"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Unknown Indian(Part---4)---Unknown Girl, Unknown Pain

I was about to write an interesting post yesterday evening, which is very close to my heart but could not write a single word, even yesterday evening neither I accessed net nor I had done any work, lying in the bed I was thinking a lot, two incidents stirred my heart a lot, one is very heart wrenching and another one forced me to make analysis of God and his rules.

I am sharing the first incident here. When I started my new series “Unknown Indian” then I decided to make one post every week but this one is the second post in this week about an Unknown Indian.

This post is about a girl, whom I am seeing from last few months, in the beginning she did not caught my attention, in day to day life I have seen her, sometime in the morning, sometime in the evening.  After seeing her few times what I realized and observed is…

She is fifteen  years old girl(as i have guessed), She is not a member of the house where she lives now, the owner of the house has kept her to serve for his family, many times I have seen her to wash the utensils around 4:30AM-5:00AM during taking my morning tea, then I have seen her many times around 9:00 AM when she hangs the wet bed sheets and dresses in the rope but every time I have failed to find any happiness or peace in her face rather I have seen deep sadness and depression. She has the habit to spend the evening sitting in the garden, whenever I have seen her in that moment I have noticed that she is thinking something deeply or just sitting like a statue with lots of pains in her eyes. Yesterday when I saw her then she was in the garden, I noticed her eyes was full of pains and the face was very depresses than other days, I decided to observe her, so after sometime again I tried to see her and noticed that she sat like a drooping figure putting her head on her haunches, she was in that position for nearly two minutes and then lifted her face towards the sky and was making earnest prayer and was murmuring something, the prayer was very intense and deep, there was a restlessness in her attitude so it was very easy to understand that she needs something very badly, she was  demanding from God very earnestly---her intense prayer, painful eyes, sad and depressed face and restless attitude stirred my heart, I realized one thing very clearly that she is suffering from some troubles and problems and it is very easy to understand what the problem can be---its financial problem, otherwise at the age of fifteen she did not need to work in a house. It’s the age when she should go to school, it’s the time when she should enjoy his life playing with her friends but her fate has forced her to choose this path. It’s compulsory for her to work and thank to God that the owner of the house has kept her in his house otherwise she had to suffer from hunger and proper dress.

We all have the common feelings that we are suffering much more than others, we all think that our problem is bigger than others but this type of incident makes me feel that---“Kisi dusre ke nazar se dekho toh tumhare pass bahot kuchh hai”(Kaal Ho Na Ho, Released in 2003), yes this is what I felt observing her--- I have my own room, I have so many dresses(I have seen her only in two different dresses in last few months), I have good foods and have the liberty to decide what I will take in breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can move anywhere in my will, I can decide what works to do and when, I am not forced to obey any one’s order…

I know it’s not right to make comparison neither I want to mean that our problems are baseless, but it’s also true that if you observe these people and their struggles then you will get extra energy to fight with your problems and with your pains, this is what happens with me, whenever I see these types of people I become more stronger mentally, they encourage me a lot.

I don’t know exactly what the problems she is going through---but I know the life she is spending is not what she deserves in this age, as I have mentioned in my post “That Beggar and Me” that I don’t have enough financial condition to serve for these people for the life time, so what can I do is make prayers for her.

Hope you all will also make prayer for her.

If you can suggest me something to help her then I will remain grateful to you.

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