"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Am I An Adopted Child !!!!

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Just five months ago during an  evening when all of my family members were taking tea sitting in the dining I declared my though saying angrily….I think I am not your real child, you had adopted me.

Visit my house and then with no reason(illogically) shout out or insult Mr. and Mrs. Sarkar and see the reaction…yah, they will neither be angry nor shout at you for sure.
I rarely talk with Mr. Sarkar…coz our ideology does not match at all.

Here Mr. and Mrs. Sarkar obviously those two people who are my Parents…My Dad and Mom.

There are few families who repeatedly taken help from my parents and repeatedly showed their ungratefulness, after receiving the help for the first time from my parents they showed the extreme level of ungratefulness and again when they needed help they asked it from my parents, my parents helped them and again they did not show minimum gratefulness….they do it because they know full well that my parents will always help them.

Few years back, those days we were going through some financial crisis and it was really surprising for me because I came to know that my Dad has a good salary, good enough for our family, though my parents provided us all our necessities and tried to hide the financial condition from us but after a certain age you can easily realize what is going on, when I asked Mom the reason she did not answer, it’s my elder maternal uncle who made me clear that taking loan my father helped someone and that person has not repaid…”You have the foods , the cloths and other necessary things but if I did not help him then he  would surely starve with his family”…this is what my parents  answered when I asked them the reason.

“One day they will surely realize their mistakes”

“Perform your duties and responsibilities without judging the people”

“Let God take care of their wrong activities”

“Just focus on your work”

These are some very common sentences I have heard many times from my parents when I asked them the reason of helping the ungrateful people and not giving a lesson to the wrong ones.

Why I am talking about my parents? Because it’s very natural that you will see the reflections of parents in their children but in case of us it has not happened…
My Sister…who has very much similarities with my parents and I am a totally different one….

She also believes in performing her duties and responsibilities without judging the people.

She also has a very kind heart and mind.

If you insult my sister (Parents also) they will not going to speak a single word.
But like my Sister and parents I will not keep my mouth shut if you try to harm or insult me…like you I will not make harm or insult you but where is the problem to tell the truth?…to tell you why you are wrong, to show you how much mean and fraud you are…you mean   people you always need the help of lie but I never need it…

It’s not about revenge…it’s about showing you the power of truth.

During school days we had to write explanations of short poems/two liners, those days I read…

“Dog has behaved according to their nature and has bitten you but you are a human being and you should perform accordingly”(Origianl poem was in Bengali)

Means if a dog bites us then should we bite him in return, we are human being and there should be the reflection of human natures in our behaviors…here writing  “dog’s bite” the poet wanted to mean the wrong activity of some people…this is the thing my family members believe and my sister also but  I have a thought on it….if a dog bite me I will not bite him in return but for sure I will give him a powerful kick so that the Dog never get the enough courage to bite me.

I have always seen reflections of my parents in my sister…she is very much involved in religious activities like Puja, fasting etc, she (like our Mom)never has much interest in non-veg., like my father she is an avid reader and has huge knowledge in her subject(English literature), like my parents she is very much dedicated in her work.
Her interest in religious and spiritual books is one of the biggest differences between us.
She is very talkative and loves to spend time with parents on the other hand I rarely talk and always like to spend time alone(Childhood nature), sometime it happens that being in home hardly two three times(lunch, dinner etc) I meet with my family. Once in a tour my I booked a separate hotel much away from the hotel my parents and sister were staying.

 She is very caring about our parents.

I am a firm believer of “Love” and firmly disbelieve arranged marriage on the other hand my sister never believed in such “love”, calls it a “foolish activity” she has always believed that God has made certain one for each human being and with time we will get married with him/her….this is the reason my sister does not like love or break up shayris(Specially mine).

From the morning to evening she keeps everyone in a joyous mood making jokes and funny activities and when she is absent the dialogue I remember is..”Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?”

Our cousins have already declared that after the marriage of my sister they will not visit our house…”with whom we will spend time? We can’t spend all the time with the elder ones, this is the fact”…they say it.

Watching TV is one of the most interesting things my Sister loves to do and it’s been more than three years I have watched television for long time (Hardly ten minutes/day).
Sometime it really surprises me how can be so many differences between me and my sister in life style, in thought process and in the philosophy of life?..we have born and brought up in almost same circumstances and the basic teachings are from the same parents…yah, there are some similarities also…the ethics and moral values, we both have not done any activity which are highly un-ethical (stealing biscuit or ice cream is a different matter), we have never cheated anyone and never interfere or melt our noses in anyone’s business, we don’t talk behind any person and never praise falsely to gain profit.

Differences in thoughts and life style will continue…This is “Identity”.

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