"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Scratches...Fiction

After completing the tea seating in the cemented bar near the tea stall and throwing the cup in the dustbin I hold the  right hand of my friend Rahul tightly and made some scratches with my nails, it started bleeding heavily, he was surprised, looked at the scratches and then looked at me and asked with anger

…what are you doing, have you gone mad?

My smile made him angrier, the blood was flowing rapidly. He headed toward the nearby tap water, washed the place and started shouting on me

…are you mentally ok? You scratched my hand just like an insane, you can see the bleeding and still you are smiling, I think you need a psychiatrist.

I replied very calmly

…Come sit here.

My calm voice worked as a positive catalyst in his anger and he shouted out more loudly

…just go to hell.. 

He was steeping away from me, I hold his left hand and forced him to sit beside me. Then I took out my mobile and dialed the number, when the receiver picked up the call I said

…hey Tina, how are you?

Tina expressed her irritation

…you are really very ridiculous you know?

…why what happened?

…I called you almost seven days ago in your number for three times but neither had you received my call nor did you give me a return call.
I said sorry for few times and at the end she agreed to carry on the conversation.

I asked

…so what are you doing now?

…am playing with Rusi.

Rusi is her one year daughter, a very cute looking child.

…playing what?

…Video games.

I asked with curiosity

…can she really play?

…you are such a stupid, how can such a little kid play video games? Actually she likes to watch the videos, the racing cars and the fighters fighting, she laughs a lot when a car crashes or when a fighter beats another fighter.

…oh, that’s the issue, so for how long you are playing?

…from last one hour I guess.

…how is she, you know its winter season and you must take her special care.

…yah, yah, she is fine and am trying my level best to take her care.

…I think I should give a suggestion regarding taking care in winter season

She replied happily

…yah, sure, above all you are a physical exercise enthusiast, I know you from past several years, suggestion from you will surely be very helpful.

…look, during winter it’s not only the cold that tortures us rather if in this season by chance any of her body parts gets a hurt while playing or in the try to walk that will pain a lot, especially if by chance she gets scratches from any sharp material like blade or nail cutter then it will be intolerable for her.

...oh God, I really did not think about these issues, thanks for making me aware.

…ok, then, I will not disturb you any more; you carry on your video game with your daughter.

…No, no, you can talk to me; she is playing with her dolls.

…actually I called you just to make aware about these issues, will call you later.

She laughed out loudly

…you activities are always very surprising.

..ok, call you later, Good Night.

She said “Good Night” and I hanged up the call then looked at my friend and smiled.

9 hours earlier(10:00 AM, Same day morning):

Having friendship with Rahul for more than ten years I know him much better than any of his closed one because I am his bosom friend and he shares all his issues only with me. Now-a-days I don’t need to listen to him, seeing his face I can explain in details what actually going in his mind, actually these types of people whom most of the people consider as the “foolish one” can be read very easily.
That day morning around 9:45 AM with a cup of tea I was trying to make a plan to enjoy the Sunday, at that time Rahul entered in my room with his sad and upset face, it seemed he was mourning for something, he took the sofa, seeing his face I realized it’s the “same” old issue, he remained silent for ten minutes, totally drown in his thoughts, I was taking tea silently and making myself ready to make him understand, from past few months I have changed the way to answer him, I realized it deeply that “words” will leave no impact on him, “theories” are not enough rather “practical” will help him to understand the reality.

After ten minutes he said

…it was my fault I did not understand her.
I replied

…I guess it’s again any letter? 

He nodded his head and agreed

…show me the letter.

He brought out the letter from his pocket and handed over to me and then leaving the sofa he came near to me and indicated to those six lines written in the middle of the letter.

When I finished reading he explained

…that day evening when I met Tina I misjudged her for some of her activities and behaved very roughly, during night I was very angry upon myself and gave a slice of blade in my hand. Next day morning when she gave me a letter  expressing her anger for my behavior earlier day evening, the letter did not hurt me rather I was surprised to see how did she know that I hurt myself yesterday night, you have already read it, this is the same letter.

Taking a pause he expressed her irritation on himself

…staying far away from me she could feel my pain and I misjudged her a lot.

So, I had to show him the practicality of life that’s why scratched his hand with my nails and talked with Tina over phone to know her mood.

The people like Rahul are really very “Foolish”, they care for the promises made to those people who has left them alone more than a decade ago.

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