"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam...Once Again

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No, no, there is no news that any sequel or remake of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is coming up, actually what happened is…last Sunday (Yesterday) I have watched the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and I have found some small mistakes, better to say some small “logical gaps”, using those logical gaps I have prepared a plot where the flow of the original movie does not need to change, just you need to add three four scenes.

It would be better if I could show the movie version of this remake; I had no financial problem to sign the actors (Just kidding) but Salman and Aiswarya in the same movie!!!!... Almost beyond imagination.
so, I can’t show you the remake but here you can read the entire story…

From the beginning the movie will continue with its flow, a short new scene will be added just before the song…”Ankho ki Gustakhiyan Maaf ho”

The scene is…

Added Scene

Nandini alone in a room in front of mirror, talking with herself…
“I knew I am a very beautiful girl, whoever will see me will fall in love with me, I wanted to test it and I have got desired result, Sameer is madly in love with me….ha ha ha ha ha.
She looks herself minutely and whispers…oh, what a beauty, simply outstanding, but for such great feelings I have to say thanks to Sameer, through his words and his expressions he has helped me to realize my beauty more deeply.”
She takes a pause, turns left, turns right to look herself from different angles and then stops facing the mirror and suggests herself…
“look, don’t make this mistake, anyone can fall in love with you so why get married with Sameer?, he is still a learner, his career is so insecure, yes, he has good hold in music but why you throw your life in insecurity rather you should find a rich and established one to get married”.

Original Movie Continues

Now movie continues with its flow and just before the song “Ankho ki Gushtakhiya” when Sammer already got ready for the function and Nandini infroms him…”take a look at me when I get dressed. You will be stunned” this dialogue reflects the conceit of Nandini on her own beauty and matches fine as I have described Nandini.
After this, the movie continues with its flow and a scene will be added before the “Nimbura” song…

Added Scene

 Nandini is totally absorbed in her own thoughts, she thinks…I should create a sense in the mind of Sameer that break up can happen between us, I must make him mentally ready for the break up, though I know he truly loves me and will never interfere in my life if I leave him but still I must be alert”
This is the reason Nandini said Sameer just before the “Nimbura” song …”There may be someone at the wedding who finds me suitable, if he asks for my hand in marriage you will be left helpless”
The truth is …Sameer was a just a pass time for Nandini.

Original Movie Continues

After the song you can see Nandini spending romantic moments with Sameer…those are nothing but for simple entertainment purpose.
Can you answer how Nandini’s father reached the place where Nandini and Sameer were taking oaths with saath fera exactly at the same time and so quickly?
The answer is here, in this remake.

Added scene

So, when Nandini found that Vanraj is very rich and have a fixed job, means her life is totally secure, she made a plan. Nanidni needed a break up with Sameer, at first she decided that she will leave a love letter openly as if she has forgot to hide that and when her family member will get that letter and will realize everything then they will kick Sameer out of the house but she found it bit illogical coz In last eight months she never leaved any love letter in front of the family members now if she does it suddenly then Sameer can realize her intentions, that time she decided to use her Aunt, who was already busy to catch Nandini and Sameer together, so she informed her Aunt..”Tomorrow morning I will meet Sameer in the temple let me see what you can do”.

She already knew that after the news of elope in next day morning all the family members will be together so it’s the best time to utilize. Her planned worked, during the quarrel the Aunt informed Nandini’s father about his daughter’s affair and mentioned the place where he can find Nandini, this is the reason Nandini’s father found them so quickly .When everyone came to know about their relation the Aunt thought it’s her credit but she did not know Nandini planned everything.

So the planned worked and Sameer was out of Nandini’s life, Nandini knew it full well that if Sameer makes the promise not to interfere in her life then he will keep that promise…foolish lover above all.

Nandini cried a lot when her family members denied their love, she was crying coz she knew that Sameer is still present in the Haveli if by chance he founds that Nandini is not sad in such a situation then another chaos can take place.

Now after the marriage Nandini became worried that…

1)  If anyone informs Vanraj about her relationship with Sameer then it can hamper their married life, she needed a luxurious and peaceful married life with all the comforts, on the other hand she also found that…

2)  though Vanraj is very rich but still unable to make a good position as a lawyer and Sameer is in Italy if he has already became successful then his earnings will be much more than Vanraj, above all its about Euro, almost 55 times than Indian rupee.

3)  If after meeting Sameer she finds that Sameer is already established then she will leave Vanraj, she knew Vanraj also loves her a lot and he is really a very gentleman, so he will not stop her and if she finds Sameer is still struggling then…

4)  She will return back to Vanraj…in that case Vanraj will be sure that she loves him a lot and in between Vanraj will come to know about her affair before marriage.

So, Nandini made a plan to hit the four targets with one shot…that’s why after opening all the windows and without closing the door of the room she was reading the love letters of Sameer exactly at that time when Vanraj returns back home from office.

Then what happened you all know it.

Logically…a girl who is in love with someone, searches her beloved madly in the foreign country for so many days and when she meets his beloved then suddenly her love vanishes!!!!!!!! ridiculous it is, the logic behind it can only be that…Nandini wanted to see the present condition of Sammer and when realized that Sameer is still struggling then she returned back to Vanraj for a secure life.

In the last scene…where Nandini hugs Vanraj…that time the camera will cover Nandini only and there will be a meaningful smile in her face…a smile of satisfaction, a smile of winning.
Hope you have enjoyed reading this remake.

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