"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Ordered Society...

Its quite common and frequent to see the introverts like me spending time "being far from the madding crowd", the bank of the river closer to my house is one my proffered places. 

Yesterday evening i was spending such a beautiful time period seating in the bank cherishing the beauty of sunset, suddenly i remembered that i have to call my friend to inform him the official issue that i resolved just few hours earlier. so i made the call and an unknown voices received it.

...its really so nice to spend the evening cherishing the reddish beauty of nature.

Who has received the call ?How does He know what am i doing...the thought knocked into my mind.i asked for my friend and ended up saying

...probably its a cross connection., you are talking with the right person.

A sound of flute was coming from the other side, i was about to cut the call, the man replied

...dont cut the call, let me switch of the music and will talk to you, you are eager to talk to me.

i was surprised with His comment, "who is He" "has my friend changed His voice to make fun with me " all these thoughts were knocking in my mind.

switching off the music, He asked

...can you tell what music were playing in the background.

i identified was Raag Jog by Rakesh Churasiya, but i answered to avoid the conversation, have no connection with music.

yah, really...he replied .

i replied again with ...yes, really.

It will be good na if i play flute and you play Tabla  i like to play flute a lot...saying this He stopped for a while.

i was shocked with His idea, he added

...i know you have completed your master degree in Tabla and have taken part in cultural programs numerous numbers of time and from last one year you are confused whether you should try for Ph.D. in Tabla or not.

Do you know Mr. J...i asked being curious.

Mr.J is my tabla teacher and once i mentioned my friend about my teacher but did not mention about my deep attachment with Tabla.

He replied

...yes i know him, he has expertise in Tabla and he is a very hard working human being.

Then He added

...During  school days you and your sister have taken part in many cultural programs and have received many appreciations, praises and lots of prizes, that time you completed your bachelor degree in tabla from an institution.

i consolidated this man knows me from my childhood days, that's why he knows about all these.

 i was about to stop the conversation but He started again are right, "You are the biggest fool ever existed in this world"

i said to aware Jyotirmoy,this man is trying to continue the  conversation with you either by criticizing you or by making praise, so stupid he is, cant he realize i am not interest to talk. once i shared my thoughts about myself in an Indispire prompt...Me About Myself

so, you read my blog?...i asked for the shake of the gentleness.

...yes i read your blog, by the way i am not "stupid" and neither you are disinterested to talk to me and yes i even know what are your future blogs posts.

It was almost spellbound, the heart started to beat faster, i could not believe my ears ,when i was pinching myself to verify, the man replied

....don't worry, you still have time rather years in your hand.
with a little pause ,he started

...i am here to answer your queries, you know i like you a lot.

what is He saying? how can He like me? 

interrupting my thoughts He said

...i know you are surprised to know that i like you, let me tell you the are the only human being in this earth who has never praised me in last five years and also you are the only human being who has used rough and defaming words for me, you have always blamed me for whatever wrong happened around you.

i remained speechless because everything He said are very much true. i was waiting to listen further. Preparing myself to get punishment from Him.

ok, you have read about stone age in history book, i am talking about that ancient time when human being used to live in the caves...He asked me.

i replied with "Yes"

Then He added

...ok, let it go, tell me how many times in your life you have seen that a human being cheating his best friend?
...many times.

...ok, now tell me , how many times you have seen a man /an woman cheating their closed relatives, specially those who trusted him/her a lot ?

...many times you think corruption has come into existence in a profound way in a short time period? it took long years.

....means, gradually with time it has increased a lot.


then He said comes the most vital question.

i was totally perplexed coz everything were going beyond my brain...stone age,  cheating with the one who trusted you a lot, cheating the relatives, corruption...whats are all these? so confusing.

He asked me the final question

...have you ever seen that after giving a birth a 

mother/parents visiting the near by temple/mosque/church to take oath in my name saying

"i will take care of my child as much possible"
"i will always be there with my child"
"i will serve my child all the necessary things of life as much as possible by me/us"

have you seen or listened any such ceremony? never.

With a deep exhale of satisfaction He started know, "evolution" in the society and in the thought process have came with time, there was no concept of marriage when human beings used to live in cave, they only knew to eat and to fulfill their physical necessities. Later with time the wise persons of the society realized the necessity of marriage, i know you have read Upanishads, there you have read about Nachiketa so you know how the concept of marriage has come into existence. what would have happened if the concept of marriage has not can easily guess it...a total imbalance in the society.

i was listening to Him with deep  concentration, He continued can cheat your friend who trust you a lot, you can cheat your relative who blindly believe you and these are very common to see around, now to run the society in a disciplined manner, to keep a balance and to stop the unnecessary chaos the wise persons brought the idea of marriage, you always blame me for creating the concept of marriage because people take oath on my name to perform his/her responsibilities to his/her spouse but cant you see the other side.

Being highly curious i asked

....what's that?

...the other side is the vicious human nature, cheating the best friend or relative, playing with the emotions of others and always spending a selfish life, to stop such activities the wise persons crated the concept of marriage keeping God and the society as the witness, they use the fear of human mind for me and they are not wrong, they have done the correct job, in a small issue a girl/boy can leave her/his beloved but with that same issue or rather with a much bigger issue she/he will not leave her/his spouse, being afraid of me or with the thought that "what society will tell about me". The way the lovers go for breakup in small issues, the way the relatives cut their relation with each other in the same way if people could go for separation after marriage then think how much disordered the society would be. "adjustment" is very much necessary in every phase and condition of life, its easy to show "dis-adjustment" while in love but you have to "adjust" after marriage.

i was listening Him holding my breath.

He continued always blame me for the creating the concept of marriage, let me inform you, i created only human beings, later whatever have happened, you, the human beings are responsible for it, actually its not your fault its about the concept "marriages are made in heaven" forces you to think that way but let me inform you...what do you think ?i don't have any work except going for match making, what do you think....A will get married with D or J will get married with S , all these i do for the entire day? have you ever seen an highly educated man with high designation job  is getting married with a lady who has passed eight standard or getting married with a lady who has completed only tenth standard, have i ever said that educational qualification will be preferred in marriage, if i would have arranged the marriage then i would surely focus on the humanity of that groom than the qualification. Let me make it more easier....have you ever seen
highly educated man with high designation  is looking for a suitable bride mentioning "tenth or eighth pass girl will also work",  looking for a suitable bride saying "an uneducated will also work but she should have humanity, ethics and good moral values", they are doing nothing wrong, this is how the society runs, the society you have created, i just tried to make it clear that i never work as a match maker.

He took a pause for a while, i was waiting to hear more from Him, then He started again know , giving maruli(Making circle with cow dung)  is considered as a holy activity, to light the incense sticks  in front of the pictures of God and Goddess are considered as the pious works, most of the people do it out of religious belief but the truth is, all these activities have scientific reasons  and lots of people are unaware of it because the wise persons introduced all these adding the names of Gods, they gave it a religious touch, why ? were they fool ? no, the truth is...if you add religious thought people will follow it blindly on the other hand in the ancient time only few people used to be educated, they had mastery in different subjects...from spirituality to science and also human psychology, so in the same way they attached religious sentiment with  marriage noticing the cheating mentality in human nature, noticing the mentality to ditch in human behavior and simultaneously observing the fear to God in human beings,so naturally those who can cheat and ditch raising small issues will stop their activity being afraid of me, this will help to maintain an ordered society, this will help to stop fighting among the men/women for a certain women/men. Did you get me?

Lots of thoughts were hovering in my mind so i was late to reply, He asked again

...did you get me?

...yah, yah i got it. will you please share more.

...Yah sure, ok, now let me remind you..."The society is patriarchal" this is what you have heard many times in your life and you know the negative consequences those the women have faced after their marriage,like, they did not have the authority to spend a social life like men, they did not have the authority to do job, they used to spend a caged life, now tell me if i would be the creator of marriage would i make such a creation with negative sides, i can never be wrong...every human being believe it and know it,so many husbands and wives are there who did not talk with each other from past several years but yet they are maintaining their relationship, why? because they are afraid to break it coz they take oath in the name of me, they kept lots of witnesses during marriage and they are afraid what will be their answers if the society ask for the reason of divorce , on the other hand some are going for divorce being irritated with each other, now answer me ...If marriages are made in heaven then did i make mistake for those who has taken divorce with each other? and one more question, if marriages are made in heaven and human being can  break it taking divorce then human being must be more powerful than me but you know its not true. Why don't you understand that i don't have the nature to melt my nose in the business of others, people are solely responsible for what they do and yes at the end i will go for the calculation and will give the result which you call "Karma", they have to pay for their Karma.

 We both remained silent for a moment, then i asked

...can i call you, i need your number.

i listened He was laughing and replied dear, it was much needed to make you understand the differences between the pure mentality and cheating habits of human being, this will help you take future steps in your life. so bye for now but remember whenever i will feel that you are perplexed in life i will help you this way or that way.

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