"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Midnight Whistle And Praises---Non-Fiction

“Never make fun of anyone’s emotion, this is not the right activity”…I realized it few years earlier, that is the time when I used to whistle in the midnight.

Scene 1:

One day during dinner (I can still remember the day), my Mom informed my Sis

...You know this time again happened a murder attempt on Mrs. Awasti but somehow she has survived, I think next time the killer will "leave no stone unturned" to finish her.

My Sis exclaimed

…Yah, really? But I wonder why not she informed her husband, he is a police officer though not posted here but he can handle the situation more technically.

…God knows, but I guess there must be a mystery behind it, though Mrs. Awasti is giving different explanation of not informing her husband.

I looked at both of them and….

Scene 2

One of my Grand mom (My Mom’s aunt) exclaimed

…look, look at that lady, how she is handing the situation, she is an aged and matured one, she should handle this situation without making any type of chaos but look at her she is making so much chaos, blaming others and quarreling like an uneducated one, actually it’s my fault that I am expecting all these from her, I should not forget her previous activities, she has always been a mean minded, very much tricky and always tried to create misunderstanding whenever she has found any good relationship except her own children. She is a narrow minded, selfish and vicious woman.

Scene 3

My Sis knocked the door and when I asked to enter my Sis in my room then looking at my face she asked curiously

…what happened Bro? You are looking very much worried.

I expressed my tension

…”She” has met an accident.

…Accident? How? When?

…”She” raised her voice against some anti-socials and they have fired “her”, i have got the news just one hour earlier.

…what are you saying, how is “she” now?

…”She” is in hospital and now out of danger.

After three days I informed my Sis that “She” is much better now and Doc has said that “She” can go home.

After one month, one day again my Sis found me very much irritated and asked for the reason, I informed

…”Her” near and dear ones are misjudging “Her”, why they can’t understand that “She” can never be wrong, you know I am too much angry on her closed ones.

After few days when it revealed that “She” was totally right but was unable to prove herself then one of “her” closed ones suffered a lot for ignoring “her” words, that day I was too happy, showered my anger on the sufferer saying “you deserve this, “she” can never be wrong, why don’t you understand this simple matter?”

One more month passed away, one day my Mom and my Sis both became too much surprised seeing the four books on pregnancy in my room, they asked

…why are you reading about pregnancy? Why do you need it?

I smiled and replied

…I am trying to enrich my knowledge in this issue as much possible.

They exclaimed


…because “she” is pregnant and I need to know what type of cares to be taken, I want to know everything about this so that “she” does not meet any type of suffering.

They were looking at me with surprised eyes.

I informed

…”She” has got the positive report just seven days ago. I have already made a big list of the issues those should be kept in mind to take her proper care, you know if I would be “her” husband then I would surely spend nights without sleeping to take her proper care, she needs sound sleep by any means.

My Mom and Sis looked at each other and at the end they said
…you are ridiculous, go to hell.

From that time I gradually started to realize that it’s not right to make fun of anyone, I received that disrespect about my emotion from my Mom and Sis because I did the same thing with them and with my Grand mom (Mentioned above).

When my Grand mom expressed her anger about that matured and aged lady I exclaimed

…Nani, you are really very ridiculous you are so much angry about that negative character of that daily soap!!!! Just too much, I thought it’s someone from real life.

When my Mom and Sis were talking about Mrs. Awasti I exclaimed

…your serious talk made me feel that it’s someone from our colony, you are being worried about that reel life character!!!!

Probably that time God laughed at me a lot coz it is said that God can see the future or that time God decided to punish me for laughing on emotions of others.

That was the time when sometime I missed the episode at scheduled time and watched the re-telecast at midnight, that time whenever “She’ has performed any good job I used to whistle(just like some people do in cinema hall, which I have never done there), sometime I have said “Wah wah” loudly, sometime I have clapped for long time(throughout her dialogue)…all these happened many times during midnight but my neighbors never became surprised because they knew those days I used to go to bed around 3 am, they just asked the reasons of noise to my family members.

My Sis has seen me worried for her, has seen me tensed for her but what she does not know is…that day when the anti socials fired ‘he” and “her” life was in risk…that night I watched the episode again in midnight and cried a lot.

It happened four times that to reach my home in proper time (I was already late) somehow I avoided four dangerous accidents…two times with two buses, one time with a truck and one time with a car.

That was the time when I WAS trying to make an exact imagination of the face of my dream girl.

The day when the last episode of that serial was telecast is the same day I watched TV for the last time,that is…more than six years ago.

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