"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Inseparable Friends

Hello old friend,Dear Jyoti,
Hope you are well. I am really very sorry that I did not wish you “happy friendship day”, I think it does not need, our relation does not depend at all on wishes. I thought today I will spend the whole day with you but am really very sorry I was stuck in some responsibilities, actually I was following your suggestion….”completing duties is much more important than asking about the condition of your best friend”.

But after the evening I became free and I was so much drown in our past memories that I forgot to wish you, I was remembering the days that we spend together, though I can’t clearly remember when you entered into my life but I can still remember all those funny and tough days when you were always there beside me, you came into my life when I was stepping into that phase of life when a friend is must have, that phase when you start to feel your individual identity and you need privacy, that phase when we can’t share everything with our family members. Being a shy and too much introvert from my childhood I always avoided people, though all my batch mates and class mates have always liked me a lot but its only you who became my best friend and understood me much better than any other.

My first class bunking was with you, I can remember it was a rainy day for the first time with the continuous forces of my classmates I felt to bunk class, then I was in class 12th standard, I was confused what to do? I was feeling very bad because till then I never bunked any class but you made me understand that it’s not a crime and not a big issue until I repeat it again and again, that day me with you and other classmates spend a beautiful noon near the river, we were total drench in rain and under a tree we spend the whole noon and was observing the love couples who were sitting few feet distant under the tree.

When my board result came and I was not satisfied with my marks as I expected little more, then after my family it was you who encouraged me a lot, without you it would be tough for me to get win of my upset mood.

I must say thanks to you for preventing me to start the habit of smoking during college days, it’s a general thing that students do; it’s a common notion that when you are in college you start smoking but you made me understand that it’s not a necessary work to do.

I must say thanks to you for making me understand that still good people exists, those days when i was going through the toughest period of my life till now, those days I saw the vicious side of human nature, the cheats and the wrong people, those days it happened with so much frequency from different people that I was about to lose faith on people, I saw the selfish nature, the non-helping mindset and how men uses men in a tricky way,  then you made me understand  saying “the world is still existing because there are still good people”. I have never forgotten your words.

I know it’s worth saying thanks for those nights I have spent crying, those sleepless nights----it was impossible to share my feelings with my family members, though they are too much supportive to explain in words but you taught me to take care the pains of my family members and not to make them worried for me and it’s also true that some feelings can never be shared with family, only can be shared with the best friend, for those two reasons it was impossible for me to share my feelings with my family members but you gave me shelter in your arms and always tried to make me calm by making me understand, those sleepless night, those long years----you spent without sleeping in nights only for me.

There are lots of moments getting huge support of my family still I found it hard to fight the battle of life  but it’s your words and enthuse that made me strong.

I know you will be angry reading all these as you always suggest me not to look behind, but I was just cherishing the moments and remembering my debts to you, ok ok, there should be no word like “debt” in friendship.
You know, I was not remembering only the tough days rather the funny days also…the day we first tasted the whisky, the day when for the first and last time we went to watch movie lying in home, the day when you scolded me a lot for not beating the eve-teasers, but you know it was impossible for me to beat the eve-teasers in a city where I was just a traveler, it’s your encouraging words and that made it possible.

I still remember how one of our tuition teacher scolded us for our nature…that day by mistake Sir said something wrong while making us understand a topic, as we always disliked the subject, we used to sit far from our teacher and never asked anything, entering into the room we used to sit in a corner and after writing the note we used to came out, that day when by mistake Sir explained wrongly then we made objection and the reaction of sir was ….”You just shut up, do you really come to read hear? Do you really listen to my words!!!!! from last five months you come here,always sit in the corner, totally drown in your own world and then left this place”

That day I did not become angry at all on Sir, he was right, but what could I do? I never liked that subject and you too. Hope you can remember that day after coming out we laughed a lot….

There are so many incident....we have traveled a long way of life together…

Thanks for still being with me, thanks for everything.
Thanks a lot.

                                                          Your closest friend

Though I have good friends in life but being too much introvert in nature and still having some disbelieve in human nature I am unable to fully express myself to any other.

My friend “Jyoti”---the inner self of mine…..the short form of my Name “Jyotirmoy”

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