"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??



बरसो कशमकश मे रही वो कि

उसकी बेवफ़ाई क्या रंग लायी ...

अब बड़ी चैन की नींद सोती है वो

मेरी राख देखने के बाद....

After a long time i have written a shayri today, lots of things i have realized in the mean time,felt like it will never be possible for me to write shayris...emotions are dying, realizations are making me practical but yet when this shayri knocked into my mind i realized it has to happen(This is the date i can never forget in my life), the role i played, the emotions i felt, the wishes i made, the life i prayed for were very much true at that time and truth never dies...  For more you can visit...


  1. वाह! बहुत उम्दा !

  2. दिल को छुती रचना, ज्योतिर्मोय! लेकिन मैं ने पहले भी तुम से कहा था कि सिर्फ़ एक व्यक्ति की वजह से अपनी जिंदगी बरबाद नहीं कर सकते। जो लड़की तुम्हारे जज्बातों को नही समझती उसके लिए अपना किमती समय व्यर्थ क्यों करना? वह लड़की तुम्हारे लायक ही नहींं थी!!!

    1. Very glad to know you liked it...appreciation from blogger like you is always very inspiring.
      Yes, i remember your suggestions and truly i have come out from that previous mental state, i have been matured and practical enough, have restarted my life after a long phase...but sometime somethings knock into mind but now a days does not leave impact for long time.

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