"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


God Exists---The Last Part

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Looking at the Sky I shouted angrily:- look, look at me you mean, I am gonna write about your existence and you are trying to wash away my existence from this earth !!! See the difference between you and me.

This is what I said to God before writing this post, in reply God only smiled…this is the best thing he can do.

I am late to make this post coz I am angry on God from past few days, quarreling with him, this happens with him frequently, sometime I feel He is the greatest enemy of my life, now think how tough it is  when you have write about the existence of your enemy…

In my previous post I cited two examples that contradicts the existence of God
Today I am gonna share some of my thoughts about the existence of God…Psychological and scientific views.

Before that I wanna ask you a question and you have to answer it, the question is...Can you describe (imagine) any animal which has NOT A SINGLE SIMILARITY (body Parts) with the animals you have seen till now?
Yes you have to describe an animal whose body parts are totally different and new….can you?

You can try a lot but you will never be able to describe any such animal but it does not mean at all that there is no such animal, you can’t say firmly that there is no such animal which does not have SINGLE SIMILARITY with the animals you have seen or exists, let me try to prove it...

There was a time when we used to live in the caves, yes I am talking about the time of stone age, those days we, the human being did not know why does it rain, those days it was beyond our imagination, there was a time when we did not know about the solar system, we did not know that the earth revolves around the sun…all these were beyond our imagination but all these existed, all these were as much true as they are now….so it does not necessarily mean that what we don’t know fully can’t exist at all, truth does not need human being or human brain…human brains needs to know the truth.

So there can be any animal beyond our imagination, whatever the name is.
With time our realization is increasing, previously which used to be a matter of magic (rain etc) now  a days we know the reason behind them…but still our realization and consciousness has not achieved the pick value.
BUT till now what I have written does not prove fully that God Exists, it only says that an animal can exist beyond our imagination.

Now let’s move to another direction….

Again I have a question to all of you…can you give an example of any such material which is not “time dependent” (any material body, living or non living objects), whose existence is not bounded by time…can you?

We can’t, especially in this era when time controls our lives…not we.
Whatever we can see around us is dependent on time, a house, the roads, the desk, this computer and most importantly our lives…all are time depend and after certain time all will meet destruction, creation and destruction these are very common rules of nature, everything will destruct with time, there is nothing BEYOND TIME…there is nothing which is NOT DEPENDENT on TIME…oh sorry, there is one thing that is not bounded by time, yes there is…that is none other than ENERGY, the amazing fact is you can’t destroy Energy…you can only convert it. Energy is the only thing which is existing forever and will exist forever…

You can deny the existence of God but you never can deny the existence of ENERGY, energy is everywhere, in sun rays, in the food you take and also in you…in different forms. The totally amount of energy of this universe is beyond our imagination, it’s the energy for which the universe is existing…without energy there is no existence of this Universe. 

So, at the end we can conclude…there is something beyond time…God, Bhagwan, Khuda, Rab…whatever the name is, whatever the form is.

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