"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Anti Romeo Squad

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When our desktop/laptop is attacked by virus what we do?

Do we call a software engineer and ask him to find out that virus from the system files and also from other files of other drives…we do not do such foolish activity, to find out the viruses and to take necessary steps there are anti-viruses.

Most interesting fact is…anti-viruses are also a computer program just like other software, through net or through pen drives it enters into our system.

Now another important thing is….we do not use ten year old anti-virus at present coz we know it will not be able to take proper action of the present viruses.

“Romeo” …we use it in day to day life as an IRONICAL term, like “Roadside Romeo”…is used to call the eve-teasers who has extraordinary quality to engage themselves for the whole day to harass and disturb the girls.

So far I have read about “Anti Romeo Squad” it has been built up to stop the harassment and the violence the girls are facing while they are outside home, in front of every girl’s school and college these “Romeos” can be found very easily. 

It’s the responsibility of our Govt. to give us protection and with that intention if they have built up a special squad then what’s the problem in it?

I have no interest in politics neither I know much about it what I know is…anything which is for the betterment for the society…I will support it, whoever the political party behind it.

Some people have strong objection against this squad and they are citing about “love”, about the most beautiful relationship in this world but they have forgot or totally ignoring the fact that here “Romeo” is not used for the true lovers…it is used for those people who have changed the definition of love, except teasing and harassing the girls they force the girl to be in love with them and if the girl denies there can be many worst consequences.

“Intermingling between girls and boys” should not be stopped but unfortunately not a single parent suggest their child to fall in love….our act sometime is so much contradictory…we support intermingling between girls and boys and we expect that they will not fall in love…we expect the “Basic Instincts” will not work, how can we expect  it ?

“Love” itself is like sky…a vast thing, much deeper as you can think…the more deeply you will realize the more deep realizations are still there…a never ending process.

But with time the Romeos has upgraded themselves just like the viruses, if we use ten years old strategy to stop them we will surely meet failure…something new concept is needed…the Police is already there to prevent the heinous activities of “Romeos” but the result you can see…in Tv and news paper, so something new anti-virus is needed and “anti-Romeo squad” is that anti-virus.

Some people has objection for the inspection the squad is doing in colleges and other places, I don’t know whether they have performed any such activity or not but if they do I will surely support it, reason is very simple….in every metro city there are at least one park(Actually more than one) where we can’t visit with elder ones…because there are some Genius love couples who are busy in some SPECIAL work, whenever a new park is under construct the people start to say “God knows for how many days the lovers will allow this park to be socially healthy”, it’s not the fault of the lovers…it’s the fault of those Love couples who actually does not know what actually love is…for them Physical pleasure from the partner is love. I never found the connection between Love couples and the Bushes, why do you need bush or why do you need to hide yourselves behind the tree in parks and grounds? 

When you are in love you feel to see your beloved every day, you have an extreme desire to meet her everyday and for this …you can go for evening walk and can talk with your beloved…is not it?

And after certain period if both of you are interested for some physical activity then you can book a room…public display is so necessary?

As I said earlier there are certain parks we can’t visit with the elders and specially can’t take our children there (I am still unmarried, so no question of having child) coz seeing those “Romeo-Juliet’s”(Just like some Romeos there are Juliets also) activity if our children ask…”what are they doing?” What will we answer? We all know full well that these activities can’t be called “Love”. Now in every park there are lots of numbers of couples can be seen and how will you decide who are truly in love? And who are actually there with certain boy and girl to fulfill their teenage curiosity which they thing as love? It’s like finding the virus from thousand of files in our laptops.

So either there should be special parks for the “love couples”(but under observation) so that they stop performing “half mating” in the name of love.

Another important thing is…as I have mentioned earlier…like the virus the “Romeos’ has also upgraded themselves and now a days they play tricks and traps the girls and fulfill their desires to taste lots of girls(Though its sounding filthy but we can’t ignore it, it’s happening)… and at the end they leave the girls…who will stop it?

When we come to know about the eve-teasing and the violence on women through TV channels and news paper we start to make questions about the responsibility of our Govt. and now when they are trying something good we have started to criticize them!!!! ridiculous!!!!!

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