"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Disastrous Journey---Humour

Yesterday day when I returned back home after a two day’s short trip and was taking tea sitting in the dining room my family members asked

…So how was your trip?

I replied with irritation

…A disastrous one.

They asked very curiously

…what happened?

I started sharing

…you know I availed the last bus from here which was scheduled at 5PM and it was almost a five hours long journey to that metro city.
They nodded their heads and looked at me curiously. I continued
…around 8PM, when the bus covered half of its distance, suddenly two passengers stood up with guns in their hands and announced “the bus has been hijacked, don’t make any noise and don’t try to make any smart move, just hand over all the valuable things you have and we will get down without hurting anyone of you”

My family members expressed

…Oh God! What happened then?

There were hardly forty passengers in the bus, everyone became statue in their seats, I looked behind and found a boy very restless, I looked at him and we had a conversation in sign language and then we both attacked those two hijackers, he handled the one who was at back side of the bus and near his reach and I handled the hijackers in the front side of the bus and near to me.

Situation became under control in between five minutes and we handed over the goons to the nearby police station.

My family members replied with anger

…why did you take so much risk?

I interrupted

…but the story does not end here, there are more incidents to share.
More incidents, more deadly!!!!...they asked with anxiety.

…Yes, more deadly.

After taking a sip of tea I started

…you know it’s a five minutes walking distance from the bus stand to the hotel that I booked and there is a petrol pumps situated in between, when I was crossing the petrol pump my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen and found it was one of my friends and when I received the call I almost crossed that petrol pump and then after few more steps I heard a sound of blasting…

My family members shouted out


…yes the petrol pump blasted out.

…But why?

…probably because of the call that I received, you know this is the reason it is written in the petrol pumps “Pls keep your mobile phones switched off”, but thanks to God that I was safe.

They breathed a satisfactory exhale.

Wait wait, there are two more incidents those were not pleasant…I informed them.

Two more…they looked at me with surprised eyes.

I started

…yes, first one is, next day morning I hired a cab to reach that office, it was journey of forty minutes if traffic works fine, after ten minutes the driver stopped the car and asked for my permission to bring water bottles and when I agreed he parked the car in one side of the road and went away, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes passed yet the driver did not return back, I came out from the car and asked the people nearby and they informed that they have no idea about that driver. So at the end I hired another car and reached that office.
Very ridiculous activity…my family members replied.

I concentrated in my tea, they asked

..What is that another incident?

So I started again

…I reached that office ten minute late than I expected, its situated in a floor of a multi storied building, the staffs and the attenders were very much helpful, the work was in progress and approx. after one hour it was announced in mike…”all the visitors are asked to evacuate this building as soon possible”  and in between ten minutes we all were outside the building and came to know that the authority has received a threat call that there are two bombs have been planted in that building, police and bomb squad reached there very soon and disabled the bomb.

My family members said

…yes, it was really a dangerous journey and thank God you are safe, this is the reason you said that the journey was disastrous.

No, not at all, I did not mentioned this journey as “disastrous’ for all these…I replied with irritation

They asked curiously

…then why did you say that the journey was disastrous?

I replied with a smile

…Because none of these incidents happened during my trip.

Behind the Scenes:

Yes, my dear readers…

It’s true that I was in a short trip for two days and returned back home yesterday evening.

It’s true that I availed the last bus from my place but no hijacking taken place.

It’s true that there is petrol pump in between the bus stand and the hotel and when I was crossing the petrol pump my phone started ringing but it was not a call rather a sms from the service provider and yes…no blasting taken place.

It’s true that I hired a cab and the driver stopped the car to bring the water bottles but he returned in between five minutes.

It’s true that I was in a multi storied building but no bomb was there.

And the biggest truth is…

When I returned back and asked for a tea, completed it sitting in the dining room and none of my family members asked about my journey with the questions like…”how was your trip”, “was it a successful one” or something like these because they know full well that I have always found these questions as very much ridiculous and formal, above all I am not a kid.

I returned back home and while taking the tea the idea of this post knocked into my mind, I completed the tea silently and headed towards my room upstairs.

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