"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Lost Art

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First you spend time to choose a paper…”this one? Oh no, it’s so thick, I think this one, it’s thin and whiter than others”….that’s what goes on your mind, so it needs some time to finalize the paper.

Now you design the paper giving various cuts…it needs some time how you will design this time.

Now comes the color of the ink…”should I use blue, no earlier I used it, I think this time black will be fine”…now your intention to make it more beautiful you will look for other colors….”black canceled, green or orange, better to use more than one color”…..spends some time to finalize the colors.

“How should I address, ‘dear”? no, no, dear has become very common, “….this is the third step and being totally drawn in your thoughts you try to find some sweet words to address….”sweety’? ‘sweeto’? ‘Hi Jaan’? ‘Hi Love’? Such type of words comes into your mind.

After finalizing the addressing part you have to decide about the body of the main writing….it needs a long time, what type of words should be used, which emotions to be written, which feelings should be expressed and lots more.
And finally your Love Letter is ready.

The biggest positive sides of writing love letter are….

One, if you already have creativity then writing love letter will enhance your creativity a lot, from addressing to designing the letter…you have to spend a lots of time and we all know that if you spend time for a certain work regularly (almost) and think about it deeply then it becomes more perfect and lots of thoughts comes into your mind.
Second positive side is, if you don’t have creativity then it will grow in you, gradually you will be more creative than earlier.

One more positive side is….you will learn lots of new words when after sometime you will be bored to repeat the early words.

As a matter of fact Letter writing as a whole has become lost art, now you may be thinking that why I am emphasizing on writing love letters….coz writing love letter can make you a creative person, other type of letters, like …to parents, to bros. and sis, to uncle-aunt, or to grandparents…all these have some common style to start and finish…no creativity needed and can be written in just few minutes.

I will always prefer to send letters to my beloved than to send message in whatsapp or other social sites, coz….when a friend asks you to meet in evening or to go for a dinner generally you give the reply…..”ok, will meet you at 8pm/will reach the restaurant at time”…these are the same replies you will give to your beloved…so what’s the difference between a friend and your beloved?….same reply in whatsapp, same words you use for both of your friend and beloved, the same way of talking….your boyfriend/girlfriend is the most special person in your life so he/she deserves special treatment than others…I think so.

When you writing a love letter you are writing specially for him/her…special way, special words, special paper, special pen, special emotions and most importantly you are investing time specially for him/her…all these does not happen while talking  through apps or in social sites.

Apps will destroy your creativity also…like, when you need to show you are happy so just send a smiley (which you use for other friends) but while writing a letter you have to use words and the words will be much better as much as deeply you will feel the happiness that you have got from him/her.

It’s all about feeling the beautiful moments of life….we all have got this human birth and we don’t know what our next birth will be…so if you  never had these feelings then you are very unlucky…I must say this. If you are in love then pls try my suggestion, write love letters and stop talking in social sites or through apps, I am sure you will feel your love more deeply.  Those who are not in love and still want to experience these feelings I will request them not to act as lover to have these feelings or to increase your creativity or to check how much right I am …do only when you are truly in love with someone…don’t play with the emotions of others.

Most strange fact I have noticed that…..with whom you want to spend your whole life…for that special person you don’t have time to write the words in full, now-a-days

Love has become…luv

Jaan has become…jan

I love you…I luv u

You are the love of my life…u r d luv of my lyf.

Don’t have time to write love letter? Oh ho, how you can have time when you don’t have time to write the words in full…. Naturally doubt comes into mind about your dedication to your love.

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