"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Sunscreen Lotion and Love

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Rahul, my closest friend, he is my close because we have few natures in common like he does not have to habit to talk much, he is very introvert and he talks straight forward.

 Few months ago I noticed a sudden change in his life style. He works in a govt. office and from the first day he visits office exactly at 10:30am, so in working days he starts to get ready from 9:30 am. As he is very introvert he likes to spend his evenings by reading books or watching TV or with me. When I first noticed the change I ignored it because I thought he is busy with his household works, but when ten days passed then I realized there is something fishy, those days he was coming back from office nearly at 7 pm, I called him few times and then I came to know about it, it really made me surprised because he comes back from office everyday in between 6 pm,after ten days he visited my home and sitting in my room he told in details….

Ten days ago for some official work he visited a private office and there a girl helped him, that girl works in that office and she solved the problem of Rahul. They had a conversation related to Rahul’s work and from then he started to like her. Next day Rahul visited that office two time more with an excuse to see that girl. He expressed his feelings to me…

I was about to tell you and to seek your suggestion, you know, that girl is very hard working, she has extreme desire to be self dependent.

I exclaimed…in just ten days of love you are praising her so much!! Did she tell you all these about herself and her desires?

---No not at all.

---then how did you know all these?

---OK, let me tell you, watching her for three days in her office I noticed that she still has not get any permanent seat, her age is approximately 24 years, so what does all these means? Without getting a permanent seat she is still working and especially at this age means she has extreme desire to do something herself. Her salary is not good at all, I know about that office and I have idea about their pay scale.

---means her financial condition is not good.

---I am not sure about that.


---because… if her financial condition is bad then she surely would not avail auto to reach and go back home from office daily rather she would use cycle. Her office is just a fifteen minutes cycle distance from her home. I don’t know exactly where she lives but I know the area, she told me.

I asked ---so what’s your plan?

---that’s the big question; tell me what should I do?
--- I will give you suggestion if you make me sure that you will marry her and will not play with her emotion.

Though I told this but I was finding it hard what to suggest coz I have never proposed any girl neither helped anyone in such cases. Rahul made me sure that he will marry that girl if she agrees.

After two days I suggested him to talk with the parents of the girl, but he did not like this proposal. He is very romantic boy and he wants to enjoy the love life.

Twenty more days had passed; he was being restless to talk to that girl and was asking for my suggestion  again and again, I was finding it hard what to suggest him. That time one day evening Rahul visited my home, we met after seven days as we both were busy with our works.  after a while I noticed her hands from under the elbow has become very dark, Rahul has very fair complexion so the difference of her body color and hand color became very prominent, I suggested him to use a sunscreen lotion…

He said---yah, this has happened because from last one month I am going outside home exactly at 9:30 am to see her, that’s the time she comes office and I see her standing in a tea stall.

That day spending one hour with me he left.

Next day Rahul visited my home at 9 am and said---get ready soon, we are going outside.


---don’t ask anything; get ready as soon as possible.
So I got ready and he took me to that tea stall where from last one month he is seeing that girl, exactly at 9:30 am the girl reached there,  Rahul called her and took her in one side making an excuse and after that what I listened I will never forget…

Rahul said to that girl---give me rupees 180

The girl exclaimed---why? Why should I give you rupees 180?

Showing her hands Rahul said----look at my hands, from last three years I am doing job in a govt. office and  I go office everyday at 10:30 am and in last three years I have rarely used sunscreen lotion but still my hands did not became as black as It happened in last one month, from last one month every day I come here when you come office, I come here to see you I stand here for ten to fifteen minutes, sometime more, then I go back home and again I come out for office. So now I hope you have understood why my hands have become black, it’s you for whom this has happened, you should give me 180 rupees so that I can buy a sunscreen lotion of SPF 50. Look you can’t ignore it that you have not noticed my weakness towards you and it’s also true that you became happy for my such activity, its natural, when we see someone likes us and performing any special work only for us then we all feel happy, yes there always remains doubt this is the reason we take time to take decision. one more thing, the another reason which will make you happy is---a boy like me is doing all these for you, I have good physique, I am good looking and I am handsome and for these reasons my weakness towards you have made you feel proud on yourself, don’t try to deny it, its psychological fact and its true, its common human psychology, it happens with me also, When any beautiful girl or sweet looking girl looks at me or shows interest then I become happy. Rupees 180 is nothing comparing to all these feelings, the happiness of mind and the feelings of being proud of your style, your looks and your beauty, all these feelings you have got only for me. So give me the money and until the sunscreen lotion end I will keep visiting you even after that...for the life time.

Rahul said all these at a stretch, my legs were shivering out of fear, later I asked how you got that idea to propose in this style, he smiled and said---when you suggested me to use a sunscreen lotion.

After that day my close friend rarely visited my house and I was not at all angry on him----because he was enjoying his love life with that girl.

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