"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Tadap---206 On Someone Special

When she becomes angry it seems she can make “tandava”, when she laughs... I become mesmerized,when she smiles...God feels proud on His own creation, when she expresses false anger(abhimaan) she looks like a cute baby, when she cries the whole universe seems to have stopped,when she blushes i fell to see her blushing for thousand and thousands of years.
When I first saw her I felt she is bit different from other girls, next day I felt to see her again...I watched her for thirty minutes, though there were some interruptions but I had to bear those,I continued to watch her five days in a week except the Saturdays and Sundays, this eagerness of heart continued for few months(still existing) then gradually with time I realized that I have started to like her a lot.

Curious to know who she is?....she is a TV serial actress, she is in the field of acting for last six years but have not become much successful, though she is acted as a lead actress but not so popular. 

Her first TV soap gained immense popularity, she was too good in that character. Sometime I feel to suggest her that the role she chooses does not match her, being a cute looking girl she can’t fit for a matured woman.

Six years ago when her first TV soap launched from that time I have started to like her and it was for the first time I felt so much attraction for an actress, though I have some favorite film actresses but never ever felt this type of attraction for anyone.

My days start with her pic and ends with the same.

Now think how tough it is when you know... someone whom you like so much can never be yours, can never be a part of your life.
Yesterday when I was seeing her picture…how my heart cried out is here... the direct output of my heart...

हर एक आदा पे उनकी

एक एक जाम उठा लेते है


पास भी नही आती और

दुर भी नही जाती.

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