"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Herbal treatment of Depression(sometime)

As usual I visited club during evening, Ankit and Rahul were already present there, they were playing carom, Chetan was waiting for me to play chess. In between twenty minutes all other members (Gaurav, Shyamal,Ashok…) came, they started to watch an old cricket match highlights.

 After few minutes Ankit asked Rahul
---what happened? You are silent today!

Actually Rahul has great sense of humour, his witty jokes are one of the biggest attraction of our day to day stressful life.

Rahul answered---Nothing big, mood is off.

And then the conversation happened this way…

Gaurav --- I am observing him from office, he is looking depressed and sad, and even he has not interacted much with the colleagues.

Ashok--- I think he is missing his ex gf.
Gaurav--- I have told him many times that he should meet her at least once.

Hearing this Shyamal busted out in anger and asked
---Why should he meet her, she does not know how much Rahul loves her? She should have tried to meet her; she knows very clearly that at the beginning of their love Rahul has moved around her like a dog, how can she disbelieve him?

Ankit---hey Shyamal, don’t be angry, it happens.

Shayamal again asked angrily
---what do you mean by “it happens”, only Rahul has the responsibility to keep respect of their love?

Ankit---look, the lives of girls are not as easy as boys?

Syamal--- thanks for showing me the path, now I will make love and showing excuse I will break the relation with lots of girls. i can have problems also.

Gourab---both of you please shut up, before making assumptios you should ask Rahul the reason of his silence.

Chetan--- yah, you are right, hey Rahul tell us what’s wrong with you.

Rahul---it’s true that I am missing her a lot but I am missing Sudip also.

Here I must inform that, Sudip was the most intelligent boy among us, he has a bright future ahead but last year his demise in a road accident hurt all of us a lot, even now whenever I meet we talk about his intelligence and his achievements.

Rahul also informed that he was missing few more people who once used to be closed to him.

As I don’t have the habit to talk much, so I was silent and was listening  their conversations. All others were trying to make Rahul understand with their suggestions but Rahul’s mood did not change much. Then I stood up asked Rahul to go outside with me and after ten minutes we came back.

Then I started to play chess again with Chetan and others including Rahul were watching movie, nearly after thirty minutes Rahul went to the toilet and when he was coming out he was singing a song, watching him for five minutes everyone realized that his mood is on again, he started to make witty jokes and also arranged Pakora for all of us.

Everyone became surprised for his sudden change, they asked him the reason and naturally he pointed toward me, so I had to answer all of them…

Some time we feel depressed, we lose concentration in works, we become irritated, we feel sad and depressed and also become very emotional, we start to miss our loved ones and our ex girl friends and boyfriends, then we think that behind all these the reason is our love and break-ups or the unfulfilled dreams and desires related to love, but this is not true always.

Then what is the reason behind all these? ---asked everyone.

Some time Hyper acidity is the reason, some time due to Hyper acidity we go through all these mental conditions, some time Hyper acidity makes us irritated, sad and emotional and I must say that the emotion due to Hyper acidity is not the right emotion. So I took Rahul to a medicine shop, bought two Pudin Haras and gave him to swallow it with water and you can see clearly that I was not wrong.

This is not a work of fiction, once I experienced(emotion due to Hyper Acidity) it in my life. Its tested and cent percent true, so my dear bloggers if any time you go through such mental conditions then taking an antacid  be sure that  hyper acidity is the reason or not.

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