"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Our quarrel

The train reached her hometown nearly at 11pm, I already decided to go her home town after the exam so that we could spent more time with each other, it was a rainy day and lots of trains got cancelled for heavy rain, if we got train at our desired time then we could reach much earlier.

We came out from the station and was looking for auto but there were not a single auto available, almost all the shops were closed due to inclement weather, so we started to walk, then after few minutes heavy rain with the gust of wind started, we took a shelter, we were enjoying the moment a lot, looking for tea stall nearby but did not find any. Suddenly from the pitch black darkness behind us four men appeared and surrounded us, one of them had a big dagger in his hand; they ordered to hand over all the valuables things including money. We looked at each other, took out our bags from our shoulders and then in between three minutes the total scenario changed----those four people were lying in the floor and were screaming in pain, gradually they stood up slowly and left that place.

Actually the goons did not know that she is a double black belt in Karate and those days I was doing physical exercise with heavy weights, so she handled the two goons with her karate techniques and punches and I with some heavy weight blows made them flat. We took our bags, I expected a smile in her face but could not find it, after sometime the rain stopped and we started to walk, it was a 20 minutes’ walk to reach my relative’s house and five minute more to her home.

 After walking a minute she broke the silence and expressed her feelings
---why did you make yourself busy to handle the goons? I was enough for them.
I also asked the same question
---when I am there you don’t need to take the pressure.
And the conversation happened is…

She: no, when I am there and can handle the pressure then you don’t need to take the load, if I feel that I can’t tackle then I will ask for your help.
Me: look it’s my responsibility to take care of you.
She; it’s also my responsibility to take care of you.
Me: so what should I do? I should have to leave you alone to face those?
She: yes.
Me: then why you did not leave me alone to face them?
She: I wanted that you just feel relax and enjoy it.
He: this is the same thing I want.

Now the emotional words came from her
---you don’t trust my capabilities.

Me: this is the same thing I can say to you.
She was silent for a moment, probably finding a good logic and replied
---I only know one thing, when I am there to take the load then you just relax, that’s all.

I did not say anything more. I realized that both us tried to bear the load and make another one free.

She also realized it…

And after a pause we both laughed out loudly.

My dear readers, you can take it as a fantasy or real----whatever it is, I think it’s also an example of sharing each others load,though little uncommon….

From past few days I am reading other bloggers posts on the prompt #ShareTheLoad, this is the reason I have shared it.

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