"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Faces And The Impacts

Face…I don’t know whether it speaks a lot or not but it leaves impacts on us.

In the journey of life you all have come across with different faces…among relatives, in office or in the roads and if you give it a thought then you will find that those short moments when you saw some faces those have always left some impacts on you.

I decided to write this post almost one year earlier, the entire post was ready in my mind but I found there is something missing in it, later I decided to write it down again but again dropped the idea coz I found it incomplete but now I feel this post a complete one.

In this post I will share about my experience about those moments when I have come across with different faces for short time.

Before starting this post I must inform you that…here I am not talking about beauty or complexion be sure about it that I am talking about the expressions in faces….

Irritated faces

When you will see such faces these will force you to think…why so much irritation in her/him? And if that time anything in life(May be a little one) is not going ok or something not happening according to your wish then you will start to think…yes, life sometime betrays a lot,you will start to regret on your fate and naturally an expression of irritation can be seen in your face also.
If at that time…your life is going through a smooth and happy phase then you will try to calculate the reason of irritation behind that face.


 These are the faces that looking at them you will immediately identify that the person is really an intelligent one…there is something X-factor in their faces.


These type of faces mostly seen among the elder ones…the experience and the struggle of life give their face such expressions but if its seen in any youngster then there can be two reasons…one, she/he has such expression by birth or the second chance is…she/he is actually a very weak heart human being and wanna hide their fear keeping too much mood in their face,long time ago there was such a human being who was very close to me.


These faces generates the thoughts on the viewers…don’t worry everything will be fine.


Seeing such faces your mood will immediately swing to happier one to sad version and you will make prayer for the human being.


These are the face which will involve you to look at that face for long time coz you will try to find out what actually is there but you will find nothing…you will look at the eyes,then the lips then you will minutely look at the entire face again and again to find out what actually is there?


“I don’t know how this person is but am sure if she/he wish then can misuse her/his intelligence”…this is what you will feel after seeing such faces.

Full of Conceit

“Who are you, what do you have…money, degree, looks, beauty? hey listen to me…there are lots of people with such qualities but they don’t have conceit like you”…these types of thinking will generate in your mind when you will see such faces.


Whatever their age is, the people with such faces will attract your attention for the simplicity in their faces.

Now comes the last but not the least rather the most important one for which I used to find my post incomplete…

As I have shared in my previous post that I was in a short trip for two days, so while I was returning back home it was again a five hours long bus journey and after three and half hour I started to feel too much bored, though the earphones were plugged into my ears and I was listening song but yet I felt too much bored to keep myself not much movable for long time but after one more hour when the bus stopped in a bus stoppage there was too much crowd of the passengers waiting for the bus and simultaneously there were lots of passengers to get down, I opened the window and something snatched my attention…

In the next stoppage (around ten minutes) my sister availed the bus with her colleagues, she was returning back from school, after a minute she noticed me, came near to me and whispered “How is that girl?”

I avoided the question and looked outside through the window glass.

After being freshen up when I was busy in social media in my room then my sister entered and took the chair, without looking at her I said

…that girl was…

She interrupted me

…beautiful one

I replied

..Very gracious

Sis: pretty 

Me: very nice one

Sis: elegant

Me: excellent

Sis: Magnificent

Me: Outstanding

Sis: “Feel good Looks”, "Happy Go lucky nature"

I almost shouted out

...These are the perfect phrases for her;

Then I continued

… you know she availed the bus just in the earlier stoppage of yours, when I opened the window to get some fresh airs then her face immediately snatched my attention among that crowd, I was listening song so I could not listen to her but what I noticed is…when everyone was busy to get into the bus as soon as possible, there can be seen the tiredness after the entire day work and some other passengers were in serious mood it was only she who was smiling standing in the crowd, probably was talking with someone and trying to manage a seat but still there was smile in her face, it took long time for the passengers to get down and for that entire time managing somehow to keep her position safe in that crowd there was always a smile in her face.

My sis was listening to me very curiously, so I started again

…she did not manage a seat and stood after two seats of mine facing the window, I could see her face clearly, for the next thirty minute I was trying to find out what is there in her face and later discovered that it’s not only her lips where you can see the smile rather her eyes and her entire face is full of joy as if they are smiling. She did not talk much while in the bus but when she talked with one of her colleagues I watched her smile closely that was a deep one and full of joy.

My sis agreed

…Yes, that’s very much true, when I saw her talking in the bus she snatched my attention also and when I was observing her what made me surprised is…after long and hectic day and boring office meeting I was very tired today but after watching her I found a smile in my face.
…yes, the same thing happened with me, I was feeling too much bored for staying in the same place for four and half hours but when I noticed her for few minutes I also started to feel very fresh, smile is so contagious, I can assure you her family members will surely live a happy and joyous life even if they face any problem she will make their mood totally ok, you know…it’s not an easy task to keep alive the joy and happiness in your life, life has so many ups and downs, so many problems and obstacles but the human being like this girl are always very sporting towards life.

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