"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Truth Of Life

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Whenever its the matter of contemporary Bengali movies the names Kasuhik Ganguly , Srijit Mukherjee , Gautam Ghosh and the duo Shibaprasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy these names will be mentioned in the first series, i am fond of their stories and directions, what they have done is said in Bengali "Bonya bayiye dewa" in the field of National and International Awards, "Bonya boyiye dewa" (making flood)means ...getting or doing something in large and huge numbers or ways.
few days ago i have watched a certain movie of Srijit Mukherjee where i have found something very interesting or deep philosophical truth through the conversation, i will not mention the name of the movie coz i will share my views on that movie very soon.

let me introduce the characters between whom the conversation took place...

Trina and Diptya, presently two famous directors of Bengali cinema, go out for a short trip with their colleagues for  a certain project, while they were about to reach the resort their car damages and they avail a short cut way through a jungle to reach there, Trina and Diptya were talking with each other and others were much ahead than them, Trina and Diptya once were in love with each other madly and their relationship continued for several years, later they had a break up and its been a long years they did not meet each other and always avoided their presence in common place.

Now, while walking through the jungle suddenly Diptya got hurt with a thorn and Trina found that a small thorn has entered in his anklet, now the conversation takes place...


Diptya : uff...

Trina : what happened, what happened?

Diptya : thorn

Trina : show me ,show me, arrey,oh My God

Diptya : It will hurt

Trina : what do you mean by "it will hurt" ? Let me see

Trina triggers the lighter to heat the safety pin to bring out the thron

Diptya (with hesitation): is not there any other way to take it out?

Trina looks at him

Diptya : no, actually i wanna say...

Trina keeps the lighter after heating

Diptya(Out of fear) :  it will hurt

Trina : Just shut up

Diptya : but It will hurt for sure

Trina answers with a meaningful looks :has it ever hurt?

The background music starts to play.

Trina brings out the thorn and said : now its out, your story was not a fruitful one

She was talking about the story Diptya shared while they were on the way, on that same story he was planning to make a movie for the project.

Trina says again : your story, with the character "Bedashruti" or something, was not fruitful enough.

Diptya answers : that's the matter, sometime some stories do not give fruitful result  but it does not mean neither the Characters(the role we played) were the false ones nor the time spent together.

Is not it revealing the truth of our lives...suppose, there was a time when you were in love with someone else whole heartily or  there was someone(Relative, Friend, colleague) with whom you had very strong bonding, a good vibration and mental attachment and later for some reasons you start to avoid each other, the separation or break up took place, so the role you played that time as a lover, as a friend etc...was it false one? the time you spent together...were false..a lie ? no not at all, that time whatever the role you played was as much as true as the rising of sun in the east direction(from earth) , so where are the feelings now? where the mental attachment has gone? ...the role you played, if it was a true one, if you were truthful to the relation and to the human being then the question the truth has died,how the truth can die?

truth never dies,so all those feelings, all those attachments and emotions where are they now?

The problem is our egoistic nature...sometime we hide the truth even from ourselves also, sometime we don't share the truth with ourselves, we feel a mental agony, an irritation and we are unable to point it out why all these agony, irritation and bitter mind? hiding the truth from ourselves we force it to vanish from our conscious and sub-conscious mind and send it to our unconscious mind, sometime in some situation it comes out automatically but again either we suppress it or ignore it.


Once in one of my research articles in an international journal (much earlier than this movie) where i  covered also the negative activities of our psychology those are created by us or exist in us due to our poor realization level which actually torture us for the entire life and how to get rid of it.

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