’s a very simple calculation.

I felt an extreme anxiety to know how? So I asked again

…You really did it?

There were three boys and a girl, she replied with a smile

…yes we did it, rather from that time my friendship has 
become stronger with all these three idiots.

Then the third boy took part in the conversation

…what can be the biggest proof than our present admission in our desired colleges?

…Yes, I can understand it from your conversation.

They all laughed out.

But I have still some doubts, I mean it’s not clear to me…with the intention to know the entire process I said this.

The first boy with a smiling face started to explain me the entire process very enthusiastically

…Look, my name is Arnab and here is Ashoke, Aparna and Arkit.My friendship with Ashoke and Arkit is from the 10th grade and Aparna has become our friend from the mid season of 12th standard. Let me tell you the truth…we all don’t have much interest in study we are doing it because our parents want it and they expect good marks from us. None of us secured more than 55% marks in the test exam that takes place three months before the 12th grade board exam but it was not a headache, we were making plan for the board exam, so plan was like this…according to alphabetical order the seat of Aparna will be in the front of all of us then just behind her there will be Arkit, then me(Arnab) and then Ashoke, so we choose the certain group of every paper, like Aparna will take care of group B of math question coz it contains differential equations and she does not like other topics like integral calculus and geometry, so Ashoke took the responsibility of integral calculus which he likes a lot and Arkit took care of geometry and I opted  the algebra and short questions. None of us had to take much load and during exam we exchanged our answer sheets and copied the answers.

Then Ashoke interrupted

…on the other hand if you follow the questions of the previous years like …if you are giving exam in an even year then follow then question papers of previous even years and 30% question will be common. You know what’s the best part of our examination process…they check our memory not our creativity or application skill.

Aparna somehow managing her smile replied

…yes, it’s true, you know I remembered some of the answers of differential calculus just like we used to remember history and geography till class ten, now I have forgot all those.

Completing the sentence she continued to laugh.

Ashoke continued

…we all did it, some maths are too tough to understand, so many equations you have to use to solve those problems and we don’t have much interest in all these then it’s better to remember them like history and geography and after doing all these if you don’t have answer for certain question then the toilet is there to help you, you will find it tough where to pee in the toilet during exam.

I agreed by nodding my head.

He continued

…in the toilet you will get lots of Xerox copies, books and hand written notes and to know where you will get the answer of certain question you have to spend only ten minutes just before the exam.

How much marks did you carry in the board exam?...i asked curiously.

Arkit answered

…we all have secured more than 76% marks which none of us secured in the eleventh grade and in the test exam.

Then they all laughed out.

…So you gonna repeat this process in college exams?
Yes, for sure, this time Aparna and Ashoke have to find other partners because they are in the same college and we will also make a team with our new friends, I am in the same college with Arkit…replied Arnab.
Now the question which arises is…who actually take the exam? ….the exam boards taking exam of the students or the students are taking the examination of exam boards?

This is not a work of fiction, its what I have experienced during a train journey in the month of September this year.

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