"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


That Butcher...A Satire, Ended With Humoros Note and Twists

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It’s not an easy task to make a good reputation and to capture the market starting a new business specially when it’s a metro city, already some established businessmen holding the market from last few years, they are experienced and have both, the man power and money power but due to his strong determination, hard work and most importantly the love for the work Arnab has come into the top position in just last three years in the business of catering, though he is the main chef but he his grateful to the other cooks who are with Arnab from the beginning, other crews also very supportive and never showed any laziness or insincerity in their work.

Last year Arnab received 70 orders to supply food during the season of marriage, tried some new dishes which worked fantastic and for that Arnab gained huge appreciation, but in the beginning of this year when the season of marriage was gradually coming to an end he became disappointed with the service of the butcher from where he buys chicken, so he started to search a new butcher. That time a new butcher shop opened in the mini market near his colony. A boy hardly of age thirty is the owner of that shop, to check his service Arnab gave him some small orders and then finalized a deal with him.

Gradually a good relationship developed between them, the name of the owner is Vikram, one day while talking to him Arnab asked

…what did you do before opening this business?

Vikram replied with a smile

…I was a student and still I am.

Arnab did not continue asking more with the thought… probably for some financial problem Vikram is unable to continue his study and if he asks further then it can hurt Vikram.

Just after one month of finalizing the deal with Vikram, Arnab received a big order, an International Conference has been arranged in the renowned university of his town and Arnab got the order to supply foods for the conference days. This was the first time when he got such a huge order with so many requirements, especially some continental foods for the international delegates; he was tensed and was sorting out everything as soon as possible.

In the first day of the conference after completing the preparations Arnab handed over the responsibilities to his crew and started to roam around the University, he never entered there, he was surprised to watch the decorated buildings, gardens, the play ground, staff quarters etc.

Conference was in progress, after completing a half round he felt thirst for tea and visited the University Canteen, he already had a badge of the Conference so that he can access whatever he needs so there was no problem to enter in the canteen, the canteen was almost empty, two people occupying a table were talking with each other, Arnab was surprised to see the decoration of the canteen, gradually headed to the tea corner and ordered a cup of tea and then moved back and was shocked to see Vikram there, those two people who were talking with each other, one of whose face was not visible when Arnab entered in the canteen coz his face was on the other side, it was none other than Vikram,in the mean time Vikram also noticed Arnab, after a minute after completing the conversation he bid a good bye to the gentleman and headed towards Arnab, lots of thoughts were hovering in the mind of Arnab, he was surprised, shocked and perplexed, how should he start the conversation, how should he say hello to Vikram all these were making him very much nervous, the dress of Vikram, the black coat upon a white shirt with a light green tie and deep navy blue formal pant was clearly speaking what actually Vikram is, it could be realized very easily that Vikram is not a butcher at least.

When Arnab was busy with these thoughts Vikram already came near, smiled and asked


With a trembling voice Arnab replied

…no, I am shocked

…don’t be bro.

Arnab almost shouted out

…Bro!!!! how can I be your bro, you are not as mine, you are a highly educated person and look at me…I am a just a chef.
Vikram replied with irritation

…what nonsense are you talking, ok, let it be. Come seat here, you have lots of questions to ask, let’s talk with tea.

Taking the seats Arnab asked
…tell me what actually going in here? Who are you?

…As I said you earlier that I am a student, presently a research student.

Arnab not having much knowledge about this asked

…What is that?

Vikram make it simpler and replied

…Almost like…I am trying to discover something and am here to present my papers.

…papers, which paper?

…the notes I have made in last three years, here I will share those with the professors and scientists to check how much right I am, hope you have understand it now?

…yah, now I understand but so far I know, you are doing such creative works that means you must have been a good student then why you are not doing any job in educational institute?

Vikram started with an upset voice

…after completing my master degree in Biology, hope you know biology?

…yah, yah.

…so after completing my master degree I qualified as a school teacher and was teaching students but I left it after one year then I joined as a part time lecturer in a college and again left that after one year being disappointed...

…disappointed for what? And you left a permanent job of a teacher, now a day people almost die for a job.

…when I used to teach students most of the time what I experienced is…most of the students are not interested about the subjects to deeply, whenever I have tried to explain more they stopped me and used to say…Sir, why are you giving so much explanations, who wants to know those, just tell us some probable questions related to the topic and guide us how to answer those, we all know that in board exams and in college exams also the questions repeats every after two three years so why we will waste time to know the subject in details coz at the end everyone wants to know the percentage, please give us notes, we will remember those and will write down in answer sheets.

Hearing these Arnab almost shouted out
…yes yes, I can still remember very clearly that during my board exams my teachers suggested me to remember the questions and answers of alternate years and this is the reason I became able to pass in one chance.

Vikram smiled and said

…yes you are right, I also got same suggestions from our teachers not only during board exams but also during college exams. You know what is the worst part of our student psychology..suppose a student carries 90% marks in science subjects and 70% marks in arts subjects then his average will be 80% on the other hand another student carries 70% marks in science subjects and 90% marks in arts subjects then his average will also be 80% and they both will choose science as their main subjects for higher education, tell me they both are good in science?

…no never, first one is strong in science and the second one is strong in arts.

…that’s why lots of students secure poor marks later in higher study and suffers from depression. The matter of percentage I have just shared with you…one of my friend shared this when he was doing teacher’s training, he read it in their course books but later regretted that teachers does not have the opportunity to enhance the quality in which a certain student has good hold.

…now I can understand you more deeply.

…when I was doing job as teacher and lecturer I found that if I continue to teach these students then gradually I will forget my subject, when the students are not interested, when I can’t do any creative work with them, when I don’t feel an urge to read more after receiving tough questions from students then why should I do this job, on the other hand I was already pursuing my Ph.D., I joined those jobs not only for money but also to  enrich the knowledge of the students as much as possible by me but when it did not happen I left those jobs and opened that butcher shop for earning. There were no job satisfaction on those jobs, I tried to love those but situation did not allow.

Arnab was spellbound hearing all these.

They both remained silent for a while and then Vikram said

…Bro I have to go now coz after twenty minute I have to present my paper.

 He left the seat and before leaving the canteen turned his head and said

…don’t cancel our deal otherwise I will lose a huge earning, I will supply you chicken for next two years, ok?

Arnab laughed out and replied with a joyous tone

…yes yes for sure.

I have penned down almost the exact conversations between them, confused? Probably you are thinking how do I know all these…right?

Actually in the entire conversation they took two cups of tea each one and I was supplying the tea, presently working as a waiter there, thinking to continue this job.

Now the question is...did Arnab get that order for his own reputation or Vikram recommended his name to the organizers of the conference.

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