"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Household Works---Short Fiction

Tina got the text from an unknown number, it was written…

Potato —2 Kg.
Cauliflower —2 pieces.
Brinjal---2 kg
Tomato—1 kg
Green Chili—500 gm
Mocha(Cone of the Banana)---2 piceses
Ladies Finger—500 gm
Pumpkin—2 kg

Tina was very busy in his works, she hold the post of Deputy Manager of a private bank. The text really made her surprised, she was sure it can’t be from her home because before leaving from her house she asked her Mom whether she has to buy anything or not. She thought may be any of her friends is doing joke with her or may be any boy is trying to disturb her. She ignored the message and concentrated on her works.

After almost one hour she got a text from another unknown number, it was written…

“Sunscreen lotion---1 bottle (My preferred band)
2 exercise books.
2 pencils
2 art papers, one of white colored and another yellow colored.
1 bottle shampoo (My brand)”

“What’s going on?”---this is the thought came into Tina’s mind but she was too busy to call the numbers.

Thirty minutes before her office breakup she got a call from the first unknown number, a middle aged woman called and said…

Hi Tina, have you got the lists? First one is from me and the second one is from my daughter.

Tina politely asked---yes, I have got, now kindly tell me who are you?

Lady answered---You don’t know me, even you have never seen me, actually I need your help.

Tina---what kind of help?

Lady—please write down the items of the texts in a paper, and give the list to the boy who is standing in the tea stall near the entrance of your office, he has wore black shirt and blue jeans.

Tina---why should I do this? Who are you? Who is that boy? If I don’t do this then what will happen? Will you disturb me more?

Lady answered in an upset voice---if you don’t do this then we all have to remain almost in empty stomach for today night.

The answer surprised Tina a lot, she asked politely…aunt; please tell me what’s going on?

The lady said---you just see the boy and you will get the answer.
Coming out from office Tina saw the boy in the tea stall but did not talk to him.

She was heading to her house and dialed the number of that lady and said---yes I have seen that boy, now tell me in details what’s going on?

The lady said--- he is my son, one year ago he visited your bank for some work, that day you helped him and from that day he started to like you. With time he started to love you and now he is totally mad for you, you know, for first six months he did not tell us anything but one day he could not resist himself and shared his every feelings with us, all the time he talks about you, while taking dinner he says…”who knows Tina is eating what items today?”  Before going for bath he murmurs…” what brand of shampoo and soap Tina like?” during summer days he was curious to know whether you take proper care of your skin or not? During rainy days he always waited for you in front of your office to be sure whether you have brought umbrella or rain coat or not. Each and every day from past one year he waits near the tea stall of your office for just a glance of you. He has got your number six months ago, you gave him for official purpose, but from six months he is unable to call you, he feels nervous and weak. It’s the fear of losing you that makes him nervous. All these things are fine but from last three months he is totally drown in your thoughts, he forgets to bring household things, he forget to eat, he does not sleep for night after nights, plays romantic songs all over the night and some time our neighbors have made complain to us. 

The lady paused for a while. Tina was listening all these very curiously.

The lady said again---now tell me, how is it possible to run a house when you have lack of necessary things. Today I am suffering from fever, my daughter is taking care of me, she does not want to leave me for a second, this is the reason  neither I can go outside for marketing nor my daughter will go. My husband is outstation from two days for his official works, So there left only one way, to inform my son through you, if you tell her to do, we are sure he will not forget even a single item. 
                                                          To Be Continued.... 

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