"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


A Lover---True Love never Dies.

He said another one…look you are going to be a part of Payel’s life so I wanna say something about her.

Another one said…yes sure.

He said…She is a very nice girl. No one understands her better than me, even not her parents. I request you earnestly, always try to keep her happy, she has the habit to hide her pains, you have to realize her deeply otherwise you will never be able to know whether she is suffering or not. She is a very simple minded girl, she does not have the capability to realize the minimum complexities, this is the reason some people misguide her and some people use her for their own profit, you know, the girls she thinks are her best friends actually those girls never wished anything good for her, rather they have always played nice tricks with her, still they play but she is unable to realize. You have to make the wrong people out of her life otherwise may be one day she will misunderstood you also, don’t be surprised hearing this, when you will be a part of her life then you will realize this will can happen for her simple minded nature and strong belief to wrong people and false friends. May be one day she will share her life’s story with you and if you analyze that with  minimum common sense then you will realize how people has taken profit of her simplicity. Try to keep her happy all the time, try to give her all the happiness of life. She has huge interest in dancing, try to convince her to learn dancing. She is a good painter also, take care of this matter. She learned singing but the truth is she is not so good in that. Whenever you buy dress for her, buy red colored dresses, she looks like an angle in that color. Though, it’s a different matter that whenever she wears any dress, the dress looks more elegant and gorgeous. One more thing, don’t make her angry frequently, specially don’t make her so much angry so that she needs to shout, because her voice is very calm, steady and unique, and I don’t want that for you her voice got damaged. There are some closed ones of her who are actually very jealous of her happiness and prosperity, they are very close to her so it’s tough to make her understand about those jealous people, you should carry on your try and I know she will believe you for sure. She does not have the habit to talk much, but the people she loves lot, she talks with them hours after hours, she will also talk with you a lot but you have take care whether she is being tired or not. One more important thing, though she appears to be a very tough girl but actually she is very soft heart, watching her moody face and attitude it’s tough to realize so never misunderstood her any time. 

Saying all these at a stretch he stopped.

The listener asked---should I tell her about you? She misunderstood you a lot.

He smiled and said---you will not be able to do so. 

Then he left the place.

“He” loved Payel for his entire life, he loved Payel only, this is the reason Payel was not only in his heart rather in his soul.

After five years of Payel’s marriage with another guy, "he" died for taking too much alcohol.

Now “he” is in heaven, he is a soul now and the “another one” ---whom he was giving suggestion is another soul, God has chosen that another soul to send in the earth as the child of Payel.

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