"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Conversation With My Son...A Futuristic Conversation on Practicality and Marriage

After returning back from college my son Rahul will enter into my room with the plate of foods his mom(Who will be that unluckiest one ?????God Knows) will give him to finish, i will be busy with blogging( i will continue it till am alive) , he will ask whether i have time to talk to him or not, though i know he will be well acquainted with the fact that while going through the blog posts of different bloggers i really don't like any type of interruption(Except from his Mom) but the excitation and the eagerness in his voice will force me to switch off my laptop and to talk to him.


Me : what's up buddy, it seems you wanna share something.

Being too much happy on my interest to talk to him, he will take a seat and will continue

Rahul : you know, two of the girls of my college showing too much interest in me, as i informed you six months earlier but you did not give any suggestion how to deal with it and said when the right time will come you will discuss this issue.

Me : tell me the names of the girls

Very excitedly he will answer

...Rupali and Sangeeta

Me : financial conditions ?

he will be surprised with the question and the reaction will be
...what ???? i did not get you


Me : i am asking about their financial conditions

being perplexed he will answer me
...Rupali  belongs to a millionaire family, the only child of successful businessman Mr. Ghosh of our city and Sangeeta belongs to a middle class family.

Me : tell me about the beauty of their faces,i mean who is more beautiful between them ?

Rahul : i think, i mean in my eyes Sangeeta is much beautiful than Rupali.

Me : it does not matter what you think or feel , the question is what the entire college think about the beauty of these two girls ? 

Rahul: Everyone says Rupali is much beautiful than 
Sangeeta rather most of them believe that beauty like Rupali is hard to find.

i will remain silent for a while to decide which one i will share first, those two real life experiences of my life which i experienced two-three decades earlier, he will look at me very curiously to get the reply, he will forget to take his foods.

Me: i think you should finish the foods otherwise your mom will be angry ?

while chewing the food he will ask , today again you will not open your mouth.

Me : no ,i will, but for this you have to skip your study today and what you will learn will gonna help you for the entire life.

He will be too much excited to listen such positive reply from me, i will suggest him to complete the food and bring two cups of coffee for both us to have a conversation, when he will be busy to bring the coffee i will switch of the lights of my room and will take seat in the balcony, until he returns i will cherish the beauty of sunset and will plan to click some pictures of sunset visiting the nearby dam to share in my blog, he will return with two fuming cups in a plate(or may be in two hands) will keep them in the table and will take a seat, then i will start i will share two real life stories those i experienced during my 20's and 30's

he will look at me holding his breath to listen more

Me : so, today the incidents i am gonna share is as much true as you are seeing me at present.

he will node his head.

Me : so here is the incident no. one...

Joseph was three years senior than me when i was in school, when i was in class nine standard i came to know about the love story of Joseph and Simran, those days their love story became a matter of discussion and became very much popular just like other love stories from my known circle, later i shifted from that place taking admission in XI th standard in a different city, after seven years of completing my graduation one day  i had to visit a metro city for certain reason, while i was on my way in the bus i met one of my batch mates there, after two hours of journey the bus became less crowded and my batch mate noticed the co-passenger on the other side,knocked him and started  the conversation, after getting down my batch mate asked whether i recognized that co-passenger or not and when i replied "No" he  asked me being surprised...don't you know remember Joseph, have you forgot him?

i replied very excitedly...Joseph means, Joseph and Simran?

he replied with a smile ...yes, you remember them ?.

...yes i do.

My batch mate replied with a upset voice know ,Joseph has not done fair with Simran, after seven years of relationship he left her.

being shocked i asked...but why?

...for money and prosperity, Simran made repeated requests, even almost begged to Joseph to not to leave her but Joseph did not give much importance to her, Joseph was already doing a job after completing the masters, he was getting lots of  marriage proposals and finally he got married with a suitable one and just after one year of his marriage he became the CEO of a multi national company, a luxurious life, huge bank balance, property, expensive cars, he married that girl seeing her property , her father is one of the successful businessman of this city.

narrating this i will stop , my son will ask

...what happened to simran aunty?

Me : now i will share another life story.

Rahul : but you did not reply me, what happened to simran aunty?

Me : just listen what i wanna share.

without asking anymore question he will concentrate to listen.
Me : do you know why your name is "Rahul"?

Rahul : no, i dont know, probably you and Mom preferred this name.

Me: no, this is not the reason, actually there is much practical thought behind this name.

i will take a gap,he will wait to listen more.

Me : Do you remember,once i shared the love story of my friend Rahul with you.

there will be a quirky smile in his face, with a return smile i will continue, spending life loving a single girl for long twenty years what did he get in return?

Rahul: nothing.

Me : that's the truth and today i will inform you what people and the society think about him, everyone says...he is a fool and an impractical person. no one has the interest to listen to such love or love story, people want to know about success and achievements , they want to know the ways of success and the milestones you or someone has achieved, the truth of the society is...they are concerned about your success, you will be praised if you have bungalow, huge bank balance, two three cars and luxurious lifestyle and you will be considered as fool if you give too much importance to sacrifice and dedication in love or any other relationship, you have to be in a good position to live in the society with respect, praises and appreciations, how many hearts you have broken in the name of love, whether you were a playboy or not...society is not interested about all these and this is the truth.

completing the coffee i will continue the case of Joseph and Simran,think about the truth...after five, ten or twenty years people will forget about their love story,those who will remember  will not give it much importance, Joseph will be respected and praised as a successful human being, now the time period in their love story is too long so it will need time to forget for the people but think about the love stories which continues for few months, or one or two years, if Joseph would have left simran after one year of patch up everyone will say "Oh this happens in life", "This is too common to see", no one is concerned how much simran is hurt, if Simran suffers or finds it hard(Just like Rahul) to forget Joseph then she will be tagged as "Foolish girl", "Impractical human being" on the other hand no one will blame Joseph, no one call him an unethical human being, he will "Move on" in life and will be praised, he will get married with a girl seeing her property and bank balance and later he will be praised for his success....this is society my child, this is life.

Then i will ask him to bring one more cup of coffee for me and when he will return and will take seat, i will start asked me about Simran and i ignored your question do you know why? because no one is considered about the people who are not successful, it took long years for Simran to wipe out the pains, to get over the sufferings,presently she is a govt officer but my child when you will get down from your own expensive car, wearing Armani suits and branded shoes no one will ask how did you achieve it, no i don't wanna suggest you to perform any illegal activity but at least you can play  tricks in life, being a honest govt. officer when you will get down from the rickshaw not a single eye will look at you...

"if you are poor by birth then its your fate but if you die poor then you are fool" , so when getting married always try to find out a girl who  has much wealth than you and yes, must get married with a beautiful girl, beautiful not in your eyes, not in your perspective rather what the opinion of the people, what the majority says,a beautiful wife with golden jewellery which will cover her entire body is the wisest decision of life , just say "Marriages are made in heaven" and be tricky while getting married, choose among those fifty pictures those will be sent to you and hit the target with the arrow(Marriage) calculating all the dimensions of life, it does not matter how much educated she is, you can force her or make her understand to have a degree that will match in a planned way just like Joseph or you can achieve the tags "Fool"  or "Impractical" following the path of Rahul.

Rahul : so, why did you kept my name Rahul? so that i always remember what the society think about him, what the tags he has gained in his life and i never follow his path.

Me: yes, that's very much true.

Rahul: i have a question..

Me: yes, please.

Rahul: you are suggesting me to get married with a girl who is more rich than me but how will it take place.

Me: this is the biggest loophole of "Marriages are made in heaven", you know the fact will get proposals of marriage according to  your status, if you are a teacher of a primary school not a single business tycoon will send marriage proposal with his daughter but if you are an IAS officer you will get lots of proposals from wealthy families. so, you have to achieve something big to be more rich after marriage. Tell me, how many marriages you have seen or heard where a lady teacher of a high school getting married with a paan gumtiwalla seeing his love for her or good character of that paan gumtiwala or his struggling mentality ? have you ever heard it ? i have never listened or observed such, even if a lady teacher falls in love with a gumti walla and they get married secretly performing necessary religious rituals like in a temple and taking oths in the name of God then the society neither the parents of the girl will accept their marriage saying "Marriages are made in heaven" and will blame the boy saying he has trapped the girl. You know its not gentle behavior to ask the monthly income of any human being but when you will meet the parents of your probable bride they will ask your designation to guess your monthly salary.

Rahul: when did you realized all these?

Me: i realized it after fifteen years of break up...of Rahul and Tina and even written a post on it.

Rahul : So, what should i do about Rupali and Sangeeta?

Me: Just ignore them, try to achieve a good designation and get married with a rich beautiful girl, whose parents have huge bank balance and will send their daughter covering with golden jewellery and give thanks to God in front of everyone saying "i am so lucky getting such a good human being like her in my life,its really true..."Marriages are made in heave." Thank you so much God."

Present day

Last year one of the girls from my known circle eloped with a boy and they get married in a temple performing all the rituals and taking oaths in the name of God,they returned back home in the evening and...this year that same girl has got married with someone else which her parents searched and arranged for much true it is...

                   "Marriages are made in heaven"

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