"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Questions On Life(Philosophical Views): BlogchatterA2Z

While lying in the bed enjoying cool breeze from the adjacent window in the right side I was doing “akkar bakkar bombe bo…” and it ended in Roti and sabji, I immediately cancelled it and finalized the egg chow for the dinner,that needs hardly thirty minutes(including the chopping of veg), obviously for the reason to spend some “me” time when I got such a beautiful opportunity coz my family members were in a short trip, so finalizing the menu I decided to lost in some other world but in the mean time someone knocked at the door, naturally I had to lift myself and thankfully I was not going against the gravitational force which helped me to reach the gate of the garage without spending much potential energy.

I opened the door and it was Arpan there, entering in the house he asked for a cup of tea, when I was busy to pour the water on the pan he knocked and showing a big packet of foil paper he asked

…can you guess what is there in it?

…no idea.’s chili chicken for you and me.

…don’t you know I don’t like such foods, these are harmful for the kidney and the level and you, just three days ago have attended a party, took such items there and again today !!!

Saying this I became busy to add sugar, tea leaves and milk, he knocked me again and showing another packet asked

…guess what it is


…no, it’s nun

…you will surely damage your lever and kidney.

Holding the cups in two hands and requesting him to switch off the light we headed towards my room upstairs.

Arpan entered in my room with the bag, being curious I asked
…why are you carrying it.

Without answering me he became busy to bring out something and then showed me, I remained silent, asked him to take the tea.

Will not you add lever, kidney and “damage” with this?…he pinched me with a quirky smile.

I think 375ml would be enough…I tried to become more specific.

When he showed me the packet of 750ml I realized his intention and was busy to check my inner mind whether I am ready for it or not and  got a positive reply, on the other hand the rain which have relation with “cats and dogs” have transformed the irritating weather into a pleasant one from the afternoon.

Whenever Arpan feels to listen to something “interesting”(according to him) that will help him to realize and understand the life more deeply he visits with such a big bottle, though he he is well acquainted with the fact that it totally depends upon my mood and he may have to meet disappointment and have to return back home with the bottle.

So that day he asked some questions, almost gulping a small peg I started

…can you imagine the movie “Sholay” without Mr. Gabbar Singh, no na? coz the story will be meaningless without him, now let me come to your question, if I make it short then it will be “what’s the difference between practicality and impracticality”, ‘Practicality” is that which matches with the real life, now the question is what is real life? It comes from “Reality” and is too tough to explain coz there are so many theories on “Reality” but to make you understand I will love the share form the movie The Matrix…”what is real? How do you define “Real”? if you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, you can taste and see then “Real” is simply electrical signals interpreted  by your brain”, definition of “reality” varies from man to man in general life, why ? coz different people has different perspectives towards the life which the outcome of their interpretations of different incidents and experiences…

I took a pause and indicated him to make another small peg, after making he  handed over it to me and light up a cigarette for himself, (I don’t like cigarette), taking a small sip I started again

…so whenever its about interpretations or perceptions then you must know that all these are attached with human mind and mind has different layers and those are conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious.

He replied excitedly

…yes yes I know it, I mean I have heard the names but don’t know what actually they are.

conscious mind is that when you are doing something being aware of it, I mean when you are awake and making interaction with the outer word with your own thoughts, beliefs, attitude, feelings etc. and to make you understand what sub-conscious mind is let me give you an example…when you were learning how to ride a cycle you were doing it with your “conscious mind” but later in your school and college life you have done cycling so many times while going to school, college or attending the tuition or visiting the market those are the times when you did not need to make cycling with the the thought that “now I will ride in the cycle, keep the hands on the brake to be secured and then will start paddling” all these you did automatically, got it?

He agreed nodding his head.

So I started again

…now the question is what is unconscious mind? Its that place where your brain keeps the previously collected info and data which you can’t access intentionally, let me share an incident that happened with me…one day around 10Pm I was heading toward the market accessing I different lane, when I was crossing a garden suddenly a smell entered into my nose and immediately my brain took me to my primary school, that tree, that angry teacher with a stick in his hand, you know why coz this is the same smell I first time got there and liked it a lot and the truth is I can’t access it by recalling, I totally forgot about it but my mind stored it somewhere in my mind.

I needed a break to visit the wash room, when returned back found Arpan totally lost in his thoughts, lifting the glass I took my seat in arm chair.

You said there are so many theories on “Reality” but how can I be sure that those are true?...asking this he was waiting for my answer with curiosity.
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First of all, all those psychologists and the philosophers who are researching on it cant be stupid right?...i answered him

…no I did not mean that, what I wanna say is, cant you give any example to make it more clear.

I replied happily

…why not? Like, when you are sleeping you can’t say that you are sleeping, that time wherever you are (may in some dream land) that becomes real for you, you become afraid on some scary incident there, you start to cry if it happens something pathetic there, so when you are sleeping you are unable to say that you are sleeping but the observer who is awake and watching you can easily say that “Arpan is “sleeping”.

So what is the relation of Rahul with all these, I mean I still cant figure out…he asked me while pouring the drink in his glass, it was his second term

To understand Rahul and other ones you must know something more about consciousness…I replied.

…What’s that?

…different people have different level of consciousness but all those types of people are existing, now the question is how consciousness has come into existence?


…I don’t know

He made earnest request…pls don’t make fun, I am really 
eager to know.

…I really don’t know

…you are joiking right?

…actually nobody knows how “consciousness” has come into existence, I mean nobody knows about the “origin of consciousness” its still an unanswered question, but I can explain why different people with different consciousness existing in this universe sharing my personal views.

…kindly tell me.

…think, what would be condition of the world if everyone would be “Practical”, human emotions which have no connection or hardly have connections with practicality will be in danger on the other hand if all the people would be “impractical ones” then only emotion and emotional activities would exist profoundly which could be destructive for the universe, now, if you ask Mr.Mukherjee of your colony , who is famous for his “practicality”, that whether he made the divorce paper ready and talked with the lawyer before getting married then his answer will be “no” rather he will be surprised with your question, what I mean is the practical people like Mr.Mukherjee also knows that still there is something called human emotion, still he can trust someone blindly and still he can depend on someone emotionally and mentally and all these have been possible for the impractical ones like Rahul, observing whom people still believes that one can die for his love, one can be always there for someone with no terms and conditions, one can be totally devoted to the relationships and can serve selflessly.

…Then why Tina did not realize it?

…no, you are wrong, look as I have said that “practical ones” and the “impractical ones” both are existing but why? because for a certain purpose, there is someone, the supreme lord may be, who is the master of all these everything, now think if Tina would be the life partner of Rahul then she could find it difficult to relate with his thoughts coz she was very much practical towards life on the other hand it would be tough for Rahul also to relate with Tina and this mixture would resulted something destructive in the future ahead.

I had to take a long pause to bring the foods from downstairs and to give him time to realize all these.

Approx. after twenty minutes when I returned back he gladly informed that

…life has so many dimensions and if you think deeply you can realize something in a better way. 

I handed over the plate with smile as a reply.

When I was busy to praise the preparation and the cook after giving the first bite to the chicken piece Arpan asked me to make a gist.

Practicality is connected to reality, reality is the interpretations and perceptions towards life, Interpretation and perceptions are the outcomes of the level of consciousness and the origin of consciousness is still unknown…I answered 

And again added

…Practical and impractical ones, both should exist, no one is wrong, it’s all about the necessity of the existence of the universe, the impractical ones learns from the “practical ones” and gradually become to some extent “Practical” as Rahul is being with time and The “Practical ones” still believes in humanity even after so many negative and brutal incidents In the outer world because of the “Impractical ones” like Rahul. In the beginning  I mentioned about “Sholay” and Mr Gabbar, you know I don’t mention any incident as “negative one”, I interpret them “differently positive”, hope you understand what I mean.

He agreed nodding his head and was about to ask something but I strictly instructed

…don’t you know it’s not good to talk while taking foods, so concentrate on your foods.

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    Life's philosophy depicted by two friends in their most deep conversation.

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    Noor Anand Chawla

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