"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


India---Future Past

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Incident 1

Once while I was returning from evening walk, suddenly I noticed a father with his son, that father was teaching his 5 years old son…
---F…..*…..C…..k, now, tell me what I said
First time the son did not remember it, so his father repeated the spelling again, when the son remembered the spelling then the father told him the meaning. This activity made me curious so I slowed down and walked behind them, for ten minutes I was behind them and in that ten minutes that father tried to teach his son some filthy and slang languages---these are literate persons above all.

Incident 2
Once while doing veg marketing there was a customer just beside me, he was buying potatoes, he asked for the rate of potatoes and the rate he did not like so out of irritation he showered some slang Galis to that veg seller---he is a literate person and not only literate he holds higher degrees and works in a govt. office, I wonder how these type of people can scold their children for using slang and filthy languages? 

Incident 3
Mid day meal has been arranged for the students specially who belongs from poor family, but the truth is, there are lots of teachers who are enjoying the money and the foods of mid day meals---these are literate persons, obviously they have good degrees either how they could get that job? These teachers do not take Tiffin from home above all mid day meal is there…Govt. kit toh le li.

Incident 4
Once I visited a govt. office at 11 am and naturally 90% officers were absent, I waited there for more than one hour, while waiting I saw---an officer who has the habit to chew Khaini (Tobacco), prepared the khaini, put it under his lips and spitted just behind his chair in the office room---he is a literate person and got qualified for the job for his higher degrees.

Incident 5
Once I took one of friends to a doctor’s chamber for treatment of cough and cold….why I visited the chamber? Because I know the good treatments are not available in govt. hospitals, those who have good financial condition to avail a nursing home always avoid the govt. hospitals.
I already enrolled the name of my friend in the early morning, reaching there we saw that there were just ten patients before us, calculated that approximately one hour is needed, so we waited……and it took three hours because that doctor was a govt doctor and he was in his chamber during duty hours and whenever he was getting call from hospital he was going to attend….he was maintaining both side.

No a days there is no good treatment facility for poor people…because most of the doctors have forgotten their oaths and are busy in “Treatment business”.

These are not just examples that I have experienced, these incidents are a generalize form of lots of experiences I have got in past few years.
So all these categories of people whom I have mentioned here are literate and they are the part/future of our country.

Education System
If you want admission in any institute then they will ask for your marks, the higher the marks is the higher the chance to get admission, as marks is considered to be the measurement of your knowledge---this is the rule now a days, but if you oppose it then lots of arguments will happen, ok, no problem, then tell me simply---if marks is the measurement of knowledge then why a SC or ST with 50% marks gets chance and a student with 70% marks does not get chance in the same institute as he is General in caste….
Marks---this is what matters, not the quality…it does not matter how you secured that marks---Churi bidya mohabidya Jodi na poro dhora(stealing is a great art until you get caught)…there are lots of students who secure very good percentage just copying other’s answer sheet, there are lots of examples to me but the truth is I can’t prove it, no one can prove it, there are lots of students who deserves maximum 50%-55% marks but copying the answer sheets and taking other mean ways they have secured 70%-75% marks and their parents are proud of them !!!!!! they tell others how much hard work they did to secure good marks but they even can’t tell a single word in front of them(Like me) who knows the truth. But don’t blame them, don’t call them thieves…because they need it, they knows this is the only thing that matters, no one cares for the knowledge and quality. They know there is discrimination in the name of caste so until they secure higher percentages then they will not get chance to take admission in good institutes…
i have deep respect to my country, I always feel proud to be an Indian, but now a days I don’t  feel to be an “Indian” only…I feel to be an “Indian with General caste”…this is what today’s young generation feels, there is going cold war between the general caste and the SC/ST.  Discrimination…in the name of religion, caste and status.

A person is considered as a literate if she/he is capable of reading and writing and can make sign. The literacy rate is counted on how many names are registered in the schools.
The biggest drawback in our education system is---it concentrates on marks and only on marks, self awareness, self-judgment, self analysis, character, moral values, and good ethics is not taught in any institute, neither they give emphasis on all these.

Ancient India
If you read the history of ancient India you will know how much progressive our country was, there was a time when cotton dresses were exported in various countries from India as other countries did not know how to make dresses. In medical science, in surgery, in science, and in all other fields India progressed a lot much faster than any other countries, for details you can go through the book…”Scientists of Ancient India” by O.P. jaggi
Laws of motion, gravity, cloning, airplane, distance of earth from sun and there are lots more discoveries the credit of which does not go to any Indian though they discovered all these much more earlier than anyone.

Present India
Now this is the same India where Indians try to get a job abroad, once I got chance to go abroad, not one time rather two times and I denied, I always tried to do something for my country living here, those days I used to think….it’s not right to leave your country, you should serve for it. The Jawans in Indian army, navy, BSF whom I respect a lot, I wanted to serve like them. I used to dislike those persons who have left India but now I think they are right, what can they do? ---There are not as much as opportunities as the youngsters deserve, it’s not quality---in jobs its recommendation that needed much, it’s not your knowledge and marks rather your caste is important.

My close friend is a good student, he did not have much interest in study when he was in primary school but later he got huge interest in study but never been able to be the first boy, he secured third position every time, I knew he has much deeper knowledge and intelligence than the first boy but still he was unable to secure first position…but in a scholarship exam my close friend hold the first position in district level and now in past few years he has achieved a lot in different fields and has proved his qualities, now its proved that he was much better than the first boy of his class, now some people will say that my friend has improved a lot in past few years then I will ask…how a boy who never been able to defeat the first boy in his class SUDDENLY defeats him in a scholarship exam?
This is the discrimination…if a boy holds first position for two there times then the teachers became biased while examining his answer sheet and so they ignore the qualities of other students….

My same friend once wanted to publish his poem and given it to an editor of local magazine, the editor laughed out and made fun of his writing. The editor selected another poem in place of my friend’s because the writer was locally popular, though I found no meaning in that poem. I showed poem of my friend to some persons of literature field…
Later that same poem was published in an anthology of a national level publisher…
When I showed that poem to the persons of literature field and informed about the rejection, every one of them said that the poem contains deeper meaning and probably for this reason it was gone over the mind of the local magazine editor.
We should not hold any preconceived notion whenever we are making any decision, it may be in the field of choosing teachers, writers, poets and leaders etc. we should open up our mind and should be broad to consider the deserved once for the betterment of our society. In most of the cases we are busy to choose the popular names more than the good works.

Now see the statistics….
Literacy rate in India in 2001----64.83%
In 2011------------------------------74.04%
That is increased 9.21% in ten years.
And the percentage of child rape increased is 336% in last decade. (The Times of India April 20, 2013)
This is the percentage of child rape cases only.
Very ironical, is not it?
Hope now, you can understand how much wrongly “Education” is defined now a day’s…

A single person can’t make the change, neither I nor he/she nor you (2nd person singular number) can make the change, neither Govt. can make the change or the Ministers…only and only WE can make the change.
In 2050….I want to see India where there will be PROPER education system not the counting of literacy rate, in the educational institutes they will give emphasis on teaching good moral values, ethics, self analysis…
I want to see India where there will be no discrimination in the name of religion, caste, popularity or status, students will not be judged according to the percentage of marks only and those who have quality will get opportunity so that she/he does not plan to leave this country.
I want to see India where teachers will not take facility of mid day meal, doctors will PURELY serve for the patients. The qualified one will get opportunity, no recommendation and no bribe.

The truth is…for almost 200 hundred years of slavery under British rule…India met degradation in speed of progress, lots of intellectuals and creative brains were busy for the freedom of our nation. 

It will take time to recover what we lost in 200 years…and I hope in 2050 India will shine as the number one in all fields for sure.

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