"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Bloggers Meetup---Half Fiction #BlogchatterA2Z

After a month Sunanda and other three bloggers started to contact other bloggers and ask about their convenient day to arrange a bloggers meet, no funding from any reputed company was possible because of the reason the meet has been arranged, so naturally bloggers contributed themselves for the necessary expenditures and they did it happily.

The information she gathered earlier…

Few months ago Sunandasaurya attended a bloggers meet, eighty bloggers has been invited there and Sunanda was one of them, some were known to her and some were still to make front to front conversion. During the lunch time Sunanda was talking with three other bloggers who were in the same table and gradually she came to know that three other bloggers are suffering from same irritation, this made her more curious and she decided to ask others about it and to her utter surprise she came to know that all the bloggers who were present there actually suffering from same irritation. After the end of the event she discussed the issue of irritation with three other bloggers and took the responsibility to make an end of this issue.

So, they fixed a date after one and half month, gathered in a big ceremony hall, more than 200 bloggers were present, some bloggers who were unable to make time after taking every efforts possible, requested Sunanada to send them the updates of this meet. There were many bloggers came from abroad somehow managing their time.

So, when everyone took the seat, Sunanada appeared in the dais and started

…you all know why we are here today, we want solution of our irritation, the easiest way is to avoid the reason which is irritating all of us but I think it will be a fatal one,
There was a buzzing sound all over the hall, the words which were prominent are “disastrous”, “devastating” “dangerous’

Pls keep quiet, all these I expected from all of you…said Sunanda

Took a pause and started again

…yes, you are right avoiding the issue can be disastrous, now I wanna request you to submit your papers and at the end we will make a final paper.

Everyone submitted their papers and after two hours of effort they made a final one, in the mean time Sunanada’s phone rang many times, she was getting mails and chat notifications of other bloggers who were eagerly waiting to know the updates of this meet.

After the final paper they went for a short break, took some tea and coffee, as I have said earlier that no company funded this meet so everything was arranged by the money contributed by bloggers, even the bloggers who were unable to attend has sent money so that attendees do not face any problem and the meet becomes a successful one.

After the tea break they took their seats and the discussion continued

…look we have made a final list and you all have a single copy of it, read it carefully and try to find out that particular girl, this final paper consists of…what  should be the walking style of that girl, what  should be the style she looks back, her attitude, her way of talking, her nature, level of calmness and steadiness, what should be her philosophy of life and most importantly she should have deep realization level and  faith in love, she must know what true and pure love is.
There was a pin drop silence in the hall, everyone was looking at the final list and mixed reactions could be seen in their faces.

Sunanda started again

…take an oath that we will find this girl in between one month and will arrange the marriage as soon as possible, by the way, do anybody know how much “His” monthly income is…
A blogger with irritated voice shouted from the corner
…Bhhekhari hoga (That stupid must be almost a beggar), logically earning is not possible by living in the world of fantasy, “He” always lives there so how can he earn?
…okay, I can understand the reason of your irritation and your logic also, so if this is so then what should be the solution?
200 bloggers shouted out…we will contribute, we will contribute.

…okay, thanks a lot, that’s why we are here today we will surely find out the solution of our irritation, I think if each one of us contributes hundred rupees then total amount will be 20, 000 and I think this will be enough for monthly expenditure, here I must inform you that more than 100 bloggers who are unable to attend this meet requested me to ask for any help if we need and I think I must inform them about this decision otherwise it can hurt them.

Sunanda mailed other bloggers and everyone accepted the decision to contribute money and at the end according to the calculations they decided to contribute rupees fifty each. Sunanda informed everyone and asked

…look this can’t be done for long time, I mean to invest money, at least “he” should do some work to run his new family, so how will we solve this.

A blogger informed…I am opening a new company, it will surely start in between six months and I will appoint “him” as a guard in the entrance, this one will help him to continue his work, he is habituated with this and it will need time to leave this habit that’s why the job as a guard will be perfect.
They finalized everything and went for the lunch, happiness and peace can easily be seen in everyone’s face, finally they have find out the solutions.

After taking the lunch and bidding good bye the bloggers headed towards airport, bus stand and rail station to return home.

When my sis came to know about this meet she said…

Yeh to aisi baat ho gayi ke…Duniya me teen cheez-e hoti toh hai par kisine dekhi nahi…

Jyotirmoy ki Practical Life

Sachchawala Pyaar aur Bhooto ka sansar.

So what’s the bloggers meet about?

Ok, let me share some of the dialogues those my sis showers upon me frequently…

“Har waqt yun pakao shayri liktha rahta hai, tu thaqta nahi”?”
“You know, actually you are irritating the readers writing shayris(Shayri likh likh ke tu logo ko paka raha hai) and the love stories those are hard to find in this era.”
‘One day will come when people will not read your shayri and the love stories which are far away from the practicality,so boring all these”

‘Don’t you feel bored living in dreamy world? How can you live all the time there?”

“Be practical Bro”

“I think you should get married, only then you have to face the real world”

“Don’t it irritates you to live in saddy saddy(formed from the word  “sad”) world”

“I think you should get married, only then you have to face the real world”

More than fifteen days ago I shared one of my shayri with her through whatsapp and this is the reply I have received…


This is how I got the idea to write this post.

This post is not intended to make fun of anyone except myself.

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