"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


"Celebrate Today'---My Perspective

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“Don’t regret for the past, live your present”

“Today is the day you have got, live it"

“Don’t be afraid of the future, live this day”

We have heard many such thoughts and similar dialogues many times.

Before I start to share my views and thought on such dialogues and notions I must  inform you that this post is not meant to hurt anyone or to prove anyone wrong, just like you I am also sharing my thoughts…

So what about my views about the above written sentences or about the similar thoughts written above?.....all these are bullshits, the most bogus and third graded thoughts I have heard many times in my life…hoooooooh…., zyada bol diya kiya? Sorry I can’t help it….dual nature was never my inherent property, andar kuchh aur bahar kuchh….mujhse hota nahi, this is the reason many people do not like me and avoid me.

Coming to the point……Why bullshit?....coz actually there is no independent existence of “today”, what you call “today” is the result of your previous thoughts, activities and life style, you never can deny your past.

Having the thought “let me live my “today’” or giving suggestion to someone to live this present day is almost similar as god is saying:”Tathastu’(prayers granted) to everyone’s prayer, now think what will happen if the prayers of the terrorists and of the thieves get granted?

To suggest someone (including myself) to live this present day is actually a very misleading suggestion, sometime to emphasize the importance of present day we say….”future is uncertain, even you don’t know whether you will be alive tomorrow or not, so live this day”…now tell me if a terrorist gets such an thought what will he do…naturally taking life risk he will blast as much as places possible for him. If any parents tell/give such teaching to their child/children then lots of children will spend the whole day watching movies, or posting pics in fb or playing in the fields…coz they all will want to live the last day in earth as lively as possible. They all will try to employ this day as much as possible they can.Hope now you can understand how much misleading it is. 

Neither to the terrorists nor to the students can you give such thoughts…. Neither can you give such thoughts to the people who have crossed 2os/3os /40s nor any age.
There can be huge chaos and unstoppable unwanted activities if people take it seriously.
Now coming to another teaching…”don’t regret for the past, take lessons from past and live the present”….i will never give such lessons to anyone…if I say such sentence then I will add more….to make someone understand how much important “today” is I will suggest him/her…

At first you make self analysis and self-judgment, it will take time…but remember, make the analysis and judgment keeping your ego aside, you will surely find lots of mistakes and faults that you have done earlier, then contact the persons  from whom you need to beg pardon, ask them to forgive you….long time will pass while you will doing all these, in between ten hours you can complete the whole process and I can assure you that you will live the most peaceful and happiest moment of your life in the rest 14 hours, may be you can die tomorrow  but you will leave this earth with pride and having pleasure in your heart and mind…..ultimately what we want and what we need is nothing other than peace. If you don’t die tomorrow then I am sure you will get a new life , a total new birth and you will never be afraid to face anyone in this earth coz from next day truth will always be there to support you. Remember…we are human beings and we have huge difference with other species, so be a human and be true…only then you can actually live every second of your life…whether its only the “Today” or the rest of the life…this is the thought or suggestion I will give after suggesting not to regret for past and to live “today”.

A patient with high level of sugar and pressure if start to believe that ‘today” is my last day in earth, future is uncertain…naturally the patient will eat as much as sweets and rich foods possible, so what will happen?...surely this day will be the last of that patient in this earth.

 “Take lesson from the past” and "don’t be worried about your future”…these two sentences are contradictory…lesson says “you should not eat sweets as you havbe high sugar level”…..but ”Today”  I am  interested to eat sweets without being worried about future, lesson says….i did not secure good marks in X th stad. for not studying properly ….but “today” I am interested to play cricket for whole day above all “Future is uncertain, I don’t know whether I will be alive tomorrow or not”

This is the reason I will always say that we always should be CAREFUL about our future and SOMETIME worried also.

Definition of living is different to different people…students, patients, terrorists, anti-socials and good people…all have different perspectives towards life, they all have different wishes, different demands.

Suggesting someone to “Live Today’ is a half sentence until you make clear…how to live, how to take lessons from past (including your faults), why we should be careful about future and even why sometime we should be worried about  future.

‘this moment is the only truth”…scientifically, philosophically, psychologically and biologically this sentence is wrong. What does this sentence want to mean…this moment is truth and previous were false? Then what about my birth day, my growing up time period, my childhood, my school and college days, my activities, my lost love ?....

at the end i wanna say again...this post is not meant to hurt anyone or to prove anyone wrong, i have shared my thought on the IndiSpire  prompt(Topic 146)

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