"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


That Girl With Hearty Logic

After a short gap with some stunning, shocking, outstanding, mind blowing and devastating experiences in life I am back again in business. I will share some of my experiences those have left intense impacts on me for different reasons.

Here is one of those experiences…

When I reached the bus stoppage I came to know that the last bus has crossed just five minute earlier and I have to wait for one hour and fifteen minutes for the next bus. I felt very much thirsty and hungry and planned to buy some snacks before availing the bus after having a cup of tea or coffee, so to make my stomach cool and to give my throat some better feelings I look around the bus stoppage to get a teal stall or fast food center but found nothing such except a big restaurant, when it’s about restaurant my answer is always “No, I will not visit” but my hunger and thirst made me hopeless and before stepping into the restaurant I looked at the sky and expressed my irritation “You will never take care of my desires, have you taken oath on it”.

But when I came out I said thousand and thousand of “Thanks” to god for such an wonderful experience which contains so many deeper feelings, philosophy and desires.

The restaurant was almost empty except that married couple on the opposite corner who were taking some heavy foods, I choose a table and sat there, when the waiter visited I ordered a light non-veg dish and a cup of coffee, the waiter said
…You mean you want cappuccino with that dish?

I asked

…what is cappuccino? Something like capsicum taste?

The waiter smiled and said

…you are very funny sir.
I don’t make jokes now and then OK? I am very serious type human being…I replied with little irritation.

 I tried to deliver the dialogue as much as like Priyanshu delivered in my all time favorite movie “Dil Ka Rishta” which I liked a lot.

The waiter smiled again and went away.

Sitting in the chair I was looking around the restaurant and tried to figure out when last time I visited a restaurant…eight years? Nine years? Twelve years ago?

In the mean time two girls entered there, seeing them my heart cried out…I can die for both of them…yes they were too much beautiful to explain in words, specially the girl with off white Kurti, light green leggings with light green cardigan and multicolored scurf. The second girl dressed with maroon colored t-shirt and light blue jeans with a black jacket.

They sat in the table just in the left side of mine, I could see the face of the girl clearly who was in Kurti, later I came to know their names, the initial of the name of the girl with Kurti(the most beautiful one) is “K” and the other one’s is “A”.
I know it’s not the right job to listen someone’s conversation like an eavesdropper but logically their conversation was entering in my brain through my ears…

A (while taking the chair):  You have to answer my question today. You promised that when we will meet you will answer my questions.

K (With a smile): you have already listened it from our common friends.

“K” lifted the menu card

“A” immediately snatched the card from “K”’s hand and said

…no, I wanna listen it from you even all our friends suggested me to listen it from you coz they all admitted that they can’t narrate your thoughts properly.

“K” lifted the menu card again and said

…ok I will answer your all queries but before that let’s place the order.

K: sure na?

A: yes, cent percent sure.

They placed some veg items and that same drink with capsicum taste. 

Then “K” asked

…tell me what your queries are?

A: why don’t you share your pics in different social media, now-a-days so many social Medias are there; even you do not have account in any social media except whatsapp.
K: why should I?

A (with curious eyes): Means?

K: tell me the reasons why should I share my pic in different social media?

A: ok, you tell me your reasons for not sharing pics, I have already listened it but I wanna hear it from you.

K: look, when I am not promoting any brand, when I am not running any type of business for which I need marketing or promotion or any other purpose of promotion, when I am not a celebrity about whom people are interested to know then why should I share my pic in different social media now or then or every day? What’s the necessity of sharing? 

A: that’s very much logical but still the praises from different people makes us happy.

K: I need praises for what? Why I need people’s praise on my pics? Look, if I post a pic you will give it a like but it’s also true that in that same day better to say in just one hour you will give “like” to 100 such pics so your like is nothing special for me.

“K” took a pause and started again…

Just like all other teenagers I also started to realize what love is, I felt attraction to be in love and to love someone so naturally like all other teenager girls I dreamt for my “dream boy” and “Dream Love”, I wanted to be very special to someone, I wanted someone very special in my life that’s why “H’s”(initial of her boy friend’s name) comments and likes matter for me, when he is commenting on my pic that one is only for me, that one is from the deep core of his heart, his comment is what I dreamt and waited for long and long time, I wanted to be very very special one to someone and I have got it, when I am trying any dress, when I am doing sringar(Make Up) then I share my pic with him and what he says matters for me, he will not lie, he will not praise me to get a return praise, whatever he will say will be the deepest feelings of his heart just for me. I wanted my “Dream Boy”, I wished for him, it took long years when I meet him and when my dreams have come true then why I need public vote?

She took a pause coz the waiter was busy to serve the dishes and the cups, I did not notice that my order has already been placed, when the waiter was busy to serve the dishes in their table I was remembering her hearty logic, I was realizing those very deeply and felt to kill myself entering the fork in my heart with the irritation towards God…why that Girl is not in love with me?

After serving the foods and drinks the waiter went away…

A: I am just stunned with your logic.

K(with smiling face): but remember, I don’t wanna mean at all that the social medias are not good, it depends how you use it, like a gun, with a gun you can be a killer or a soldier.

A: yah, yah I have got it.

They both gave a bite to the food and then “A” started

…it’s been long one year we are friends and I have always been surprised with your distance from the social Medias.

K: no actually it’s not true, actually I don’t find any logic regarding this and its also true that I don’t get time after my job (She is an officer in a govt. office with high designation) and after spending time with “H” and my baby.

A: BTW, its been more than eight years you were in love before your marriage and you are married till last three and half years, am I right?

Hearing this I again looked at sky with irritation with the thought…if you really wanted that I meet a girl to die for then why you chose a married one, that’s not fair and yes I wanna make earnest request to married girls…pls keep at least one sign of marriage so that we don’t run or become mad for wrong girl ok? It’s really very problematic.

K: yes

A: I have seen the recent picture of your baby; she has become cuter than earlier.
“K” replied with a smile.

Somehow with a broken heart I finished my food and drink then placed the bill and came out.

What made me too much happy while I was coming out from the restaurant is….yes, the girl is in too much in love with her life partner (boyfriend cum husband) to explain in words but it’s also true that “H” has become successful to make her realize how much special she is to him.

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