"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Dull Brain...Animal And Reptile Psychology

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During my school and college days i have heard it several times that how should be the lifestyle of a student to be a successful one...yes, i am talking about those free 'Gyans' our parents give us which we gradually realize deeply with time. So, today i am gonna share such a teaching which is actually very fruitful if can be followed properly...

Bidyarthi Pancha laxanam (Five necessary habits of a student)

Sleep like a dog...

Dogs never sleep for hours after hours, they take as much sleep as necessary and always in a conscious mode, whenever you see a dog make a sound and you can experience the prompt reaction of the dogs...their ears will be straight and hey will immediately open their eyes.
The sleeping habit of students should be like dogs, any student who has the to sleep for hours after hours and wakes up after repeated knocking then their is lesser probability that she/he can enrich herself/himself with knowledge. Our brain is like an iron rod...if you keep it unused/less-used it will get rusted with time,on the other side the more you use it the more it will be sharp.

Eat like a crow...the crows never eat too much food  rather they prefer small amount of food time to time, too much eating causes nausea feelings, can create disturbance in digestion...both of these will hamper your concentration and time to focus and invest in your study.

Work like an Ass...a student should have the mentality to work like an Ass, i don't think any explanation needed about the hard working ability of Asses.

Focus like a Heron...the Herons can spend hours after hours looking at the water standing in the same place without a single move and at the end gives the right blow to take out the fish,just like the Herons the students should be focused to their targets ignoring whatever happening around.

These are the four rules i can remember and have forgotten  the fifth one i was not a good student, doesn't matter that i have hold the position many times.

Few years earlier when i had the habit to watch television that time in Animal Planet channel(so far i can remember) i watched how the Pythons (Pythonidae) arrange their foods...a python visits(specially during the summer days) the near by tank to search for the prey, sometime a python have to wait(Hiding himself in the bush) for 7-10 days until the prey visits the tank to drink water, so after watching this i really bestowed my head to this reptile for their patience.
from the above mentioned animals and reptile i have taken the nature to remain loyal and to love whole heartily (Blindly ????)  from the dog, may be this is the reason the category "Tadap" existing in my blog...may be, am not sure.

So,coming back to the discussion, if we observe the habits and characteristics of the animals and reptiles we can experience some extraordinary psychological facts which the human beings should learn from them, like the eating habit of the crows, dedication of the dogs, patience from the pythons,hunting habit from the Tigers...if a tiger's stomach is full then he will not go for hunting...they are not like us,the human beings,who are killing each other raising several issues.


After experiencing and reading about the natures and habits of the animals and reptiles my respect for them is too intense to describe in words.

Sometime i have watched the patience of the house lizards who stays in the same place for hours after hours,even, just a month back i found a lizard just outside the wall of my room who stayed in the same position for 18 hours and my respect for them got a height but few days earlier after taking some foods in the evening while i was just headed towards my room upstairs i stopped in the first step noticing the lizard who was watching a black insect....the lizard was in the wall in the left side of mine and the insect was in the front wall of mine, they were in right angles with each other,the difference between them was hardly one feet, i stopped there for fifteen minutes to watch the activity, then suddenly the black insect jumped on the floor mat and watching this the lizard also jumped in the mat and headed towards the insect to capture ...and my all respect for this reptile vanished in that moment...the patience of the lizard for which i became the devotee of this reptile was actually the reflection of their dull brain, that day i realized the lizards watch the insects for long time before hunting because their dull brain needs time to realize whether its the insect they eat or not....just like a dull headed human being who takes long time to realize even a simple matter and reacts very late, so how did i realize it...

After jumping on the mat the black insect  headed towards the near by rack which is attached to the wall where the lizard was waiting and following the insect the lizard also jumped on the mat but attacked a black plastic piece which was on the mat, later he realized that its not an eating material and leaving the piece the lizard looked for the insect which was gradually heading towards the rack,the lizard again took some time to observe and then captured, watching the insect jumping on the floor the lizard's brain immediately forgot about the characteristics and the looks of that insect for his poor memory power and so attacked the black plastic piece, logically in that one foot by one foot small area the lizard cant miss the target so naturally it was the reflection of poor memory which takes time to realize anything and i misunderstood it as the same habit of pythons.

Pics are bit hazy coz i had to capture as soon as possible...

The insect actually near his legs(Left Side)

Later he realized his mistake and made the right attack.


From that day, my respect for the patience of the lizards vanished totally.

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