"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Justified...Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

A person should not be too honest, straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first…you know, Chanakya said this.

Rahul informed me, there was a meaningful smile in his face and there was something in his curved eyes.

Raju, is infamous in his colony, rather in our town for his ill mannered activities, though Raju is not his original name, it’s the short form as it suites his activities(according to him), he belongs from a middle class gentle family but he does not have any connection with the word “gentle”, teasing the girl in the road, spending time around the girl’s school and hostel, addicted to liquor and smoking, no connection with study, spending most of the time being a “Rockbaaz”, and unnecessary quarrel and fighting with other groups all these are his characteristics.

In a Sunday morning when Mr. Ghosh was busy to watch the TV after returning back from the market, Raju made his entrance and appeared in front him, it was really shocking for Mr. Ghosh to see Raju there, he got up from the sofa out of excitation, “Such a goon like boy here!!” the thought knocked into his mind.

I love your girl, and I want to marry him, believe me uncle I will keep her very happy…he informed Mr. Ghosh

There was pin drop silence in the room for a while, then Mr. Ghosh asked with trembling voice…Does she love you?

No, she does not know that I love her but gradually with time she will start to love me…Raju made him confirm.

Ok , we will discuss this issue later, actually there is no planning to arrange the marriage of my daughter right now, she wants to carry on her study, hope you can understand…
Mr. Ghsosh tried to make him convince.

Ok, no hurry, I should take care of her emotions and desires, but let me know your decision whenever you think about her marriage ok?…very politely Raju informed.

“yah, yah ,sure”

After the exit of Raju, Mr Ghosh, shouted out taking the name of his wife…

Now it does not need to describe what the situation was there in the house, discussion, quarrel, scolding carried on for long time, the entire Sunday was damaged, the fear was engrossing Mr.Ghosh more with time.

We visited his house in the evening, he described us whatever happened in the morning

“Why did not you slap him”…asked Rahul being very curious.

“Slapping!!!! What are you saying!!! Are you out of your mind? he is almost a goon and I will slap him??”…Mr Ghosh replied with mixed reactions.

We stayed there for half an hour, he continued to discuss on the same issue, was trying to find out a solution but resulted noting fruitful.

While making our exit, he made repeated request

...if I face any tough situation will call you. Ok?

Rahul replied with a smile…yah, yah why not we are always there for you and Suparna, she is like my sister, but what’s making me surprised is why did not you slap Raju just like you did with Aniket?”

Mr. Ghosh was stunned hearing this, he was about to say something but in that time we already crossed the gate and started walking in the road.

So, you planned this…I asked Rahul.

Do you remember I shared a sloka of Chanakya with you?...he asked

Yup, the honest people are screwed first…I replied

This is an age old truth of our society, I am not trying to change it, I can’t, but I will not allow such activities if it happens with my closed one, at least I will try my level best to make them understand how to behave, was it wrong what Aniket did, was it right what he got in return?…he asked me.
More than ten days ago, Aniket visited Mr. Ghosh, Aniket belongs from a middle class reputed family, was a good student in his entire student life, a genuinely gentle boy and presently working in a govt. office, though the post is not high but gradually with time he will get promotions, meeting Mr.Ghsoh he informed that he and Suparan is in love with each other from past two years and he wants to marry her, hearing this Mr.Ghosh not only shouted out a lot rather lifted his hand to slap hi, its Suparana who stopped him, otherwise God knows how many palm steps would be there in the face of Aniket.

You know, the people like Mr.Ghosh knows consciously and subconsciously that the boys like Aniket are genuinely gentle so they can behave according to their wish with such boys, Aniket’s act was really a honest one but Mr. Ghosh did not realize it, so I had to show him the other side and to make him realize the difference and by the way what this type of people think about the honest boys like Aniket, they can do whatever they want!!!! They can slap them, can threaten them, can insult them with no limit !!!! Remember, for these types of people I will always be there as a teacher but not in their way, rather through much gentle gesture…Rahul expressed his irritation being totally lost in other world.

Raju, not only respects Rahul rather his entire gang is scared of Rahul, once Rahul taught them a good lesson, that’s a different incident.

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  1. Serves people like Mr. Ghosh right and it is indeed true that the good ones are always tortured the most. This is taking an interesting turn.

    1. Glad to know you are enjoying the series.Thanks for sharing your views,

  2. That's an interesting tale.. Loved the build-up :)

  3. This is getting interesting.

    1. glad to know you are enjoying this,thanks a lot.

  4. Story is going great, I think it is good people who always face bad vibes.

    1. Yup, good people have to face negative vibes from the society,Thanks a for the appreciation, always means a lot.

  5. Quite an interesting tale! Mr. Ghosh is a very common father one found vivdly in our Indian Society. You have poetrayed all your characters very well.

    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation Ma'am, always means a lot.

  6. Quite interesting. looking forward for reading more posts

    1. Glad to know, keep visiting, thanks for sharing.