"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


What Type Of Curiosity Is This ????

“What type of curiosity is this”…this question knocks into my mind whenever…

Ok, before sharing my views I must inform that this post is not meant to hurt any personal feelings or views of any human being.
I am in the search of the answer of the question based on real life activities…

Let me share with such a real life experience….

It was a Sunday morning around 11Am, I was heading towards the mini market situated in the north side of our colony, accessing the short cut I left the lane of the adjacent colony and availed the main road, covering around 100 meter more distance I was about to enter in the shop just beside the main road then suddenly the people around me started asking and informing each other…”where the accident has taken place?”

“It has happened just now?”

 “Just near the computer centre”,

” the bus has hit the bike from the behind” 

I was listening all these and was busy to make a place in the shop to buy the vegetables; the owner was performing his job but simultaneously asking about the accident also. Some people rushed towards the accident spot; it was hardly one minute walking distance from there.

Actually the accident took place exactly in front of the main entrance of our colony.

So, buying the vegetables I returned back home availing the same previous route.

After returning back home I took a cup of tea and my family members informed me that one of our relatives will visit our house in the evening, that means I had to bring some foods (sweets and snacks) for them, being a lazy human being I preferred to complete the job just after taking the tea to avoid going out in the evening again.
This time I had to visit the nearby main market situated in the south direction and for this I avoided the lane I always avail because if I availed it I had to pass through the accident spot, when I was passing through the small lanes taking turns again and again I found some teenagers were informing each other about the accident and were running towards the accident spot.

Pic Courtesy: Google

Naturally the question knocked into my mind…”what type of curiosity is this?” 

What do they expect to see visiting an accident spot…do they expect a beautiful view, a garden with roses and Tulips or do they expect to see any beautiful sculpture or any beautiful painting or any beautiful girl performing dance in classical/bollywood song?

When any accident takes place naturally there should be some damages, either broken vehicles or injured human being…is not it logical?

What made me more surprised and shocked that just after the five minutes of the accident the people in the 100 meter of radius came to know that the bust has hit a bike where there were a parents and their five year old child and the bus has smashed the head of the child, yet people were running there to see…what?

This is very common to experience that whenever any accident takes place lots of lots of people run towards the accident spot…for what?
Logically, there are two categories of people…

One, who run toward the accident spot with the mentality to help and they have the capability to take immediate action to help the injured ones, they call the ambulance, they provide first aid etc.
The second category consist of those people who actually can do nothing visiting the accident spot, even they don’t visit the place with any such mentality, they visit only out of curiosity….

This second category people have always forced me to raise question about their so called “curiosity”…are they really curious or they are “Sadist”, 

A sadist is a person…who likes to see others in a pain.

May be they are not suffering from sadistic personality disorder but somewhere in their mind, may in sub-conscious mind, there is a sadistic nature…when they run towards the accident spot the sadistic nature forces them to do so and when they see the injured persons their conscious mind become more active and they start to feel sorry for the injured ones.

The height of insanity is…Its about Rupsa(name changed for privacy concern), who came to know about the above mentioned accident after around twenty minutes, after getting the news she ran towards the spot to see the injured ones, she asked the officer present there to remove the cloth from the dead body of that child, the officer suggested her nor to see but she forced the officer the officer to remove the cloth making repeated request…after that for long three days she was unable to sleep and was unable to take food properly.

Now another real life incident I will share …there is no doubt that some people are surely suffering from sadistic personality disorder…

One day, around two years back, my sister received a video in whatsapp…I rushed downstairs when my Mom suddenly started screaming out of fear…when I reached I found my sister was vomiting and feeling very much uneasy and it started to happen all on a sudden…it took around fifteen minutes for her to be normal to some extent, when we asked the reason she did not reply rather became busy to dial a number and then scolded the person very badly.
Actually what happened is…someone sent her the video of the accident that took place two days back in the national highway adjacent to our town…a truck smashed a toto when the toto was crossing the road, a teen aged school girl was returning home after the school in that toto and her body has been brutally smashed by the truck…this video consist of two minutes where it was clearly visible what happened to that girl after the accident.

Thankfully we all knew about this accident so my sister stopped the video just after playing it but yet it affected her a lot.

Now, you can easily understand that the person who made this video was surely suffering from sadistic personality disorder and so also the people who were sharing this brutal video in whatsapp.

P.S. I don’t visit any such accident spot because basically I am very weak heart person and very much sensitive regarding such issues, even if someone cries in front me it become tough for me to stop the water droplets coming out from my eyes.


  1. I also avoid visiting such places because I just can't stand gory scenes.

    1. Very glad to know, much expected from the people who have insightful views and good realization level.

  2. I can understand your feelings. When news channels show these sort of news they blur the disturbing images. If we can't help anyone in the accident there then we should not also stand at the spot making it more crowded and making the things more difficult.

    1. Yes, they blur the images, thanks for sharing your views.