"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The movie X-Men and my interpretation

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From last one month I am watching all the X-Men movies repeatedly, got the original DVDs from one of my friends. When the films released that time I did not watch those as those days I did not have much interest to watch Hollywood movies. 




The movie X-Men really mesmerized me, suddenly few days ago a thought came into my mind, this thought also helped me to get answer of one of my biggest questions that I asked many people, let me share how I interpreted the movie X-Men.



Let me start with the character Professor Charles Xavier/Professor X---he can read and also can control the mind of other people, in the movie named “The Wolverine” released in 2013, there you can see in the last part when Professor Xavier and Magneto comes to meet Wolverine in the airport, that time Professor controlled all other passenger’s mind and met them statue for long time, he did this in the movie “X-Men 2 United” released in 2003 in the art gallery, so who is professor X ?

As I interpreted him, he his representing Lord Krishna, the supreme Lord, we all know that Lord Krishna can read our thoughts and also can control them; (but He does not, as also Prof. X does) this is the reason why we call him “Antaryami”. In the movie named “X-Men 2 United” released in the year 2003, we can see that Professor X has been kidnapped was forced to kill the all the mutants in the world, then Magneto played a trick and forced Prof.X to kill all the human beings, only he has this capability to kill all the species in the earth just by sitting in one place.

Now comes the big question, is Prof. X is immortal, he should be, at least for the reason as I interpreted him as Supreme God, ha ha ha ha , jokes apart, yes he is immortal, in the movie “X-Men 3 The last stand” released in 2006, we see Prof. X died(It hurt me a lot when I watched the movie) but he comes back again in “The wolverine” Released in 2013



Now comes the character “Storm”---she can control wind and lightening, she can throw thunderbolts, these are the acts performed by Indra Dev, so I think “Storm” in X-Men is representing the character of Indra Dev, we all know that Indra is the commander of all semi god and goddesses, so also the “Storm” in X-Men, she was the monitor of all other mutants and Prof.X always gives her the responsibilities to control and take care of other mutants in his school.



“Beast” in X-men, I think he is representing the character of Hanuman Ji. Though he is not blessed as Chiranjivi(Immortal), this blessing has been given to “Wolverine” to some extent.




“Angel” with his natural Winged-Flight he is very similar to Gaduda, though he is not the Bahana of Professor X. 



Cyclopes---Shani Dev, very similar, is not it? 



So now the question is, how I interpreted “Wolverine” in X-Men ? The technology and Medical science has met an immense progress in last thousand years, once Parshuram used to move with his Axe (Kuthar) but now-a-days through surgery the Axe has been fitted in his bones so that he does not need to bear the heavy weight of the Axe any more---did you like this thought, I think “Wolverine” is representing the character of Parshuram.



“Mystique”---who is she?

This character can be interpreted in two ways---I think , she representing the character of Maya devi, a goddess who keeps us in Maya(illusion), as mystique take different looks and easily can puzzle anyone.

The second thought that came into my mind is the capability of taking different disguise of Mystique is representing the general characteristics of gods and demons of taking different disguises.




Whenever any terrorist attack happens and people got killed, whenever I listen about bad deeds of Satanic minded people and see how the good ones are suffering for them, the question always knocks in my mind is ----“If God is the supreme power, if he is omnipotent, then why don’t he stop the satanic minded people before they perform any destructive activity?”


“Why God can’t stop the wrong activities?”

I have asked these questions to many people, I never got any satisfactory answer. It surprises me when I see the winning of Shaitans(the Devils).

Now I got the answer, the Helmet of Magneto is the reason of it; yes I think Magneto is representing the character of The Devil.



Jean Grey---she has immense power in her, Prof. X has managed to keep her in a stable mental condition because if by chance she can’t control her power then it will be devastating, that’s what you can see in the last part of the movie “X-Men 3, The last stand” released in 2006, so I think Jean Grey is representing character of Shiv Ji, we all about the anger of God Shiv and about his Tandav(The Destructive Dance).


Was feeling very sad while writing this post as i am unable to interpret Rogue, actually i liked her a lot, she is a very sweet looking girl with steady eyes and calm nature, is not she?


So how much you liked my interpretations? I am trying to add more in it, if you can relate any character then please share; it will be very helpful for me.


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